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Really happy with the new 40k unit stat lines for 8th edition

It’s really nice to see 40k move away from the binary all-or-nothing rules to a more gradual stat line. It’s a great way to slim down the rules while maintaining complexity and unit diversity. Large units gradually loosing effectiveness as they take damage and armor save modifiers are a fantastic alternative to the current AP and wounds system (currently weapons either completely negate armor, or do nothing to it, and multi-wound units remain at full effectiveness until they drop). This works great in AOS and will definitely help 40k to be more playable and less frustrating.

Watching 50 hormogaunts slowly chew through a Leman Russ, Land Raiders being able to reliably shrug off a few anti-tank weapons without getting the dreaded 1-hit-KO, Wraithknights getting weaker and weaker while being whittled down from relentless firepower while wading through enemy armies?

Yes please!

The first time I met my boyfriend’s grandparents, I was terrified. First, I really wanted them to like me, and second, he told me they were pretty religious. They’re Roman Catholic, but I’m Jewish, and I didn’t get the impression from the rest of his family that that would upset them, but I wasn’t sure they’d be chill with us dating, and I’m always afraid of those unconscious, anti-semitic micro-aggressions. 

Sure enough, within an hour of meeting me they asked if I was religious, in a way that was obviously asking if I had a religion, and which one it was. I calmly told them I was Jewish, and my boyfriend’s grandmother lit up. Her mother was a Syrian who moved to Brooklyn in the early 1900′s and she grew up in a Syrian and Jewish community in Brooklyn and boy wasn’t it nice to have someone around who could help her with her Jewish pastry. It was really pleasant. His grandfather was mostly quiet. 

After lunch, he and I shared a cup of coffee and some cookies and I told him about my brothers. He asked if my mom was ok with me dating a gentile. And then he looked around, saw we were alone for a sec, and asked me to follow him out to the garage. In the garage he asked me to take an old picnic basket down from off a cabinet. And then he told me to open it. The moment the lid came off I knew. I knew that shade of red. He told me to take it out and lay it across the floor. It was a Nazi flag. Not just a Nazi flag, but one that was big enough to fly outside a government office, like a massive one. I laid it out, ice in my veins, trying to figure out what was about to happen next. And then he told me to take my shoes off and stand on it. 

He told me his vision wasn’t good enough to get into the army, so he snuck on a ship and figured that they’d have to deal with him when he was in Europe, and that’s what happened. He told me he went because they all knew it was bad, and he wanted to help. He told me he took the flag off of some dead Nazis. He told me to go home and tell my mother that I was safe with these goyim she’d never met, that I was loved and welcome and that they’d fight for me. He told me “Never Again”.

He passed away a few years ago, and only after his death, cleaning out his closets did we find his old patches and look up his division. This quiet man who said very little but always shared a cup of coffee with me after lunch was in an anti-tank division, and he and his division liberated camps in Poland. He saw the horrors, first hand. 

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Today is a day to reaffirm our promise of “Never Again”. Today is a day to remember that the only way for things to get better is to fight. Today is a good day to punch a Nazi. Do it for me. Do it for Grandpa Rocco. Do it for the world. 


Japanese destroyer Kikuzuki in Tokyo Bay off the coast of Japan, on 1 September 2016. He died 4 may 1942.

American amphibious LVT-1 remaining forever in the jungle of the Solomon Islands, on 7 September 2016

The wreckage of a Japanese fighter A6M, Palau, 29 Aug 2016.

Japanese light tank Ha-Go. Northern Mariana Islands, 28 August, 2016.

M3 Stuart, shot down by Japanese 37mm anti-tank gun. Arundel island, Solomon Islands.

Japanese light tank Ha-Go. Northern Mariana Islands, 28 August, 2016.

Floating tank LVT(A)-1, which is lined on Peleliu. 2012.

The skeleton of the Japanese tank Ha-Go on the island of GUAM.

