Touch Me Like I’m Glass by haiplana

Words: 10,308 
Chapters 1/2 

Summary:  “AU: What if when Lillian had a adopted Lena it was to conduct experiments on her and from those she developed powers? She was trained and tortured to be a weapon against aliens until years later she was finally freed by Supergirl. Everyone thinks she evil cause not only is she a Luther but she was also an experiment by CADMUS. Only Kara believes that isn’t true because she looked into her eyes. ( Hopefully this all makes sense)”

This was based off the prompt that someone left in an inbox. And I’m glad @livewire-s decided to write it. 

I know we’re all hurting from the events from yesterday’s episode, so why not take the time to read this awesome fanfic! Please check it out! 

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Hiraeth (Acts of Intimacy #4)

Author’s Note:  And the Nonsexual Acts of Intimacy Prompts continue!  Today’s prompt, given to me by another lovely anon:  For the intimacy meme: reacting to the other crying, please :)

How could I say no to that please? I’m just kidding, I can’t say no to any of you. 

Other stories in the series: {1} {2} {3} {4}

Words: 2015 

AO3 / / Below the Cut!

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Science of the Social

otayuri week 2017 - day two: social media

alternate universe - rated g - 8.8k words - read on ao3

Otabek, young CEO and darkhorse of the wildly famous Altin family, isn’t exactly on top of his social media and engagement with fans and business opportunities alike. 

Enter Yuri Plisetsky, social media expert and his new personal advisor. Beware the comments section of Instagram.
Tonight, Tonight - Chapter 1 - KatieHavok - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter one of seven is now up, for your perusal. The next update will be on Saturday, and the third will be on the following Tuesday. This is the T-rated version, though the adult content doesn’t really start until chapter 3–and let me tell you, I have my work cut out making this damn story T-rating compliant. -_-

At any rate, have some post-battle!Newt, weary-af!Tina, and distraught!Queenie. Also, Kate’s Bathing Kink™ makes an appearance, because you know Tina’s gonna clean him up after all that. ;)
Run - Chapter 6 - LunaCatriona - Holby City [Archive of Our Own]
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“For Christ’s sake, Bernie!” Serena snapped, her head pounding as horns beeped and drivers got frustrated. “All that military training and you can’t bloody drive!”

“I was trained for dodging snipers and IEDs, not trying to get onto the Broxden roundabout while men in white vans blast their horns!” she retorted, swinging the car onto the circle.

i would’ve used anon but i had too much to write rip

okay so im looking for two fics, and ive sadly forgotten the name of them ://

• the first fic was a story where louis met harry one night at a club, they afterwards they go home and sleep together. harry is leaving for the military soon, but they decide to go out anyway. he meets niall and they hang out & i remember niall saying (with a serious tone) “thank you for serving our country.” harry finally leaves and louis is about sad about it but then harry comes back and takes louis on a really cute (date i think?) and he proposes to louis (with the foil from a gun wrapped shaped into a ring but it’s super cute)

• the second fic im looking for isn’t really a single parent fic, but louis is in a not-so-great relationship with (his husband or boyfriend i think?) and his name was Jordan i think…. or was it Daniel? i don’t remember. i do remember that they have a daughter together and Louis had to go to a bakery to pick some cupcakes for his daughter’s party at school (i think?) & harry was 27 and louis was 29 (i might be mistaken). i think louis’ husband cheats on him and they separate, so he and his daughter go to harry’s. harry travels for something (i don’t remember) but when he comes back him and louis try to get into a relationship. a little while later, they have another child and i remember the kid wakes harry up by saying either “good morning papa” or “good morning daddy.” then he and Harry go to their kid’s school in Halloween costumes, harry is in a rabbit costume and louis is a carrot. and harry says something dumb like “you’re the carrot to my rabbit.” and louis tells him to shut up or something.
hopefully i made enough sense, and thanks in advance for your help!!

hi love! i believe the first fic you’re talking about is:

another hazy may

and the second would be:

Float Down Like Autumn Leaves (Stay Now)

Love Letters Chapter Three

The Only Thing I Know

She’d found the letter, tucked in a plain envelope that had been slipped inside her locker. The sight had immediately brought a smile to her face, bringing back the moment she had dropped a similar envelope into a different locker down the hall.

“Good morning!” Veronica said cheerily from her locker across from Betty’s. She smiled to Veronica over her shoulder and carefully tucked the letter into the front cover of her day planner. She closed her locker, slinging her bag over her shoulder. They walked down the hall to homeroom, Veronica started talking about the plans she and Kevin had to drive to the nearest mall and shop ‘til they drop. “Do you wanna come with us? I mean the gay BFF opinion is fabulous, but I trust the critical eye of Reporter Cooper.”

Betty smiled warmly at her and said, “That sounds like fun.”

Shoving thoughts of the letter from her mind, which was difficult to say the least, Betty went about her first two classes, excited for her third period study hall.

Waving at Archie as they passed in the hall, she stepped into the library and sought out the table in the far corner with the best window. The mid-morning sunshine was streaming across the surface. Betty placed her bag on the table, took out her planner, and the letter. Holding the crisp envelope, she closed stared at the boldly elegant black letters of her name, and took a breath, her heart fluttering, her nerves singing.



I literally just read it today but I already lost it!!

