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3. Which Haikyuu characters are most likely to secretly enjoy singing a lot, but do not want others to know?

[Since doing the requests in your submission all at once would violate my rules, I’m going to do them one at a time. I hope that’s okay.]

Kyoutani: Kyoutani wouldn’t want to appear weak or soft, especially when there were people around, which would be the main reason for him to keep his singing to himself. Whenever he did sing along, he would be slightly out of tune, his rhythm not exactly matching the rhythm of the song. But Kyoutani wouldn’t mind, since it would be for his own pleasure anyway. If anyone ever caught him singing, he would stop immediately, glaring at the person until they’d leave out of fear. Only then a slight blush would warm his cheeks and Kyoutani would remind himself to be more careful next time.

Kiyoko: Despite having a very pretty singing voice, Kiyoko simply doesn’t like being the center of attention. She probably doesn’t mind singing with a large group of people, but doing it by herself is something she probably prefers to avoid. Whenever she’s busy going over her notes, doing homework or cooking, she likes to hum an easy, uplifting tune just for the sake of it. Sometimes, when she would really get into it, she would start singing it quietly, her body slowly moving from side to side.

: Since Asahi has to put up with the Jesus-stigma, his friends probably jokingly tease him about having some heavenly vocal chords. And perhaps he does sound  like someone who would sing in a church choir, being one of the reasons he keeps his singing to himself. Apart from that it’s possible that he simply doesn’t like to sing in front of people, feeling a little pressured and put on the spot.

Aone: Aone has a habit of singing under his breath. Before he gives in to sing along a song quietly, he makes sure that no one is around to hear him. It’s possible that he’s extremely insecure about his singing voice, especially because the way he gets treated by strangers is not exactly something someone would want to endure. Sometimes he only mouths the lyrics to a certain song, slowly moving his head to the rhythm and perhaps, when he feels confident enough, he closes his eyes and a smile silently tucks at the corners of his mouth as he sings along.

Tsukishima: Listening to music whenever Tsukishima is by himself probably more than often tempts him to hum the tune of a particular song. He probably manages suppressing that urge whenever he is in public, although one or two hums resonate in his throat when it’s dark and he can’t see any people around him. He probably does hum or even sing along a particular song whenever he is at home, in his room with his door closed. Whenever his brother Akiteru catches him singing, Tsukishima ends up getting flustered, rudely telling him to leave him alone. 

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How about Ushijima and Aone. (Poor darling doesn't get enough attention) I'm pretty sure the strong quiet types are the greatest at finding where your most sensitive spots are. Just imagine both of them paying all of their attention on you and you're just squirming under their touches. So when they're both fucking you, they know exactly where to touch you and what angle to thrust in at to make you scream their names. And by the end you're an absolute wrecked mess, but very very satisfied.



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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Hinata with his rivals from Nekoma and Datekou

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datekou headcanons! i love them so much. go go let’s go let’s go datekou. (partially set during moniwa’s run as captain because i love the third years and they never left the team. Never)

  • once he becomes captain, futakuchi opens every team meeting with “in my defense”
  • the day moniwa saw koganegawa and futakuchi interact for the first time is coincidentally the day the “third years retire after interhigh” rule was enacted
  • futakuchi and kamasaki aren’t allowed to go to the bathrooms without a Bathroom Buddy anymore because of an incident involving a cat, several rolls of toilet paper, and karasuno’s vice principal
  • aone: [smiles] datekou: [clutches chest, collapses against nearest wall]
  • someone before the interhigh: “can i speak to the captain?” moniwa, already pulling money out of his wallet: “what did they do to you”
  • someone after the interhigh: “can i speak to the captain?” futakuchi: “captain machine broke”
  • one time moniwa told koganegawa to find sasaya near the vending machines and he came back with yamagata from shiratorizawa
  • futakuchi doesn’t know pantalons’s real name
  • everyone on datekou has a Sakunami Sense. if he’s ever even mildly inconvenienced by something, at least 2/3 of datekou show up to help him
    • sasaya ran through a fountain one time to help pick up the notebook sakunami dropped
  • part of the reason futakuchi is so abrasive is that aone never reacts to anything and he’s spent 2 years making himself more and more ridiculous to get a goddamn reaction, he doesn’t even remember who he was before aone-
  • moniwa, to the team in general: “why are you the way that you are”
  • futakuchi: “a while back we lost our other dear wing spiker, obara” obara: “futakuchi quit telling everyone i’m dead” futakuchi: “sometimes i still hear his voice”