British Pattern 1796 Infantry Officer’s Sword with variant blade.

By Burne & Co., London, Warranted, Early 19th CenturyWith slightly curved single-edged blade etched over most of its length on one side with maker’s details, a cornucopia and foliage inhabited by the figure of Britannia, and along the other with foliage involving an urn and the figure of Victory, regulation gilt hilt cast and chased with foliage and comprising double shell-guard, lobed rear quillon, knuckle-guard, faceted pommel with button, and grip bound with twisted silver wire, in its gilt scabbard with two rings for suspension, and retaining most of its original gilding. 82 cm. blade.


Provenance: Probably household of George IV, King of Hanover, Blankenburg until moved to Schloss Marienburg in 1945


Belgian wall gun

Manufactured in Liège, Belgium c.1866 - serial number 21.
.75/19mm caliber barrel with hexagonal rifling, removable percussion breechblock, skeleton pistol grip.

Hexagonal rifling uses a similarly hexagonal bullet to impart spin, instead of taking a round bullet and squishing it against regular rifling by shooting it. This weapon would have had a considerable accuracy and power which we can only assume Belgian soldiers used to hunt dinosaurs.


British gentleman’s court attire with dress sword

A black velvet gentleman’s court outfit with dress sword

Late 19th century/early 20th century, comprising of a black velvet dress coat of 18th century styling, and matching breeches, both with steel cut buttons, with two cream satin waistcoats, a bicorne hat, dress sword, scabbard and belt, within a metal uniform tin box, with the inscription ‘Cha s-E Schwann, M.P’, 'H.Poole & C.O, Savile Row’. (7+box)


With a note reading: Charles Ernest Schwann, M.P.
Name changed to Swann by deed poll 1913. A merchant of Manchester 1864 on. Became Liberal MP for Manchester 1886-1918. Died 1929. Baronet 1906. Last address Princes Gardens, London.

Adding some Christmas touches to our bedroom

Hello loves, I talked a little bit this week about how I love to change the pillows and our shelf decor to give this space a new look.

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