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Seriously writers?

Just had a chat with Dave on the tweets (along with a few others) He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t see Tom is destroying the show and thinks James gets a lot of screen time. He thinks there are “other” reasons as to why the show is down in ratings, like blaming other new shows. This is why it is important folks to not watch, record, or download this upcoming garbage that is Blacklist Redemption!!!

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Hello. I recently started to watch TBL and I'm almost done with s4. I found your blog and I have a question: why don't you like Liz and Tom together? Idk how I feel about them yet.

I don’t like Liz and Tom together because I don’t buy his redemption arc, and I feel that their relationship has ruined her character - all for his benefit, not hers.  This is my personal opinion and I fully recognize that others feel differently.  I’m really not trying to start a debate on it, or to influence anyone else’s views, but you asked for my thoughts so here they are.

I rooted for Liz as she slowly uncovered the truth about Tom’s lies and manipulation over the course of S1 and practically cheered out loud when, at the beginning of S2, she got her annulment in Lord Baltimore, had that beautiful scene when she cut her hair, and seemed ready to move on with her life.  That remains one of my favorite episodes for that reason.  I never in a million years would have imagined then that she’d go back to him on bended knee a little over a season later (but a spinoff and a pregnancy have a funny way of changing the world it seems).

I can accept that Tom at some point decided he really did love her, that the whole marriage wasn’t a sham, etc.  The writers have made much of Tom trying to grow emotionally and figure out how to be a “real” person so Liz taking him back benefitted his character, made him more sympathetic, etc.  But the whole thing felt rushed and forced and just not plausible.  He didn’t earn his so-called redemption - it was handed to him in the form of Liz’s seemingly bottomless capacity to forgive.

The bigger issue for me is what happened to Liz during this time?  Liz took him back only after she reached absolute rock bottom in her life.  It started with the ship and the harbormaster, got worse with the shooting of Connolly and her time on the run.  She got back with Tom at a point where she no longer saw herself as as a good person.  She saw herself as a murderer - a criminal just like him who didn’t deserve better.  She found herself suddenly pregnant and wanted more for her daughter - the two parent family she never had.  To me, it felt like she gave up and accepted that she was no better than him so they might as well be in it together because gosh, he really did love her despite her flaws and Agnes deserved two parents.  To me, that’s sad and not something to be celebrated.  Tom brings out the worst - not the best - in Liz.  Jon Bokenkamp referred to the story once as a battle for Liz’s soul and I feel like her remaining with Tom means that the dark side is winning.

I want to be clear that my views on Tom and Liz are not ship-driven.  I would be perfectly happy if Liz stayed single and romantically unattached for the rest of the series if she’d just stand up and end it with him and stand on her own two feet with Agnes.  Because she can do it on her own, and I’d really like to see her rise above the dark forces in her life in the end.

TBL: Retconned Kaplan

There is a subject of contention among The Blacklist fanbase – Kaplan’s ‘turning’ against Red b/c of her affection for Liz (because she was once her nanny). I would like to argue that the whole thing is definitely a retcon.

A very long meta below the jump.

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SAID THE ENTIRE TBL FANBASE (or at least the overwhelming majority)

Me: I’m SOOO EXCITED for 1 hour Blacklist “Special” tonight starting at 9pm!!!

TPTB: You mean 2 hour…

Me:… No… 1 hour.

TPTB:… (Confused silence)


TBL 5x07 Thoughts

This whole episode just proved what I’ve always said… Dembe deserves more screen time and Tom, less.

And, again, who TF is watching Agnes while Liz and Tom are on their rando adventures or having sexy times??? This person probably spends more time with her than each of them does COMBINED!

Also, did you see that look Red gave Liz when she said she married Tom? He was like trying so hard to keep it together. Poor dude. Can’t wait for her to find out he’s not her dad.

Btw, planning to go on a local TV/movie podcast and defend Lizzington this weekend! Here’s to hoping it goes well!

I’m not really bothered by that final scene

I know some people are probably angry right now about Liz and Tom but I’m actually happy because I’m convinced now that he will die. All that lovey dovey crap from the other episode and now this, it’s too much which means I think there’s a reason they’re overdoing it with the Keen2 crap and I think it’s because it’s going to end soon.They don’t do happy on this show, Bokenkamp said himself no one wants to see them playing house so what else are they going to do with his character? He can’t really be a spy anymore, they can’t have a separate spy story going every week and they can’t have them keep playing house because that’s boring, so yes I’m pretty sure he’s going to finally die.

Ihope that wasn’t foreshadowing this week about Agnes. Liz was identifying with that women and we find out her kids are dead because of their father. I also noticed in the flash forward when Red walks in he steps on one of Agnes’s toys. I thought when I saw it that maybe that was a clue that maybe something happens to Agnes and that’s why Red finally kills Tom. I know some people think he’s not shooting Tom and is shooting whoever kills Tom but I also remember the behind the scenes where Liz has a bloody nose. If something happens to her and Agnes because of Tom, Red will kill him and Liz will be ok with it.

