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I'm disgusted by your unironic use of the term 'goyim'. As an African-American, I find it ridiculous that a highly privileged group of what are essentially white people gets to feel justified in using a term that is clearly a derogatory term that is directed at me. Check your fucking privilege you ignorant shit

I see someone can’t be bothered to read anything before spewing the outrage.  Jews of colour exist.  Jews are not “essentially white.”  Goy is the Hebrew word for “nation.”  It means not Jewish.  That’s it.  As for “highly privileged,” I suppose it is a privilege to be the targets of hate crimes!  African-Americans, while suffering from an incredible amount of racism, are not immune from antisemitism if they aren’t Jewish when they fail to understand the multiple oppressions Jews face.  You’ve provided a stunning example of how that happens.  Good job.  Next time, try reading the FAQ before shooting from the hip.


How to do Rainbow Hair by Anya Goy