Anytime You Need A Friend


“Anytime You Need a Friend” became the first of Carey’s singles to not reach the top-ten on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song debuted at number 45 on the chart and eventually peaked at number 12. Despite this, it was popular on US radio and was ranked number thirty-seven on the 1994 Year-End Charts, giving Carey three singles in the top half of the chart

Anytime You Need A Friend || Shailene & Taylor

Taylor had only actually spent time with Shailene once, but they’d met and spoke in brief passing before that. It was weird, though – she was already working her way up his friend’s list. He almost felt like he’d missed out on something by not befriending her earlier. She was so easy to get along with, and it was so hard to resist teasing her about anything and everything. It was surprising he’d never noticed that before. He thought it over as he stopped by a store on the way to her apartment, picking up a few random things. He somehow remembered exactly where she lived, and it wasn’t a far walk from the store, so he didn’t bother calling a cab.

Unsure if the door was unlocked or not, he knocked three times, loud enough that she should be able to hear but it wouldn’t frighten her. It probably wasn’t a genius move to spend time with a sick person, but he didn’t even care if she was contagious. If he got sick, he would just have to deal with it. He did need to get out more, and Shai could probably use some cheering up and some food, since she didn’t feel good enough to leave her apartment. As he waited for her to let him in, he adjusted the grocery bags on his arms. After walking and having to stand there holding them, they were starting to grow heavier and heavier. It may have been a stupid decision not to call a cab, but oh well.


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