Book Review: Any Colour of the Rainbow

First of all, if you’ve never heard of Anya Goy, you’re missing out. She’s basically a legend in the world of all things rainbow. She has actually written this book on how to dye your hair rainbow (and any other funky combo of colors). She’s even had a rainbow bottomed wedding dress!

Now about the book! If you’re inexperienced to the wonders of dying hair strange colors, it can be a daunting task. But Anya simplifies this process in her very thorough book. She gives instructions on how to bleach your hair, what are some good semi permanent dyes to use, how to keep your hair healthy and most of all she gives in depth instructions on how to dye your hair well. There are even pictures included in the book to go along with some of the information. Even if you’ve dyed your hair neon green a hundred times there is still something you can learn from this book. This book even gives you advice on how to switch from one color to another without bleaching your hair!

Incase you weren’t aware it is an e-book and here is a link:

anonymous asked:

The racism you exhibited when you answered my question is gross and you should feel bad. Typical of the White Man, you decided to marginalize MY OWN systematic oppression in the US (of which you face barely any) in order legitimize your own grievances. Typical white privilege mentality. The existence of African-American Jews DOES NOT CHANGE the fact that the word 'goy' is widely accepted as a derogatory term for non-jews. Listen when you're being told that you're problematic, don't patronize me.

One, I’m Latina.  I am not the White Man.  Sorry to burst your bubble.  African-Americans suffer the brunt of American racism.  That is true.  That does not negate the existence of other oppressions, including antisemitism.  And it does not absolve non-Jews of their ability to be antisemitic simply because they also are a member of an oppressed class.  That’s basic intersectionality.  If you’re wanting me to valorise your oppression above all others and play Oppression Olympics with you, I’m sorry, but the medal podium is closed.  This is a blog dealing with Jewish issues and focuses on anti-appropriation.  By its very nature, it focuses on Jewish issues.  Period.

Goy is not a slur.  Goy is a Hebrew word.  It means nation.  It is the Hebrew version of the English word Gentile.  It has been used in this way since before the Roman occupation of Israel.  It has 2000 years of history in our language and in our community that you as an outside do not get to police or define for us.  Jews have the right to use our language to talk about ourselves and about the people who have historically oppress us and continue to oppress us.  You don’t have to like it.  But it isn’t changing because you demand it – especially not in a Jewish space.

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