Peace won't bring peace

Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole hand holding, pot smoking, song singing movement. It does make you feel good and is good at bringing people together but it just doesn’t work. People talk about the anti Vietnam war movement as if it’s something to aspire to but anyone who knows about it knows that all that movement did is create some great music and give birth to the most self centred, greedy generation of people there have been in a very long time. The generation responsible for the wars of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

The most powerful people on the planet will not do what you tell them to. They don’t care how you feel beyond your ability to work and increase their own personal wealth.

What we need is a strong, armed resistance of the working class/proletariat/99% to both intimidate and disrupt the evildoers’ system. We need people who are not afraid to break the law, the law is meant to control you. Following it is submissive and in support of those who impose them. We need to take their power. Burn it to the ground and put in a system that only loses from war instead of profiting from it, as capitalism does.

Something has to be done and sitting around in a field does fuck all

Have a nice day