Anti Naruto Gaiden

The naruto ending was fucking trash and if you legitimately like it then I feel sorry for you for not understanding the actual story, meaning/ lesson naruto taught us. Before you get all butt hurt, this isn’t just about the dumbass ships y'all think is what others are salty about. This is about the horrendous ending that makes no sense at all.
I hate boruto because they’re pushing a sad sob story on an useless rebellious kid that has it all. Aw your daddy can’t play cause he’s the Fucking hokage? :(((( try living your whole childhood alone and hated by everyone kid.
I haven’t watched boruto and I probably never will. This is just a really bad naruto filler episode. It’s really sad that it came to this mess.

Things I’ve noticed:

1. Why was the movie based on the chunnin exams yet the anime they’re back in the academy?
2. Hinata is still irrelevant like always as well as the daughter
3. You don’t awaken byakugan so why did… never mind…
4. 2 whiskers??????
5. Naruto??? A shitty person/ hokage????
6. Orochimaru is still free yet he was the main villain before naruto went to shit?????
8. If Sasuke was the last Uchiha and wanted to maintain and expand his clan, he should’ve had a boy. But they obviously gave him a girl to continue this dumbass shipping that all you ship whores adore which had nothing to do with the anime.
9. So you’re gonna tell me society goes from caveman technology to 2017 New York City technology in like 12 years???
10. If you think minato and kushina parallels with hinata and naruto you’re all kinds of retarded. Even if hinata did parallel with minato (which she definitely doesn’t) kushina said find a girl like “ME” aka Sakura not like your father. Don’t reach.
11. Why did kishimoto do that stupid thing like make Sarada look like Karin and make a fucking novela drama out of it to find out who her real mom was? They’re just milking every fucking titty dry for money.
12. You can’t go to the moon without a space suit.
13. Hinata was never bullied but then they made it up so ppl would feel bad and give her a sob story since the only other person to get bullied as a child other than naruto was Sakura.
14. Naruto learned perfect shadow clones when he was 12 not 6.
15. If you’re jealous over your crush wearing a scarf his dead mother made for him you’re psychotic.

16. Kishimoto admitted that naruto is a battle manga not a romance

I’m tired and I don’t want to keep pointing out the obvious to dumb stubborn people.

Last thing I’ll say though, boruto is a failure of a filler.

Repeat after me:

I will never be ok with the Naruto ending.

How Naruto should have ended

Naruto remained single. He stands on the Hokage monument, overlooking the village. His Hokage cape swishes in the wind, and he smiles as his sky blue gaze washes over his Village. His home.

Sakura stands beside him, clad in a medic’s uniform. She was ready to work - but she wanted to see Naruto on his special day.

Sasuke stands on the other side of Naruto. He is dressed in the Anbu uniform, ready for a mission. He stands with his remaining arm on his hip, smiling fondly at Naruto - his one and only.

“You’re finally here, usuratonkachi.” He says, the wind blowing through his raven hair.

“Is it like you dreamed?” Sakura asks, hands behind her back, smiling broadly.

Naruto hums, glancing to his two teammates - his two best friends, his most important people in his life.

“It’s much more.”

Naruto does not marry - he continues to work and change laws of Konohagakure. Sakura does not marry, but gets engaged to Rock Lee - and works at a children’s clinic. Sasuke does not marry - he continues to go on missions as the captain of the Anbu.

And everyone was happy.

The Naruto Gaiden arc is here and with it the worst plot ever made in any manga adapted to be even more ridiculous anime  by SP so here are 8 silly scenes from first episode of Naruto Gaiden arc.

#1: SP either saving money on animation or they made some of the most questionable editing work ever, one second Boruto is shhing Sarada while standing out on the street and the next he is in the sewer still shhing her.

#2: Naruto and Sakura needing to work out their anger issues

Naruto is such a hypocrite he wants to punish Boruto for something he used to do as a kid and the expression Naruto gives him is like I’m going to fucking murder you little shit. Same as Sakura to Sarada when Sarada questions her about if she is even married to Sasuke.

I’ve seen many try to excuse this as comic relief but it can’t be any further then the truth, Sakura’s actions had real consequences she almost physically hurt her child made her cry and completely went berserk on her,and even her house fell apart just from the amount of force she used on the ground.  Naruto’s actions are almost just as bad, but at least Naruto had a reason to get angry but not to fight his son the way he did he was actually annoyed when he realized he punched a clone of Boruto in the face and not the real one. honestly both Sakura and Naruto looked like they are fighting an enemy and not their own child with those expression and the excessive use of violence.

#3: Uchiha information and Sharingan secrets is free to the public of course the massacre is still covered up, and they were wiped out due to grave misfortune (to have ever lived in the corrupted village of Konoha).

so did Sasuke like write this book or something like how is so much is known here is a mystery including Tobirama’s knowledge on the sharingan. Probably this is how shin knew about Sarada, he just went to the library and got the knowledge that Sasuke has a daughter. 

#4: oh look it’s Sasuke wearing his akatsuki robe right in in their family picture in the living room if Sakura doesn’t want Sarada to know he was a criminal (and it’s supposed to be some big secret) why the hell does she put a picture of him wearing a notorious criminal organization formal wear for everyone to see especially her daughter could probably go to the library and see the origin of the outfit that would raise a lot of questions for her when she realizes what this outfit is,

 #5: Sarada wonders if her father ever wore glasses and she asks because she believes her need for eyeglasses is hereditary.

and then Sakura shows exactly how much she knows about her husband.

Bonus: Sarada asks  when her dad will come home to which Sakura gives a usual evasive answer.

Ouch, good one Sarada, the captain of the anti-ss.

even Sakura knows how badly she was burned and have no more excuses to give.

#6: Look how happy Sakura is

head aches faints a lot, is clearly having a hard time to deal with her life and on top of that owes money.on her house she broke.

#7: the picture reveal is really weird first we see clearly Sasuke is centered inside the picture frame

Then we see Sarada removes the picture in it’s entirety from the broken picture frame

The picture becomes larger then the picture frame and Sasuke is on right side of the picture instead of being centered while it inserts Jugo on the left, it’s a magical picture imbued with special chakra that expands the size of it when it is removed from the picture frame.

the existence of this picture is also quite absurd I mean did Obito say to team Taka guys to celebrate you joining Akatsuki I“m going to keep a memento of this occasion Zetsu go bring my camera,, alright stand right here say moon eye plan.

#8: Why does Sarada think that Karin might be her mother just because she wears the same glasses as her that really doesn’t make much sense just like this plot of Gaiden doesn’t make much sense, and it really makes Sarada look dumber then ChouChou (the anime actually gave a chouchou a better reason to doubt Choji is her father).

and honestly the glasses don’t even look the same ,they look different by color and also by their design so like WTF. 

Gaiden getting an anime adaptation

Another Uchiha Drama Fest

Another Uchiha Villain

Sasuke being an asshole like always

WHo is my UChihA MoMMy?!

Chou Chou’s side story

Literally the only good thing that came out of this chapter. Now where are all those SS fans saying that all Karin cared about Sasuke was his looks??? Even after Sasuke is married with a kid, its clear from her facial expression alone, that while she still loves him, she also moved on with her life, and all she wants even after all this time, is for Sasuke to be happy.

Its kind of funny how Karin, the one character that stayed the exact same since Shippuden, is also the one character that wasn’t ruined because of Gaiden.