Throughout Time

Summary: Gabriel finds himself drawn to the same soul as it is reborn across the world and throughout history.  After falling in love with the woman housing the soul and losing her, Gabriel can’t allow himself to go down that road again.  But when the soul belongs to the reader, a hunter working with the Winchesters, she pushes him to drop his guard and let her in.

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader, Gabriel x Kali

Word Count: 3385

Warnings: Implied smut (nothing explicit happens in the body of the story but it’s definitely implied heavily at times), reader character death/reincarnation, light language, some angst (ok, a good deal of angst), but it’s got a happy, fluffy ending!

A/N: This is for the @gabriel-monthly-challenge February Prompts.  There was an art prompt that I used, as well as the statement/word prompt, Aliferous (meaning: having wings), and the dialogue prompt: “When I said I’d never fall in love, I think Aphrodite took it as a challenge.”  This was a beast of a fic to write for some reason and I hope y’all enjoy what I came up with this month.

The art (which I’m pretty sure was made by @lacqueluster) and the fic are below the cut!

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Alphys is suicidal. Without Undyne, she would have killed herself. If Mettaton dies or Undyne dies she does kill herself unless you get the near genocide ending. It’s something that a lot of players never understand despite all the dialogue and direct hints.

When you call Undyne in the dump she talks about how she first met Alphys in the dump staring silently and contemplatively into the abyss. Undyne talks to her about what’s down there, and Aphys gets to talk about all her theories, and their friendship begins. If Undyne never talked to her, she would have jumped.

She says the above dialogue during the true lab.
If you kill Mettaton and go back to her Lab, it’s closed and there is no response. She has committed suicide.
On the Mettaton neutral ending, he admits he didn’t treat Alphys very well, and when he went back to apologize and ask for her help leading the underground, but he couldn’t find her anymore.

In another neutral ending, Undyne is depressed after Alphys commits suicide and Asgore is killed. Papyrus begs you to bring her friends back from whatever you did to them. But it’s too late. Alphys is the only main character you cannot fight or kill directly (Sans being actually dead after losing the fight is debatable). The only way to kill her is to cause her to commit suicide. It’s one of the darkest thing you can do in the game.

aphy  asked:

6, 9, 10, & 50

6. Any tattoos do you want?

- Yes!!! I contemplated trying to do stick-and-poke on myself but there’s no way to hide it from my parents so ima have to wait. I for sure want the pluto symbol on the outer side of  my left wrist; i want the solar system somewhere on my body; also want a lavender piece;  a small star inside a triskele a little bit behind on the side-ish of my neck ; and a exact copy of the paw print of my current cat (he’s the actual first pet not counting fish that has been with me for more than a year).

9. Favorite Show?

- I binged watched Sense8 in two nights (but it might get canceled by netflix? even though netflixed decided to keep fucking 13 Reasons Why the problematic shitshow *in my opinion*), but i also really love the TV show Shadowhunters because i love my gay angsty son and the actual human embodiment of the sun (who is bi) and is in a committed relationship with the angsty boi (THE SHOW IS COMING BACK ON THE 6TH OF JUNE, THREE (3) DAYS!!!)

10. Favorite bands?

- crap okay so: børns, weird inside, top, p!atd, mcr, bmth, ptv, paramore, Maná, arctic monkeys, the neighbourhood, the 1975, blackbear, falling in reverse, muse, stuck in your radio, two door cinema club, and gorillaz (there are probably more that i’m forgetting lmao…)

50. Favorite movie?

- I love Bambi a lot tbh the music is so nice and if it’s in vhs ill love it even more bc it’ll be nostalgic. At the same time i really loved the horror movie ‘As Above So Below’ even though it was boring at the beginning once the spooks started i enjoyed it thoroughly!

sorry ;д; it took so long to answer it was a pain to find the photos of the basic tattoo idea (also i couldn’t find a good neck picture but that one is the closest one to what i was talking about)