It’s a Parentlock fic in which John and Sherlock go undercover as a married couple with a “son” named Connor, who they actually end up adopting.
I won’t spoil it but there are kidnappings and injuries involved.
Sally Donovan is not a dick in this fic.
It’s super angsty but also really fluffy and there’s some great dialogue. It’s 10 chapters and it’s on AO3. Has an ending with Gladstone and bees.

PLEASE help me find it so I can promote how awesome it is.
Show Chapter | Archive of Our Own
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Bloodsick Péntalog is up ya’ll!! The first chapter of the sequel to my previous Horrortale fanfiction Pneuma Rot is now live on AO3. Take a look by clicking the link above :D 


Title: Don’t unplug me or shut me down

Author: slashter

Word Count: 7.8k

Status: Complete

Summary: Louis scowls. “He’s a photography student. He works with gorgeous models and probably breaks hearts with his smile. I’m a nerd. I earn my money fixing broken crap, and for some stupid reason, I like it. He wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts, he’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers, et cetera, et cetera." 

Louis sighs. "I swear, the coolest thing I’ve ever done is wear contacts.”

Basically, Louis is a self-proclaimed nerd who fixes things and Harry seems too perfect to keep breaking as many things as he does.

gather round friends. gather round...

I presume you all now why I called this meeting. Yes, you are correct- I will not be posting A Touch Up tomorrow. My plans for writing today got thrown out the window and I just don’t have enough time to put something together. Echo will post, as scheduled, on Friday.

ATU should be back next week. My apologies again (and as usually, lately).
American Sweetheart
by Sinalwen

American Sweetheart

America decides he needs to find a partner, now to actually choose one it the problem. America thinks about each time he’s had a moment with the other nations and by the end he’s pretty sure he has a solid decision. Now there’s the whole problem with everyone else found out about his whole looking for a partner thing and they’re pretty sure they’re going to be the ones to win. That makes the decision a million times harder. World X America Uke America! Sexual situations! Might have smut?

Id: 9696689 - Fandoms: Hetalia: Axis Powers - Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply - M/M/Multi - Rated: Mature - English - Historical Inaccuracy/Historical References/Seme England/Uke America/seme world/Multiple ships - Chapters: 9 - Words: 14686 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 219 - Updated: 16 Feb 2017 - Relationships: [England/America]/[Germany/America]/[World/America]/[France/America]/[Canada/America]/[Prussia/America]/[Russia/America]/[Rome/America] - Characters: England (Hetalia)/Prussia (Hetalia)/Canada (Hetalia)/aph world/America (Hetalia)/Russia (Hetalia)/Germany (Hetalia)/Rome (Hetalia)/World - Character/France (Hetalia) - Ongoing

Tbh I skipped straight to chapter 9 since it’s the only RusAme chapter there. Pretty nice decent chapter set in cold war. Classical ‘i don’t really like you but you’re hot’ Alfred in RusAme fics. If you dig that, this fic is for you.

Catching Feathers by MyLadyDay
Length: ~25,100
Rating: G
Summary: If there was one thing Ace knew for sure in life, it was that Marco would not and could not die. Still, what happens when he gets really close to death? All Ace knows is that it’s somehow his responsibility and absolutely no one wants to answer his questions.

Archive of Our Own | Fanfiction

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types of writers

The Lore-ist 

  • has detailed if not meticulous notes on the universe they’ve created, down to the food eaten and language quirks, they use mythos and setting to bring it all together
  • most of the character’s backstories are already loving laid out, though may not be all connected yet. 
  • Has yet to write a full chapter. (But they’re getting there!)

The Bae

  • Story is centered around a complex and engaging OC that they’ve spent years developing
  • said OC has been through A Lot, the love is real, so is the pain
  • OC may sort of be a loser? ie the story is a character-driven piece where the plot is moved ahead by said character’s bad decisions and questionable habits

The Researcher

  • akin to the lore-ist but spends more of their time on wikipedia articles jotting down notes and things like how much a watermelon weighs 
  • Everything from knowing Too Much about child-care to how a body decomposes or flapper chest-binding is on the table, their breadth is large and Should Be Feared
  • takes a long time to start but make the most of their words, from spot-on sci-fi to history to murder, readers will learn something on the way

The Lemon Flavored Factory

  • alright take it back now y’all, this writer has written enough smut to make a tom cat blush, they can write other things too, and often well, but there will inevitably be bed-rattling at some point (or car or shower)
  • either unusually creative or just sticks to classics like Aliens Made Them Do It, neither is necessarily bad but there is oddly little in between
  • their author’s notes tend to be hilarious or at least very self-aware

The Word Vomit Canoe

  • action oriented writer who spews out the words before they know what is happening, no plans, no outlines, 10k of the first thing that comes to mind, sometimes things like ‘maybe dragons?’ & they go with it
  • their strengths are productivity, weaknesses are not knowing what the hell is going on
  • style is marked by fast-paced tone and downright impressive word count

The Muse

  • their inspiration doesn’t come as often, but they are always listening for her & redy 2 go
  • update schedule is…sporadic at best, but makes up for it with long chapters and clean editing
  • Will write 30 pages in a day and then take a few months off, enjoys one-shots but can do longer works
  • doesn’t have the best sense of time and when they are in The Zone may forget to eat or shower

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Tell them if you’ve reread it once. Tell them if you’ve reread it 100 times 

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Tell them when the fic made you grin when it made you cry when it made you FEEL

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