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You are aware that globally communism has killed more than the Holocaust right?

Nope, that’s historical revisionism used to excuse Nazi warcrimes on the Eastern front and slaughter of Jewish people and partisans by Nazi sympathizing governments. 

 It’s not uncommon for those statistics to come directly from Nazi propaganda.  There are other common statistical bullshit as well, such as blaming the Soviets for Soviets who died in WWII fighting Nazis, deaths that should be attributed to the Nazi invasions, counting Nazis as “victims”, or assuming that 50s China should have had longer life expediencies than 1990s UK.  Some of the numbers attributed to Stalin are so high he would have had to kill the entire population of the Soviet Union.

But let’s specifically talk about this myth regarding the Holocaust, the Soviet Union, WWII and the notion of “double genocide”.

The Communists killed more Nazis than anyone in WWII, stopped the Nazis from being able to take the rest of Europe, including the UK, and actively armed aided Jewish resistances as well as other anti-Nazi resistance movements, the Soviets killed Hitler, and a multitude of other actions that took down the Nazis.  As part of denying the crucial role that the Soviet Union played in defeating Nazism, Western capitalists and European Nazi sympathizers needed to insist the Soviet Union was worse and therefore not praiseworthy.  The US also sheltered Nazis, brought Nazi warcriminals to the US, hid evidence of warcriminals, and used Nazis as spies against the Soviets after WWII, so the narrative that the Soviets were worse pops up to excuse to the US government who was utilizing Nazi warcriminals to get an edge against the Soviets.

But there’s also a specificly antisemitic narrative that has been pushed since WWII wherein Nazis and rightwingers in Eastern Europe tried to blame Jewish people for starting WWII and insisted that Jewish people had committed (fictional, maliciously false) crimes against gentiles in Eastern Europe and therefore “deserved” murder.  Typically here, communist and Jewish are conflated regardless of the politics of the Jewish people involved, Jewish living conditions under the Soviet Union, or anything to do with the Soviet government (other than Soviet anti-Nazism).

The myth of “double genocide” serves to try to rehabilitate the image of collaborators and murderers of Jewish people in Eastern Europe.  A good example is the rightwing Ukrainian government that considers known Nazi supporters and murderers of Jewish people (and murderers of ethnic Poles) as “victims” of communism.  Here’s a quote about how the “double genocide” myth functions in regards to Lithuanian history:

Claims that Jews committed genocide against Lithuanians had begun in June, 1941, when pro-Nazi Lithuanians spread rumors that Jews had deported Lithuanians to the Soviet Union, that Jewish snipers had fired on Lithuanian civilians, and that Jews had drawn up lists of Lithuanians for death squads to execute. This adaptation of the Nazi myth that Jews had “stabbed the nation in the back” helped to assuage the Lithuanian sense of inferiority, resulting from their occupation by Poland for twenty years before Stalin invaded in 1940, and their holding out for only eight hours before handing the Memel territory back to Hitler’s Germany.

Rightwing Lithuanians began to blame the Jews for the Soviet invasion. “Jew” meant “Communist,” “Communist” meant “Jew,” they were “one gang of bastards,” according to Lithuanian Activist Front propaganda distributed before, during and after the German invasion. When even the Nazis expressed shock at the barbarity Lithuanians used in massacring Jews at the Lietukis garage in Kaunas (June 27th, 1941), it was explained that some of the perpetrators had lost family members during the Soviet deportations. When the tide of war turned and Germany pulled back from Stalingrad, Germans in Vilnius and Kaunas blamed the Jews both for the defeat and for starting World War II.

If you have something specific to talk about that isn’t reguritated Nazi propaganda, go for it.

I’m not saying that no Communist government ever, or no Soviets ever, did anything bad, but this specific mythos is absolutely rooted in disgusting rightwing and Nazi lies.

PS: Killing Nazis is good and is not genocide.  “Nazi” isn’t an ethnic group, it’s a political ideology that calls for the murder of millions.

