Antwerp house

ANTWERP PORT HOUSE - architects: Zaha Hadid Architects - location: Antwerp, Belgium - design: Zaha Hadid & Patrik Schumacher - 2016 - photography: Hélène Binet (AD Jan 2017)

“The new Port House in Antwerp repurposes, renovates and extends a derelict Hanseatic-style fire station into a new headquarters for the port - bringing together the port’s 500 staff that previously worked in separate buildings around the city.

With constant references to the Scheldt, the city of Antwerp and the dynamics of its port, married with the successful renovation and reuse of a redundant fire station - integrating it as a fully-fledged part of its headquarters - the new Port House will serve the port well through its planned expansion over future generations.

anonymous asked:

Hi archy was wondering if you have any recommendations regarding the typology for building extensions?

Here are some recent examples of building extensions. Each of them takes a different attitude towards the original structure. Some extensions are obviously meant to be new and different, some are hidden or camouflaged by the original structure and others wrap around the existing structure creating something new.

Lillehammer Art Museum and Lillehammer Cinema Expansion Snøhetta

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