The EDM DJs as US Presidents

Zedd: bans the use of the word “lit”, literally takes care of every major problem in the country, and makes the national dish bacon, and deports Trump

Porter: only allows anime to be made instead of regular cartoons, convinces all parents that video games are okay for kids, and you have pass everything in school with a 100 or else you fail

Dillon Francis: abolishes the drinking age

Madeon: legalises human-baguette marriage

deadmau5: bans all Starbucks shops and replaces them with Tim Hortons and changes national drink to a double double, trolls all celebrities and a few regular citizens

Nicky Romero: changes national sport from American football to soccer (actual football)

Skrillex: confirms every alien sighting (even hoaxes), makes it a law that everyone must own a pet, fills white house with dogs



Avicii: replaces Wal-Marts with Ikeas

Favorite Ships

- Zedd and Selena Gomez: 

- Hanna Marin and Caleb Rivers: 

- Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas: 

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- Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift: 

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- Bellamy and Clarke: 

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- Tommy and Lindy: 

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- Kol and Davina:  

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- Hayley and Elijah:  

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- Leo Howard and Olivia Holt: 

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- Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott: 

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- Zoe and Wade: 

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The EDM DJs as teachers

Zedd: that math teacher that everyone is in love with, he’s the only reason people sign up to take his class

Porter Robinson: strict japanese teacher that expects you to get 100% in the class or he fails you

Madeon: the cooking teacher that only teaches kids how to cook baguettes and cookies

Dillon Francis: the funny teacher everyone loves but can get easily angry if you don’t do what you’re supposed to, drinks alcohol with other teachers when the principal isn’t looking

Martin Garrix: the student teacher that every girl thrists for

deadmau5: hates everyone, cusses at the kids everyday, gets fired within the first week

Skrillex: gives 50 point curve on every test

Diplo: has secret sexual relationships with his female students