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GOM + Kagami+ kasamatsu having a little fan come up to them after a game and telling them they want to be just like them when they get older. Thanks! ;D

Kuroko would smile softly and kneel down to the child’s height. He’d thank him for his support and that he can’t wait till he sees him on the court all while keeping the eye contact. He’d be very respectful and maybe even give a souvenir to the child - a wristband or something similar.

Kise would smile widely and pick the child up, hugging not even minding if the child’s mother would began apologizing. He loves children and wouldn’t mind giving few tips to him either. He could also end up like a child himself and just talk with the child what he liked the best. At such moment he’d be himself the most and don’t ever take that chance away from him or he’ll pout for the rest of the month.

Midorima would be startled at first, but would crack a smile. Like Kuroko he’d go down on his height and of course ask him what his sign is. He’s a living oha-asa dictionary so whatever the sign is (even if Capricorn), he’ll give his best to motivate the child. If he’s a Cancer, like Midorima, he might give his own lucky item to the child for the good luck.

Aomine would be confused, because he doesn’t like children a lot and would like nothing to do with them. Of course he’d never say that aloud, cause no he isn’t that kind of idiot to get on Momoi’s bad side. Despite that, once hearing what the child wants to tell him, he could get much softer towards them. Leaning down, he’d just grin and mess his hair/pat him on the head and say that he has a long way. Yes he’d be a bit mean, but he’d definitely add that he can’t wait to play with him next time they meet.

Murasakibara honestly doesn’t like children because they’re loud, lively and could be annoying. Not to mention they want his snacks and sweets too. All in all, Murasakibara doesn’t like children, so he’s wondering who bribed the child to say those words to him. It must have been Himuro or someone else from the team, but no he won’t thought about that, he’d only squat down while staring at the child. He’d be silent, saying nothing even when the child keeps on talking. Then out of nowhere, he could take one maibou and just put it in the child’s mouth to shut him up before walking away. Despite his rather cold personality and reaction to the situation, he’d still look back at the kid and tell him he can’t wait to see him play.

Akashi at first wouldn’t know what to do. Never before has anyone approached him so forwardly because of his name or his aura he was giving off. He would scrunch down to his height and look at the child with a soft and gentle smile. He would ask him questions related to basketball and give him few tips and saying he’s grateful he looks up to him, but that he should play the way he feels best with. He wouldn’t mind playing or teaching him either - well of course if his parents would allow it, which they certainly would because have you seen the child’s eyes when they want something and are determined to get it too?

Kagami would be startled and confused. As much as he likes children, he’s not good with them. He gets really puzzled and sometimes even does something wrong, like hitting them with a ball a bit too hard by accident, so he’s not very confident when a child comes to him and says he wants to be like him when he grows up. Though he does feel happy, he hesitates before just being himself. He’d lean down and think for a moment what to say before saying that as long as he’ll love basketball, he could do and be anyone and that he should never give up no matter how hard it would be.

Kasamatsu would be baffled, but very appreciative. He’d be very gentle to the child, total contrast and he wouldn’t mind if anyone sees him either after all he likes children. He’d smile at the child and tell him he’s wishing him his best. He would also tell him that with the help of his friends and family, he could gain more than working on his own. He’d be very nice to the child and wouldn’t mind giving him a hug if the child wants to.

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NSFW Kagami, Aomine, Kiyoshi, Imayoshi, and Murasakibara reluctantly get dragged to a strip club for their 21st bday, and fall heads over hells for a stripper who they constantly go back to see perform and eventually they start dating and have sex (I hope it's not too much to ask for)

I hope this is right. I made little scenarios of their nights. I’m sorry it’s not NSFW but I got so stuck. >~< I didn’t want to not answer your request. Thank you for your patience.

Kagami was never one for a strip club. He could see the allure of the beautiful women moving to the music, but why? His eyes were everywhere except the women. He looked down at his feet until he heard the ‘main act’ come on the stage. Pure curiosity made him look up and pay attention. A beautiful woman strutted across the stage. Her eyes met with ruby red and stayed locked on his. Kagami had no idea what was happening…is this what it’s like to be hypnotized? He watched the woman work her magic. He knew he had to see her again and again.

Aomine was no stranger to strip clubs. He’s been for personal reasons and private. Some of the girls even knew his name and how he liked his drinks. What he hadn’t expected was a special guest. She was the fabled unicorn among the guys he went to the clubs with. He finally got to see her. He smirked as watched her and burned her moves into his memory for later. Oh yes, he was going to come back more often.

Kiyoshi liked his ladies, but not like this. He preferred dinner and movie than thongs and lap dances. Not that there was anything wrong with either of them. He rather have those times for his eyes only. His face was completely red from seeing the beauty on stage. Maybe this won’t be such a bad night after all?

Imayoshi was always intrigued with such dens of sin. Is this where all the beautiful women that needed constant validation chose to do this as their profession? He loved the various views, but he was more analyzing while he sipped his drink. One particular dancer caught more than his eye. She had his whole being at attention. She commanded all heads be turned and on her seductive moves. So, this was the new kitten he is going to be playing with.

Murasakibara never looked so menacing in his seat. He didn’t want alcohol and certainly didn’t want some scantily clad lady to touch him or even look at him hard. He grumbled through his chips about the nerve his members of Yosen had to drag him to this place! What was that smell? Dirty thongs!? He was walking out when a giant cake appeared on the stage. His eyes grew at the sight but so did something else when the beautiful curvy goddess stepped onto the stage. She tasted the icing and met eyes with the Yosen titan. Everything she did for the rest of the night was just for him.  

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