2P South Italy/Flavio Vargas

He would take you on a shopping spree and there would be lots of flowers and jewelry. Did I mention the shopping and a VERY NICE HOMEMADE MEAL! Yes, Flavio is an amazing cook.

2P North Italy/Luciano Vargas

He would cook you a home cooked meal, and then fly you’ll out to Venice for ganglia ride and drinks on the rivers. Followed by gift exchanging. 

-Admin Melody

1P North Italy/Feliciano Vargas

I could see Feli cooking you a really nice dinner and then taking you to a really small, secluded place in a park. Once you made it to the park then he’d give you a gift and confess his love to you for about an hour. 

1P South Italy/Lovino Vargas

He’d want everything to be perfect, so he’d take you to a very romantic, fancy restaurant. Lovi would be a lot more affectionate throughout the day, and would have probably have gotten you roses or some other type of bouquet. He might be a little bit nervous at the restaurant just because he wanted you to enjoy yourself. 

-Admin K. 


hetabook series: #2 
     if hetalia ever makes a drama reality tv show, it’ll be heavily based on this