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Arrow 6x10 “Divided” Review: Things I Wish I Could Drag Into Hell To Watch Them Burn

I didn’t think season six would induce in me season five levels of rage, but it has. I didn’t think it could get any more ridiculous than the foolishness of the mid-season finale, “Irreconcilable Differences.” But Arrow has proven me wrong in one of the worst episodes of the series and the worst thus far of s6–well, as long as we aren’t counting those pointless Deathstroke episodes, then it’s a three way tie—and at the rate this is going, it doesn’t look like it’s getting any better from here.

Do you remember when Arrow used to have falling outs with the characters and it made sense? It served a semblance of a purpose. It used to be if there was a Team Arrow falling it out it was about Oliver learning a lesson. Everything is supposed to be about his journey—this is, after all, his show—and the plot was supposed to be pushing him towards becoming a better person and a better hero. When Oliver and Diggle had a falling out in season one it was about Diggle feeling taken advantage of and forsaken for the “almighty La*rel.” In season three, the worst falling out between them, Oliver betrayed his friend by going after his family. It took time and Oliver working to earn Diggle’s forgiveness for that rip to mended. But Oliver at least acknowledged that he had done a grievous wrong. And Diggle was rightfully angry at Oliver for his actions. Diggle wasn’t wrong when he told Oliver that forgiveness is a big part of being a team. Each member of OTA has made mistakes and they’ve apologized for them and sought to be better.

That is absolutely not even the case with this ridiculous storyline that divides OTA and the Newbies.

Under no situation are they to be referred to as New Team Arrow to me. The acronym NTA doesn’t even make any sense with this definition. It is literally impossible for them to be a New Team Arrow if there is no Arrow on their team. They don’t even have a copycat archer. So NTA really means No Team Arrow; and I find I like Newbies anyway. It’s just the right level of insulting. Which suits them.

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Things I Wish I Could Drag Into Hell To Watch Them Burn:

The Circus Escapees: Wild Pup, Black Carnage and Bobo The Circus Clown—so named because all he does is juggle balls. And poorly. 

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I genuinely felt murderous at points watching this episode. I can feel my blood pressure spiking as I recall the audacity of these little upstarts to behave in this way. They were petulant, entitled, hypocritical children. And I realize I’m insulting most children. 

Nothing that these characters did made a lick of sense. And the more they dug their heels in, the more unlikeable they became. Which, honestly, when you think about how much I already disliked them, is really saying a lot. 

Rene pleads with Curtis to hack into the DA to erase evidence of him being Wild Pup because he feels bad about the way things went down with Oliver. Curtis, however, doesn’t really see the harm in what Rene did. It doesn’t matter than Rene’s testimony could very well have put Curtis in jail, but we know it would have put Oliver in jail and destroyed his family and left his son an orphan (this was pre-Olicity marriage). None of this seems to matter to Curtis; he feels Rene was doing the honorable thing for his daughter.

Look, this episode had me sympathizing on behalf of MySon. Some things are unforgivable. 

Yet, each time Rene was confronted with OTA members, his remorse left the building. He acted like a douche canoe. I began to imagine his decapitation. I wonder if it’d be possible for Roy to come back and literally drag Rene around Star City a few thousand times. That would be forty-two minutes of perfect entertainment. Hey—maybe we can get two birds and one stone? Roy can parkour off Rene’s head at the end and knock his head off. And then we’d never, ever have to hear the pup bark again.

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Dinah in the meantime is having a renaissance of her love affair with her ex-boyfriend, Vincent. It meets exactly -100% of my interest. Anyway, she’s going on dates with a man who is a known killer and has attempted to kill her former teammates as the Vigilante. But again, none of that matters. Dinah feels no loyalty at all towards Oliver, who prevented her from going down the same dark path as Vincent and gave her life purpose again. (Even when so many of us didn’t want him to and rather wish she’d been left off screen.) (We were right, be tee dubs.)