I’m head over heels in love with my husband. There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t think about what I would do if something happened to him and I’d be left all alone to care for our two year old child. But I can tell you one thing, I would NEVER abandon my child for ANY reason. Especially revenge. I wanted so bad to like Liz. I was excited to see a stronger yet vulnerable Liz emerge from the ashes of what was TBL, but clearly, common sense just doesn’t exist on this show anymore, even with the demise of TK. I honestly don’t believe Liz can be fixed if this is the first thing they have her do post TK.

Ryan's interview is actually pretty damning

I read it and it looks like tom and liz are not breaking up anytime soon and a lot are now thinking that keen2 are and will be endgame are included in the endgame. The only hope i have for this not to be true is that tom was an expendable character at one point he was originally intended to die and be a bad guy at that. That in turn makes me believe that keen2 is not a part of the endgame it’s just an obstacle in the way. Ryan spoke about tom and liz sharing a child and that bond as well and a relationship. So apparently tom has no reason to believe that agnes is not his and it looks like no matter the timeline that does not match or lizs odd behavior while she was pregnant and recently as well with the suspicious scene onscreen when tom was telling liz he wanted to find out about his past but there was another question he wanted to ask and liz looked suspiciously nervous at that question then he joked about sleeping on the couch and the odvious relieved sigh she expressed when she smiled i guess they are ignoring that completely. But i digress apparently not only are tptb forcing keen2 on us but also officially keen3 also because the possibility of agnes not being his is not questioned at all with the acception of JB sort of questioning it in one of his infamous interviews. I think some lizzington were the only ones that questioned it to start with anyway. I refuse to believe that tptb and nbc are stupid enough to set aside red and put him in the platonic corner for an abuser and his victim to be together and if they are well they are fucking ignorant. LONG LIVE LIZZINGTON no words can describe how much i hate keen2.

They’re really heavily implying

Two things from the last episode that I’ve been saying for awhile

Agnes will get hurt

And Liz will kill Tom (or at least fire two rounds and have an intent to kill him only to be stopped by Red)

Things I’m also predicting that haven’t been heavily implied but have some foreshadowing:

Agnes will have blood complications and will have B- blood. Which means she got her B- blood from Red because he is Liz’s Dad OR maybe the “crazy” theory Agnes is Ressler’s is true because he also has B- blood. Liz may not remember because of the memory alteration. I had all but given up on this idea but after the cases especially the princess with the B- blood in the Endling. It had me wondering again. Agnes still has light hair and I’m still sideeyeing it!

Liz has been spying on Tom the whole time. I’ve wondered if she has been but was never fully convinced (still not) but after this episode I’m wondering since the case woman explained how long she spied on her husband. So I’m wondering if Liz could have known Tom was involved before Red simply from spying. I can’t really see how the case would inspire her to hurry and marry Tom otherwise. I think she’s up to something - it seemed a little forced when a few eps she evaded it. So we shall see- I would be shocked at this one but also not too entirely surprised tbh because of hinting in this case. She HAD to have been reminded of Tom. I’m pulling for this but I’m not entirely convinced the writers and producers love Liz enough to do this. Unless Megan Boone pulled for this and got her wish. But I seriously hope this happens because it would be a huge plot twist. And can explain irregular behavior.
Everyone fire up your Twitter!!

First off please read @irish-buzzsaw AMAZING take on abuse and the blacklist. One of the Brandon’s has seen it. Once is not enough - please get on the horn and ensure that its not just one voice that is concerned about abuse - it’s all of us!! All ships!!

I’ve tweeted it to the Brandon’s and JB and David and Katy.

We need to get on the horn and show these guys how important this is. One person tweeting this out is not enough!! Let’s show them we are serious!!!

That abuse is unacceptable. I can not stress how important this is everyone! Tweet this link out to the writers! If we want changes - NOW is the time, before they start writing the new season!!!

Also please reblog the crap out of either this post or the original post!!

Eventually, the character evolved to a point where it made sense for him to leave. After all, explains Eisendrath, “It’s super-hard because he has a kid now and a woman who he’s actually at a good place in his relationship with — that’s good drama.” And it’s that personal story that drives the show.  Tom and Liz are split apart physically, but not emotionally, Bokenkamp stresses. “For me, the fact that he’s a dad and not a single dad, the fact that he has a real commitment and a desire to be a father is a very important dimension of who he is,” he says. That willingness to put in the work of being a father is an important point for Bokenkamp: “It centers the show that, ultimately, with all the bells and whistles that it’s going to have, is really about family.”

So great for Tom - he gets to have it all - but how is any of this good for Liz? Split apart physically but not emotionally?  Going to tag this as anti for the sake of those that block tags.

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