The year is 2019. Somehow, Agents of SHIELD got renewed for season 6 and for this season, the team is focused on the Skrull invasion as part of a tie-in with Captain Marvel.

Around episode 10, we get the biggest twist of the season. In a special guest appearance by Brie Larson, Carol Danvers reveals a prison where the Skrulls are keeping all the people that they’ve replaced.

And who is among the prisoners? None other than a malnourished, badly hurt Antoine Triplett. Turns out the Trip that the team knew was a Skrull this whole time. 

And then the team rescues Real Trip and he joins the series as a main cast member. 


it’s been a long day without you, my friend
           and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again 


agents of shield + smiles
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Whenever new people join the Agents of SHIELD fandom

Rookie: “Hey, I finally got around to watching Agents of SHIELD!”


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Rookie: “I love Grant Ward! He’s such a softie on the inside <3″


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Rookie: “Wait, are Fitz and Simmons together? I just love the comic-relief element they bring to the show!


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Rookie: “Maybe I’m just crazy, but is there something between Coulson and May?”


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Rookie: “I really hate (insert character besides you know who)”


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Rookie: “I really can’t wait for some of the Avengers to have cameos!”


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Rookie: “Its so nice to watch a superhero show and actually be able to see everything on screen. Most shows now are so dark.”


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Rookie: “Ugh, I have to wait how long in between seasons?”


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