One of the few things I like about vine is that everyone can make fun of each other and people who think with actual racist streotypes without it becoming a “social justice” shitstorm.

Just a curious question; do any of you mind this type of humor?

A little help please?

Anon: “do you know of any anti racism resources specifically for people who are mentally ill or otherwise neuroatypical? I think have some problems understanding some things because of my mental issues”

A: I’m sorry but I do not. If you come back to this post a few times over the next couple of days, I’ll bet that one of my more informed mutuals or followers will have left some resources in the comments or in a reblog

(I’ve answered this a few times but for some reason it’s not showing up?)

Rassismus führt zu Wahrnehmungsstörung und verursacht Inkompetenz. 

Rassismus enthält vergiftende Inhaltsstoffe wie menschenfeindliche Einstellung und soziale Verantwortungslosigkeit. Gegen Abhängigkeit und Gebrauch hilft der Einsatz des Denkvermögens.

  • person:white girls are like "i want a double white chocolate uggs iphone 5 with victoria's secret and yoga pants please"
  • tumblr:fjdjaklsdkfgj THIS IS SO FUnny
  • person:black girls are like "i want a watermelon kfc flavored grape drink with a weave and twerking please"
  • tumblr:This is so not okay. Racism is NOT a joke. Do you even realize the world we live in? Civil rights are something people of EVERY race deserve. Stop being so fucking ignorant.
Among the most troubling political consequences of the failure of antiracist and feminist discourses to address the intersections of race and gender is the fact that, to the extent they can forward the interest of ‘people of color’ and 'women,’ respectively, one analysis often implicitly denies the validity of the other. The failure of feminism to interrogate race means that the resistance strategies of feminism will often replicate and reinforce the subordination of people of color, and the failures of antiracism to interrogate patriarchy means that antiracism will frequently reproduce the subordination of women. These mutual elisions present a particularly difficult political dilemma for women of color. Adopting either analysis constitutes a denial of a fundamental dimension of our subordination and precludes the development of a political discourse that more fully empowers women of color.