Release Date - 27/06/2014

Anticx - Dig Dis EP (MFR012)

1.Dig Dis
2.Dig Dis (Retrosynths Remix)

House DJ and producer Anticx unites with London dance based label MFR Records to release the Dig Dis EP. The 18 minute long EP starts with Dig Dis; an upbeat and dance floor orientated track with enough funk to keep you moving throughout the night. The bouncy track makes good use of unflinching percussion, sharp hi hats and resonating vocal samples. Anticx provides a well composed dance floor track with Dig Dis and provides enough warmth in it to be able to listen to in less busy environments.

Anticx delivers the next track Mirage with some more dance floor ready sounds. With a more of a vintage feel this time, Mirage is crammed with enough oomph to keep you focused on the music all night. With the integration of a crisp kick, barely there vocals and a shallow bass line there are plenty of layers of this track to be explored.

The Dig Dis EP ends with the Retrosynths Remix of Dig Dis. Retrosynths contribution starts off more relaxed to what becomes a steamy crescendo of persistent hi hats, stuttering drums and almost silent piano keys. This leaves Anticx with a charming body of work suitable for any major music lover and house raver, creating a dance experience not to be missed out on.

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