Say That
Toro Y Moi
Say That

2013 started with me working my notice period at my old job in Bristol. Then, a week before I moved to London, I slipped on some ice and fractured my wrist.  The next 3 months were a strange mix of unpacking and resettling, an operation, recuperation and the start of my physiotherapy, plus desperately trying to find myself a new job.  All of which mostly involved me sitting around in the flat that I’d starting sharing with my then soon-to-be wife. 

By the very nature of those circumstances, it wasn’t a situation that I could really take advantage of, sit back and enjoy.  But I do remember it fondly because I did spend the majority of my time with BBC 6 Music on in the background. 

I heard quite a lot of my favourite music (Primal Scream, Low, John Grant, Letherette) that I’ve shared from this year came for the first time whilst listening to 6 Music’s daytime shows, but the one track that I think I’ll always associate with that brief period of my life is Toro Y Moi’s Say That

I ultimately need to thank my now-wife for introducing me to the wonderful work of Chazwick Bradley Bundick, but full credit to the BBC for playlisting Say That, another of my favourite tracks of the year.


Toro Y Moi - Say that