Throughout Time

Summary: Gabriel finds himself drawn to the same soul as it is reborn across the world and throughout history.  After falling in love with the woman housing the soul and losing her, Gabriel can’t allow himself to go down that road again.  But when the soul belongs to the reader, a hunter working with the Winchesters, she pushes him to drop his guard and let her in.

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader, Gabriel x Kali

Word Count: 3385

Warnings: Implied smut (nothing explicit happens in the body of the story but it’s definitely implied heavily at times), reader character death/reincarnation, light language, some angst (ok, a good deal of angst), but it’s got a happy, fluffy ending!

A/N: This is for the @gabriel-monthly-challenge February Prompts.  There was an art prompt that I used, as well as the statement/word prompt, Aliferous (meaning: having wings), and the dialogue prompt: “When I said I’d never fall in love, I think Aphrodite took it as a challenge.”  This was a beast of a fic to write for some reason and I hope y’all enjoy what I came up with this month.

The art (which I’m pretty sure was made by @lacqueluster) and the fic are below the cut!

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@dontcallmestraightorcis fueled my love for Pink and Blue… But, what if there was a different Pink and Blue?

Jason and Drew headcanons:

This song, first of all, they like to sing together

• Drew! Has! A! Human! Blow! Dryer!

• Jason’s hair is always soft and fluffy, like a cloud, and it’s so fun to use hair dye because he’s already blonde

• Pink and Blue sunsets

• Jason being a demiboy and Drew love to dress him, and they go to malls together

• Everyone thinks their dating, because California boy and Popular girl dynamic

• Jason’s bisexual with a preference of men, Drew is an ace lesbian (with a lot of romance)

• Because of this, Thalia is also Drew’s friend, and Drew’s the only Aphie child who gets along with the lieutenant hunter

Drew pushing Percy and Jason together

• Campfire buds

• Jason’s usually alone at Cabin 1 so Drew just pops through the window going “Bitch guess who just got a huge chocolate truffle box, let’s indulge”

• Chubby Drew, with all her squish, and Jason let’s no one be mean about it

• “Airplane trips? Naw, lemme call my bestie”

• Drew’s mortal mom adopts Jason when she found out his mom’s dead

• Matching eye shadow and lashes

• Jason’s a dog person, Drew’s a cat person, so they have a husky and a maine coon

• Drew does nail art a lot, and Jason fuels her ideas

• Jason takes her to her first cloud, and she’s? In? Love? So sooooft and stimmy

• Glitter. Lips. He’s got the lips fuller than the moon, Drew loves it

• Jason’s eyes change colour with the sky, so he gets Orange and Pink and they post it on Instagram (everyone thinks its contacts though)

• I have mentioned how much I like demigods being public? Jason has a special shirt made by Drew that says “I’m basically superman, but like just a son if Zeus”

• He’s never been to a physical school, but he goes part time to BAG in her PE and Greco-Roma Myth/Latin class.

• She’s dyslexic, he’s dyscalcula (idk spelling, who’s she?)

• Uh if anyone wants to add? Please do

adamaklasa25  asked:

I have a question, its very stupid but interesting, with this question u will blush, okay be ready, how aphys feel wenn she had sex with skeleton and wenn korinna become in this world?

Pff, I’m an adult, so why should I blush? lol. Epic fail!

To answer this, she felt very loved and lucky to have a mate like him. I do believe that monster breeding can be very complicated when comes to soul-bonding, compared to humans. In all honesty, having a baby is something she never expected this’d happen one day. But when Kori was born, like Sans, she has never felt so blessed in her life and her worries were gone for good. :D 


Alphys is suicidal. Without Undyne, she would have killed herself. If Mettaton dies or Undyne dies she does kill herself unless you get the near genocide ending. It’s something that a lot of players never understand despite all the dialogue and direct hints.

When you call Undyne in the dump she talks about how she first met Alphys in the dump staring silently and contemplatively into the abyss. Undyne talks to her about what’s down there, and Aphys gets to talk about all her theories, and their friendship begins. If Undyne never talked to her, she would have jumped.

She says the above dialogue during the true lab.
If you kill Mettaton and go back to her Lab, it’s closed and there is no response. She has committed suicide.
On the Mettaton neutral ending, he admits he didn’t treat Alphys very well, and when he went back to apologize and ask for her help leading the underground, but he couldn’t find her anymore.

In another neutral ending, Undyne is depressed after Alphys commits suicide and Asgore is killed. Papyrus begs you to bring her friends back from whatever you did to them. But it’s too late. Alphys is the only main character you cannot fight or kill directly (Sans being actually dead after losing the fight is debatable). The only way to kill her is to cause her to commit suicide. It’s one of the darkest thing you can do in the game.