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What would Canada, England, Prussia and Denmark do if their s.o was from another country? Would they try to learn the language or study up on its history?

(My parents aren’t from the same country and honestly I have so much irl data for this)

Canada/Matthew Williams: Canada, being knowledgeable about most  of the countries already, would have a greater interest in learning about his s/o’s country. He’d do his best to learn their language if he didn’t know it already, at least to an intermediate level. He’d also try to learn about their culture and history, so that he’d know more about his s/o and what he can and cannot do with them. Canada adores his s/o, and would do anything for their sake, even if it means throwing himself into language crash courses.

England/Arthur Kirkland: England’s relationships with other countries are… touchy, to say the least. How he acts really depends on which country his s/o is from. Of course, he’d keep everything diplomatic and would do his best to not let his relationship with the other country affect his relationship with his s/o, but he’d definitely not make the effort to learn anything about the other country more than what he already knew just because his s/o was from it, if he didn’t like that country.

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt: Prussia, honestly, would do his best. He’d get books from his brother and study as hard as he could. The problem is, Prussia already has his own fixed ideas on the other country, and it’s hard as hell to change them. In the end, though, he’d learn through his s/o. yes, he may make some cultural mistakes and have some misconceptions at the start, but as long as his s/o is patient with him, he’ll learn eventually.

Denmark/Mathias Køhler: Denmark probably won’t bother to learn much about his s/o’s culture. After all, he was in love with his s/o, not his s/o’s country. If his s/o told him about certain things, he’d remember them, but he won’t take the effort to do some research on his own. He’s someone who lives in the present, and at that moment his present is being with his s/o.

Old Haunts - Chapter 9 - RosieTheRo - Hetalia: Axis Powers [Archive of Our Own]
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rating: T-ish

main characters: aph lithuania, aph poland, aph latvia, aph estonia (also aph prussia makes a last-minute appearance)

notes/warnings: dead/undead characters, alfred and gilbert’s foul mouths

and here we are, at the end of this little venture. i hope you guys have enjoyed this, this was my first multi-chapter fic in a long time. big thanks to everyone who reblogged and left nice comments, it means the world to me <3

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Do you guys have any pets/animals? (Other than Gilbird of course) TBH this blog is the purest!

Ivan has a Siberian cat and Gilbert has an albino German Shepherd 

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