M4 Sherman destroyed in 1944 during the battle for Peleliu

One StuG III Ausf. F / 8 * (late production) of Panzerjäger-Abteilung 90 of 10.Panzer-Division in Tunisia.
North Africa, January-May 1943.
* 8th version of Panzer III hulls (J/L), thus the designation “F/8.”

Animals are not decor, fish are not decoration, fish are not aesthetics, they are sentient beings that need proper care. 

Jars, flower base, “fish bowls” aren’t suitable homes for our aquatic friends, I know popular knowledge tells you betta fish are cheap, easy and can live in any thing with water, but this is animal abuse. 

Nobody is born knowing and it’s ok if you thought your little friend was gonna be happy in those conditions, BUT it’s now a responsibility, ignorance is not a sin, but if you know what your pet needs and you still don’t want to take proper care of them, you shouldn’t own one. Internet is a blessing and you can easily research about proper care, here are the basics: 

  • Betta Fish need at least 2.5 gallons,but the more the better. 
  • Betta Fish need a low or non flow filter, without this there could be dangerous amount of ammonia and waste in the water. 
  • Betta Fish need a heater, they do better in 74-81 °F   
  • Betta Fish need water conditioner, anti-stress 
  • One tank = One betta. 
  • Decoration: They need hideouts and plants, they can be live plants or silk plants, plastic can hurt their fins. 
  • They need a LID, they tend to jump. 

Fish are PETS, and NEED you to be responsible, it might be just a fish for you (I hope it’s not) but for them YOU are their entire world, our pets rely 100% in us, their health is a responsibility.

Alright, lemme see if I got the plot points from this chapter sorted out:

  • Assuming the mission to take the Progenitor 9 years ago refers to the first attack on the walls in 845, the current year 854
  • Since last chapter ended on 1 year following the attack on Trost, making the year 851 then, there’s been a 3 year timeskip
  • The reason Marley hasn’t attacked the walls in so long is because they’re dealing with a war already; taking the coordinate has been postponed
  • This war has been going on for 4 years, since the year 850.
  • This also explains why Marley didn’t go all out at the battle of Shiganshina – not enough resources to spare
  • The nation Marley is at war with is called the Middle East Union
  • BUT the war is supposedly coming to an end, so says Gabi
  • Marley has a weak navy – that may be good for those on Paradis Island
  • They do make use of air warfare though – we’re shown soldiers preparing to be deployed from above
  • The Middle East Union has developed anti-titan weapons in the form of tanks; even the captain here is cautious to deploy their titan warriors against these
  • The Eldians in Marley are taught to believe their oppression will end if the “bad” Eldians on the island are killed
  • Zeke and Reiner are alive…for now
  • Zeke’s successor has already been chosen
  • Reiner’s successor is about to be chosen
  • Interestingly, the candidates for Reiner’s successor are kids while Zeke’s successor is older, possibly late teens/early 20s
  • The 9th shifter is called the Jaw Titan
  • The pilot is named (Galliard), but seen only in titan form
  • The Cart Titan (probably the mule/quad/horse titan by Zeke’s side at Shiganshina) has a named but unseen pilot (Peak/Pique)
  • It’s unknown how long Galliard and Peak have been shifters, but there’s no mention of choosing successors for them so they probably aren’t too close to the 13 year limit


A homemade DIY anti-material rifle spotted in Iraq among members of the notorious Imam Ali Brigade. Rifle appears to be a single shot bolt-action that uses either a salvaged barrel from an anti-tank or anti-aircraft setup like the ZU-23-2. The Imam Ali Brigade is known for their brutality against ISIS, drawing criticism for their use of torture and executions on captured ISIS members. (GRH)


MAC Mle 1921 anti material machine gun prototype

Developed shortly after WW1 by the Manufacture d’Armes de Chatellerault.
13,5x99mm MAC two 20-round removable box magazines, dual trigger set for selective fire, 360° basket mount.

Produced as a anti-aircraft anti-tank machine gun using a modified 13,2x92mmSR Tankgewher cartridge, this prototype was abandonned after its proprietary round was further developed into the 13,2x96mm Hotchkiss and used with the Hotchkiss Mle 1929 machine gun.