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What do you think would happen if Kise leave Yuu and Ki at his sisters for a day? I'm asking because Kise's sisters torturing him, when he was a child, by dressing him up as a girl is one of my headcanons. I don't know your headcanons but do you think they would do the same to Yuu and Ki?

…Maybe not.

Title: I Always Knew (½)
Pairing: AoKise 
A/N: Yo, its an Alpha/Omega fic…its funny because I started this as a warm up so I could go back and finish the main alpha/omega fic. But, turns out I finished this -_- (Part 2 will be posted tomorrow because I need to proofread it)
Warnings: Alpha/omega stuff, knotting

Aomine gets his first knot when he wakes up with a hard on just begging for attention. He can’t seem to completely remember what he was dreaming about but he knows it had to do with soft skin and a certain lithe body beneath him. 

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Author: kaijoskopycat
Title: Jealousy
Pairing: Aokise/Iwaoi
Word Count: Appox. 2500
Summary: Oikawa and Kise have some unresolved tension between them that only skyrockets when Oikawa decides that Aomine is a good target for a dazzling smile and charm that Kise himself uses against his fans.
A/N: A short, spontaneous drabble for Aomine’s birthday. I know I’m late, but better late than never, right? lol Happy belated birthday, you too-sexy-for-your-own-good basketball idiot. 

A continuation of this post and partially based off of these asks 

For this pos because all aokise is for her and because she’s really the main reasion this came to fruition. She did say she wanted this in her tags.

On AO3.

“Why the hell did we have to travel all the way out here just for your stupid practice?”

Kise glances at Aomine’s scowling face and fights back a smile. A part of him is thrilled. It’s Aomine’s birthday and it was Aomine’s idea to accompany him to his practice so they could celebrate together afterward. Despite his outward complaints, Kise knows Aomine is always curious about other schools gyms, about what their baketball court looks like.

Aoba Josai’s gym is nothing to scoff at. It’s large enough to house their sizable volleyball team, the pride of their school, as well as the entirety of the Kaijou basketball club.

“Mooooh, Aominecchi,” Kise puts on an epic pout. “It’s not stupid. And you know they’re working on our gym.”

Aomine reaches out and pinches Kise’s nose. “Yeah, yeah. Kasamatsu better let you go to play some ball with me or I’ll have some shit to say.”

“We’ll play some one-on-one,” Kise concedes with a nod after pulling his face out of Aomine’s grasp. “After we try a little volleyball.”

Aomine’s brows rise. “Eh? Volleyball?”

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Hi i just wanted to say nice blog! And also a request plz! Gom reacting to finding out about their s/o crazy ways of driving!(speeding alot,cutting in front alot etc)

Haha, aww thanks cutie. xoxo. I hope you enjoy this!! <3

Generation of Miracles
“Slow down!" Kise yelped, holding on to the seatbelt for dear life.
You were currently speeding at 120km/hr on a 90km/hr street and was even holding the wheel leisurely with one hand.
"It’s okay. Nothing will happen,” you waved off his whining, even turning to look at him.
“Watch out!” He shrieked as you turned the wheel smoothly to avoid the lorry in front of you.
“See, it wasn’t that bad,” you teased when both of you finally reached your destination.
He climbed out of the car with wobbly legs and sat on a nearby bench.
“I am never sitting in _____-cchi car ever again.”
Akashi was clutching his seat with a pale face and clenched teeth.
“_____, I think you need to slow down. Watch out!” He raised his voice as you avoided the car and continued cutting lanes recklessly.
“It’s okay! I am a good driver!” You took a hand off the wheel to make a waving gesture.
“Both hands on the wheel!” He snapped, paling even further when you swerved to cut another lane.
“Okay, okay, don’t get your panties in a twist,” you joked.
“From now on, my chaffeur is going to drive us everywhere we go. You are never driving again,” he growled, closing his eyes as you drove on recklessly.
Midorima had his doubts when you offered to drive but was eventually convinced by your puppy dog look.
“Don’t drive so fast! The car! The car!” He yelled, holding on to his lucky item with a death grip.
You simply laughed at his frightened look and stepped on the accelerator further.
“That’s 50km more than what you can drive on this road!” He yelped, fervently murmuring something under his breath.
“I am a good driver, Shin-chan,” you placated him.
“I am never going to sit in your car already nanodayo! Slow down!”
Aomine had always been a daredevil but when it came to sitting in your car, he immediately refused. In the end, you forced him into the car and got into the driver’s seat.
“I swear if you don’t slow down, you are going to hit that pole!” He yelled, hands clenched around the seatbelt.
“I won’t. I drive really well,” you replied, reaching over to pat his hand.
“Two hands on the wheel! How many… Look out!" 
His tanned face was pale and void of color due to fear.
"This is the last time I am letting you drive!” He hissed when both of you finally reached your destination.
You laughed and wrapped your arms around his waist, leaning up to kiss him.
“That’s what you always say.”
Nothing much ever fazed Kuroko until he rode in your car.
“_____-kun, are you sure it is okay to drive so fast?” He asked through clenched teeth.
“Of course it is!” You replied, revving the engine more.
His hands gripped the seatbelt with a death grip and he seemed to be braced for death with the way he was acting.
“I think it would be safer for me to drive next time,” his voice came out weak as you increased your speed yet again.
Murasakibara was calmly chewing his potato chips as you sped across the road. Truth be told, he was an even scarier speed demon so you were the safer driver of you both.
“Ne, I think you can go faster. There are no cars in front, _____chin,” he stated, opening another packet of chips.
He didn’t even bat an eyelid when you started recklessly cutting lanes, instead simply taking out a lollipop to eat.

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I don't know if can still ask..but if i can could you do some Apodyopis/Gymnphoria with aomine x midorima?

Apodyopis - The act of mentally undressing someone.
Gymnophoria - The sensation that someone is mentally undressing you.

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Kiseki no Sedai Training Camp ^_^ HILARIOUS!!!

It’s not from the actual seiyuus but I think they kinda sound similar aside from Midorima :) Check it out~

Original: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm18950317