Curtis’s stance is rather poorly formed. I have the feeling that he is bitter that he ended up getting a divorce. (And that OTA doesn’t consider him one of them.) But again, that’s Curtis blaming OTA for his problems. He blackmailed his way onto the team and he’s the one that chose being a vigilante over being a husband. Paul made it clear he didn’t want to be married to a vigilante.

Curtis still seems bent out of shape over the surveillance OTA did on the newbies upon learning they’d been sold out. If Felicity doesn’t beat his stupid ass down with words “Nanite Pancakes,” I’m going to scream. Not to mention, I really don’t understand what exactly the Newbies expected from OTA. They were given intel that they had been sold out—verified intel but they needed to know the identity of the rat. Did they expect OTA to use a Ouija board to figure out the betrayer?! They use advanced technology all the time to monitor criminal activity. So do you a) go with a board game or b) go with the successful tools you have on hand to get the job done? 

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So basically

Tina is working with the police, helping Quentin with his addiction, has blonde hair this season, is dressing more casual chic - wearing lighter clothes and is the new “black canary” on team arrow!

Basically, she’s Laurel!

All that because Marc can’t accept the fact that killing Laurel was a huge mistake? So he needs to do all these loops just to prevent Laurel to be resurrected, like 80% of this cast?

Talk about EGO.
That’s why you should never underestimate your audience.

Unbreakable Bond: Arrow 6x15 Review (Doppelgangers)

Rooooooooy. Colton Haynes is back and everything is sunshine!

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 Let’s dig in….

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Arrow 6x02 “ Tribute” Review: Case of Been There, Done That

We are two episodes in and we’ve reached our first filler episode. This one was a tad bleh. I wasn’t very whelmed, so to speak. There were some positive parts but they all seemed to be connected to things that I’m not crazy about. Such is Arrow anymore; have to take the bad with the good. For me, this episode was meh because I feel like we have been here before.  


He was being a wiseass to the press at the start of the episode. I must say that all the screeners who flipped out over the Bruce Wayne mention really need to get lives. That is not singularly the most shocking, show-changing and whatever hyperbolic bull they espoused over the name drop. I think the most show-changing event in the history of Arrow was bringing on Felicity Smoak. She changed absolutely everything. But that’s just me.

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He’s in a game of cat and mouse with the new character, Agent Watson. (I think the first name was Samanda? But I might be wrong.)  She’s not buying his deflections one bit and is determined to prove he is a vigilante. He’s also in a cat and mouse game with Anatoly—who knows Oliver’s weaknesses and exploits them.

But mostly Oliver’s storyline this episode was wrapped up in William. 

I will be honest that the kid had a couple of improved—not great—scenes in this episode. They also were a bit better in how they wrote him; he wasn’t a sniveling 5 yr old. He was acting like a middle schooler. I still think he’s supposed to be about 10; not 12. But that’s my obsession with timeline accuracy. I’m a stickler for it in my own work so it bugs me when others don’t do the same. :D 


Oliver + William 

This is still not my favorite storyline. And what’s the point in having a show about Oliver Queen being the Green Arrow if he isn’t the Green Arrow? I’ll forever dislike William simply because I don’t like the storyline that introduced him. It was sloppy and unnecessary and I’m resentful. It spun a lot of things out of control and was one contributing factor into why season 5 was so damn awful. 

But this is where part of my frustration comes in with this episode and storyline choice: This is just the same story we’ve already been through but now it’s under the guise of Oliver being a dad. Oliver can’t be Green Arrow because of X.

In William’s scene where he says, “That’s not up to you,” he was right. And as much as I wish he’d go away, the kid was understandably afraid of being orphaned. Though, I doubt he’d really be alone. I’m not even talking about Oliver’s found family taking in William. Everyone seems to have magically forgotten Samantha’s parents from last week. In all likelihood he’s probably much closer to his grandparents than he is to Oliver right now. He and Oliver have begun tentative steps to building a relationship between them—something I suspect William is hesitant about because he’s afraid to let Oliver in just to lose him. William did just tragically lose his mother. 

