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Attack on Titan Movie Storyline :
❝ 100 years ago, titans suddenly appeared on Earth. Soon, human civilization veered on collapse due to the titans. Humans then built a giant wall to defend themselves. Within the giant walls, humans lived in peace, but, 100 years later, the giant wall is broken. ❞

Movie Details :
▪ Release Date : 2015-08-01
▪ Casts : Takahiro Miura, Jun Kunimura, Shu Watanabe, Pierre Taki, Rina Takeda, Nanami Sakuraba, Takahiro Miura, Seino Nana, Satomi Ishihara, Kanata Hongo, Ayame Misaki , Kiko Mizuhara, Haruma Miura, Matsuo Satoru
▪ Duration : 90 minutes


“Do you ship Erer-”

Welcome Home

Warning: Explicitly nsfw.

Sorry, this is all I’ve got. 12+ hour work days for six days straight. Just gotta get some good Eruri fucking.


Levi had a way of clambering all over him right when he got off a particularly long day of work. Not that Erwin minded, because he was headed straight for the couch anyways, and Levi just so happened to crawl into his lap, humming softly. It was already bad enough that his boy was so cute, but he somehow managed to be innocently lewd, as well.

Erwin tugged at his tie, sighing from the relief of sinking into the comforts of home, and Levi was already pawing at his slacks. His boy started kneading, his hums turning into pleased purrs once he wiggled between Erwin’s legs.

For argument’s sake–and perhaps to wrestle for a scrap of morality left, Erwin stood firm that he’d tried his best to deter this behavior. But how could he, when the perky kitten ears flattened against Levi’s hair, and the cat boy’s eyes directed up at him unhappily?

Levi loved sucking Erwin’s cock.

‘Loved’ may be putting it simply, because sometimes Erwin wondered if the boy had become…addicted, to say the least. His released tension was short-lived when Levi finally unbuckled Erwin’s slacks and grabbed his cock with a solid, smooth, delicate hand. Erwin didn’t think he was one of those men, but after a long, stressful day, he couldn’t stop his cock from responding to the soft strokes of his favorite pet.

He let out a loud moan, fingers raking through Levi’s silk-black hair, gasping out the last of that breath, eyes catching the flick of a tail, before he tugged.

“Fuck…” he sighed, cock stiff-hard now inside of his boy’s mouth. “…fuck.”

Levi’s little hums and purrs continued, vibrating slightly around Erwin’s strained cock, as his little tongue licked up the length. Erwin could feel Levi’s unconsciously humping the air, still kneeling in front of him.

Erwin opened his eyes at some point again, once Levi got into a rhythm of bobbing his small, small mouth up and down the cock that looked too big for his precious little lips. He could feel his cock strain even more at the sight of those glazed eyes. Levi decided to suck hard right then. Erwin threw his head back in a defeated groan and shoved Levi’s head down on him, needing to feel the soft of Levi’s throat constrict around his leaking tip. And fuck. Fuck if that wasn’t enough to make any man come. If it wasn’t enough with just the thought of shooting his load down that warm, wet throat to hear the surprised little choke before looking down to see his good little boy regain himself and swallow, licking away at the cock that looks way too big against his delicate face, trying his hardest to swallow up Erwin’s dick as much as he could.

But Erwin held back with the last of his power.

He couldn’t last long, not with how stressed he’d been and how little he paid attention to himself. So he pulled Levi’s mouth off and locked eyes with him, bringing his own hand down to stroke slowly at his length.

“Fuck, you’re cute.”

Levi’s tongue flicked out for another taste of Erwin’s precum, but Erwin held him back with a tired smile as he continued to stroke himself, feeling his orgasm build and stretch more and more taut.

“Fuck–” he choked out, watching Levi lean in and rub his face against Erwin’s hard cock, tongue darting out at times. Erwin held him still, cursing under his breath, and stared into Levi’s straightforward eyes. He couldn’t help but remember all the times the cat boy would lap up his cum like it was a treat, pawing and sucking at his cock like it was his favorite item. Fuck.

Erwin tensed, thighs tight, pelvis taut. He stroked himself harder and watched as his string of come shot onto Levi’s pretty face, rubbing the tip of his cock against his boy’s slicked lips. He was cursing under his breath, moaning, as Levi took him back in his mouth and sucked him dry.