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Tom and I have had our differences, but I believe he wants what’s best for you.. and Agnes. Congratulations, Elizabeth.



From the pilot until this scene, Red has said that Tom is dangerous, that he’s not to be trusted, and that men like him don’t change.

Many times, I’ve written that we take our cues from Red, and TPTB must know that it’s true. I believe that’s the purpose of this line– if not to get us on Team Barf, then at least to warm us to the idea.

I can only think of a few reasons for that. Either #1: All this unveiled foreshadowing of catastrophe for Tom is going to turn out to be some red herring misdirection nonsense, and they’re hoping that we’ll keep watching afterwards, or #2: They’re trying to set it up so that we, along with Red, are actually surprised or affected when Tom is either killed or proven to be what Red had been saying all along, prior to this episode. Or… #3: They want us to believe what Tom said to that man at the very end of the episode, that he’s actually working for Red.

Perhaps a combination of those reasons.

Fortunately, we already know that if a gun is pointed at him, Tom will say ANYTHING to survive the situation.


T: I told myself no more secrets. And I promised you that I would be completely honest, no matter what. Today the Major found me. Gina told him where to find me, and he came into our apartment and tried to kill me. But he’s dead. And I, uh…
L: You killed him?
T: Uh, no. A-actually, Gina did, but that’s a long story. Look, what I want you to know is that it happened because I made it clear that I’m out. I’m done with those people and that life. But there are things that I did, and… and… and I might be done with those things, but I can’t promise you that those things are done with me. And I can’t promise you that it’s not gonna happen… tomorrow or next week or… or five years from now. And I would understand, frankly, if you didn’t want to deal with any of…
L: Stop. It’s me, remember? 

Mfw any eurocentric/white-centric deck uses shaman, or even worse g*psy

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wait so how much do you care about TK?

I do because I have to. HERE’S THE THING THOUGH. In MY opinion, he’s an interesting character!!!!!!!!!?? I k n o w a lot of people liked him better as a villain or antagonist or whatever, but I really don’t mind his redemption arc. At all, actually. Good for him, I guess

But really I just. cannot. take. that he is back with Liz. That’s where I draw the line. Sorry, bro, but that is just…uuh. I watched the entire series this summer in like 5ish months, so this might not entirely be right, but let me try get this straight:


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The most we can do is document all the threats in case bex does go to the authorities

This would be easier to do if they didn’t keep fucking MAKING MORE threats at her for the tumblr notes. (Seriously, that’s their fucking response to all of this).

Read their blogs at your own risk, dear disciple. They’ve gone from “insane fangirl levels of crazy” to “racist anti-semitic extremist levels of crazy”.

They’re making terrorist threats (yes, threats of gun violence are classified as terrorist threats, that’s why all those underaged high schoolers joking about shooting up their school on social media got expelled &/or arrested) towards Bex like gun violence is supposed to be the new hip trending meme.

(Also they’re shameless enough to reblog Pidge’s vlog, which is you know, voiced by Bex.)

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Hi Aly! How would you interpret the ending? I was a little preoccupied while watching the episode and I feel kind of dumb for asking, but was that ending a flashback or foreshadow? And was Red storming in on Tom, about to kill him, shooting him.... what?!?!

First, please don’t feel dumb.  I was immensely preoccupied as well.  Live tweet.  An earlier time slot where the family is still awake while I am watching - you name it.  Thank God for the DVR and eventual bedtimes.  Anyway….

The West Coast is almost done so I’ll tackle this…..I’ll be honest, I had to rewatch the scene a couple of times before I had a solid view of what my current view is.  I also have read the EW and TVLine interviews with JB for what they’re worth which sort of confirmed certain things I was thinking anyway.

My first impression on my first watch was - oh this is Tom’s fear of what could happen.  Then I read that TBL was in fact the Blind Item from TVLine from earlier in the summer about a major character “supposedly” getting whacked in the premiere and I was like OMG I better go back and rewatch the scene.  So I did, a few times.  I’ve watched the gifs.  I re-read the articles.  These are my current thoughts.

I interpret the scene as a “flash forward” (i.e., a scene that we will see in a future episode - probably the fall finale if the TVLine original timeline of two months was correct).  I think the Tom death-thing could go either way (i.e., whether he lives or dies) but I don’t think he dies by Red’s hand.  Red is shooting from the moment he enters the apartment door.  Tom has his hands raised in a non-threatening manner.  My take is that there is a third actor involved.  Red is shooting at someone who is in that apartment who has already bloodied Tom within an inch of his life and not at Tom.  Note the bullet that drops right by Agnes’s toy. Tom brought this down on them all by investigating things he should have left alone (i.e., the suitcase).  Whether Tom actually dies or not will depend on whether the cat has lived his ninth life yet.  I do not think he dies by Red’s hand - and that it’s all a red herring so to speak - because if Red was going to kill Tom, he’d sit him in a chair and execute him.  He wouldn’t bloody Liz’s apartment and drop bullets in there unless there was an immediate imminent threat.  Short of Tom holding Liz at gunpoint again (and remember, Red is shooting before he even pauses to see the scene) I don’t see that happening. 

These are my current thoughts and subject to future revision with all disclaimers.  LOL.  I call it as I see it, I might be right or wrong.  That’s all.  Thank you for the ask :)

So Liz holds Red to higher standards than she holds her fake-ex-husband-non-husband-but-calls-him-her-husband-anyway? It’s almost as if she is trying to use Red’s past misdeeds to hide other feelings…like she’s trying to ignore the misdeeds of Not-Tom so that her fantasy can be true…like her feelings for Red complicate that fantasy so she has to focus on the negative things he’s done because otherwise things could become complicated and she may actually have to face HER ACTUAL FEELINGS


This is Red’s “Yeah I really hate fighting with Lizzy yada yada but mostly I HATE that smarmy little cretin that I should have killed in the first place and would have killed in the first place if tptb wouldn’t interfere in matters they clearly don’t understand but now they won’t let me kill him so I just have to suffer with everyone else” face

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