On This Day: April 19
  • 1775: American Revolution begins.
  • 1854: French anarchist painter Charles Angrand was born.
  • 1884: Canadian Federal government outlaws potlatch ceremony practiced by Northwest Coast First Nations.
  • 1890: Max Nettlau published “The Historical Development of Anarchism” in Freiheit.
  • 1900: French anarchist Marius Jacob escaped from the asylum in Aix-en-Provence with the assistance of a male nurse and took refuge in Sète.
  • 1911: Over 6,000 Michigan furniture workers down tools, start four-month strike in what became known as the Great Furniture Strike.
  • 1919: The crews of the French battleships Jean Bart and France, mutinied. The “Black Sea Mutiny” involved Communist André Marty.
  • 1943: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising begins.
  • 1943: Second White Rose trial begins. Members of the anti-Nazi resistance movement on trial for organising against Hitler’s regime.
  • 1945: Julius Nolden, the former head of the Free Workers’ Union of Germany, was freed from a German prison on arrival of the Allies.
  • 1960: Z. Alexander Looby’s home is bombed, with no injuries. Looby, a Nashville civil rights lawyer, was active in the city’s ongoing sit-in movement for integration of public facilities.
  • 1960: Students in South Korea hold a nationwide pro-democracy protest against president Syngman Rhee, he eventually resigns.
  • 1967: Stokely Carmichael coins the phrase Black Power in a speech in Seattle.
  • 1969: Armed black students take over Willard Straight Hall at Cornell. The University accedes to their demands the following day, promising an Afro-American studies program.
  • 1971: Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) begin 5-day protest in Washington, DC.
  • 1972: Nine days into the Quebec general strike, 13 low-paid hospital workers were jailed 6 months and fined $5000 (about a year’s pay) for ignoring the injunctions to end the strike.
  • 2008: Death of Germaine Tillion. French resistant, ethnologist who was imprisoned in Ravensbrück concentration camp.

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Petition to make Nazi punching an Olympic sport

Petition to make actual political action an Olympic sport. I’m not sad that Nazis are getting punched, but what happens if everyone starts getting violent towards right wingers right now? The right wing media can point at you and say “oh, see those left wingers? They’re violent! If you support left wing/anti nazi movements, you support violence!”. And, I mean, the people who attacked Spencer are the same people who turned the protests on inauguration day violent. Who made the thousands of peaceful protesters look bad and gave right wing media ammunition.

And what I feel like is happening right now is that everyone is happily sharing memes of that guy getting punched, feeling like they have done something political, and nobody actually pays any attention to what Trump does. I’ve seen so many more posts about Spencer getting attacked than I see about actual policy. The air time and the posts that are now spent raving about the people who punched Spencer could be used to critically analyse the actual political situation. To come up with ideas on how to actually push back. To ask the media why Spencer was even given a platform.

What I currently see happening is people (especially those ‘allies’ who won’t be directly affected by Trumps policies as much as others) be like “Oh, millions of people were at the women’s march! Someone punched a Nazi! I will reblog a post about that and then do nothing for the next four years!”

I mean, yeah, writing about punching Nazis is more interesting than dissecting tax law or international agreements. But sometimes it shouldn’t be about short term satisfaction but about long term change.

Jewish Accomplishments (part one)
  • Barnett Rosenberg: Helped discover and develop anticancer drug cisplatin, It helped bring the cure rate from 10% to 85%
  • Marvin Minsky, Herbert Simon, John McCarthy: Pioneers of AI development at MIT. 
  • Benjamin Storra: One of the leading authorities on Algerian history 
  • Louis Goodman, Alfred Gilman, Louis Farber: helped discover the first effective anticancer chemotherapy drug. 
  • José Aboulker: One of the main leaders of anti-Nazi resistance movements in Algeria. He founded a resistance movement in Algiers. After the war, he became a neurosurgeon like a badass. 
  • Isaac Asimov: Biochemist and extremely influential hard scifi writer, best known for the Foundation Series and the Three Laws of Robotics
  • Carl Sagan: where do I even begin tbh
  • Maimonides: Exceptionally influential philosopher and physician. His medical treatises continued to influence generations of physicians. 
  • Baruj Benacerraf:Discovered that dominant autosomal genes determine immune response.
  • Zohra Al Fassiya: First female Moroccan recording artist. Hugely influential in her genres
  • Rosalind Franklin: Discovered the B-form structure of DNA. Also did pioneering work on the molecular structure of viruses. 
  • David and Paul Merage: FOUNDED HOT POCKETS. 
  • Ruby Myers (Sulochana): Bollywood star of the silent film era and one of the highest paid actresses of her time. 
  • Paul M. Zoll: Cardiologist who was a pioneer in the development of pacemakers, heart monitors, and defibrillators. 
  • Rita Levi-Montalcini and Stanley Cohen: Discovered nerve growth factor, a protein that can direct nerve growth when released.