There’s always another way. (requested by @iaimto-misbehave)

So i was looking at the Wikipedia page for Serket

and “ As the protector against venom and snakebite, Serqet often was said to protect the deities from Apep, the great snake-demon of evil, “

so Serket is suppose to protect everyone from a great evil snake demon

but i also go to Apeps page and find

So Ra a god that normally takes the form of a human/bird hybrid

became a cat to fight the great evil snake demon

last ones a bit of a stretch but Ra was also assisted in fighting Apep by Set

Whos child was Anubis, who was the one that ushered souls into the afterlife, being the closest equivalent to the concept of a girm reaper

mother, fucking, hussie


Time to share some art responses to questions from the current Askbox theme, which is happening on the DEITIES Project blog!

This theme is all about different relationships and dynamics between the characters from the DEITIES cast. Each response has more in depth explanations and headcanons that accompany the art, which can be found in the “DEITIES Relationships” tag on the blog, linked below!

[ “DEITIES Relationships” Askbox Theme


Loves braids, but you’d be lucky to see him wearing the same hair style two days in a row. You’d be even more lucky to see me drawing him in anything other than braids.

Why’s A/pep in the background? Good question.
Poor serpent can’t properly wear sport shorts.


( ^^^^^ Anddddd Day 31, a two-fer with Anat and Astarte )

Hey guys! Here is the final part of my run for this year’s #Inktober challenge, where my theme is character designs from my DEITIES Project. These are my entries for days 21-31, and you can also view the previous set of inks for Days 1-10 and Days 11-20. I’ll also post a condensed version of all the inks on devART and tumblr in a bit!

Also, here’s one last bonus ink as well; cuz I figured that the chaotic demon serpent might be fitting for a final Halloween ink:

Again, since captions aren’t ideal for fitting everything, some brief information about each of the deities and the bonus demon is under the cut!

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