The only redeeming part of this repetitive storyline is that it’s hard to blame it on Oliver’s own stubborn stupidity. He’s not choosing the mask over being in a relationship; he’s not questioning his ability to lead in the light and the dark. Oliver clearly was trying to balance life as a mayor, father and vigilante. He’s not the one who couldn’t handle it, but William. 

I can’t even be mad at Oliver for choosing his kid over being a vigilante. That’s not even close to the worse decision he’s ever made. And it’s selfless; an act of true parenthood from him because being the Green Arrow means something to Oliver. It’s an act of redemption for his sins. It’s a point of purpose. But he’s sacrificing that for the benefit of his son. Again, not an ignoble idea.

Except that we all know that he is going to be the Green Arrow again and that’s why it feels tired. The difference is that he’ll likely hood up again with William’s encouragement. But the summary of this story is that once again Oliver believes he has to choose between being the Green Arrow and being Oliver Queen. 

Why does this sound so familiar…? 

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from what i've seen, i actually do like juliana harkavy's character, but i wish they would just take her and make her and different character. i think she is a really good addition to the show, just now as BC

I can’t get behind her. I’m sorry. Laurel wasn’t allowed to have a metahuman canary cry, but Dinah Drake is. Laurel wasn’t allowed to be called ‘Dinah’ because the name was ‘too old’ but Dinah Drake is. Laurel wasn’t allowed to be an expert fighter and had to prove herself, but Dinah Drake doesn’t and is introduced as an expert fighter right off the bat. 

And then you have the fact that Laurel was killed off “because there were no more stories to tell” but then they go ahead and introduce another Black Canary? And on top of that, they basically did article after article, interview after interview, saying that “of course you can kill the Black Canary off, this show is about Green Arrow and you don’t need her to tell that story” but then they retcon all this shit just to bring in a one-dimensional, one-note “lol I’m a badass” Black Canary? It’s total bullshit. The whole thing reeks. 

And Dinah is getting all this praise from a certain fandom who said Laurel was useless because she was “just in the background” and “just another suit” but this chick is a literal background character who’s only presence is to be in a suit and fight with the others. I really hope the writers hook her up with Oliver so all these fake fans claiming she’s the “best black canary” show their true colours — we all know they only like her because she replaced Laurel, and they’d be shitting bricks the second they pair her up with Green Arrow. 

It reminds me of all the people were saying how much they loved Black Siren because she’s evil, and now that Black Siren is a regular for next season and they’re worried about a redemption arc, they’re all “ugh she’s the worst, though.” 

But anyway, I can’t get behind Dinah Drake. I can’t get behind the idea of replacing one character, and retconning another. And I understand how bitter I sound, but that’s just how I feel and where I’m at with this whole thing. I think its lazy writing. I think its disrespectful. And I think its pointless. If Black Canary was so fucking unnecessary for a Green Arrow show that they could kill her off, then why the fuck introduce a half-assed replacement? It pisses me off. 

Arrow 6x01 “Fallout” Review: A Plague of Birds

Well, we are actually in season 6 people. It’s a bit hard to believe because I wasn’t sure we’d survive season 5. The viewers were the real victims of s5 not the people on the island. Tragic but true. No one suffered the way that we did. It’s kind of hard for me to process that I joined this fandom three years ago and started writing reviews at the end of the season. 

In general the episode was okay. It certainly wasn’t as bad as last year’s premiere—but again the bar was low. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have some notes for improvement. I gots me a list of likes and dislikes.

Promo Bull

I would formally like to say that the promotions team on this show absolutely sucks at their job. We spent all hiatus under this “Who Lived Who Died” secrecy which meant that they couldn’t talk about characters. Except for those confirmed who I don’t care about—Birds. 

I do not like the Birds. Any of the Birds. And trust me I have plenty of feathers to pluck about the birds but that’ll be later on. 

Then we had Oliver and William. I do not like William. I know he’s a kid but I cannot hold back any longer—I cannot care about William not just because the writing hasn’t been there. I actually hate that they picked this actor. I don’t know why they couldn’t have recast. They’ve done it before with Sara. This kid is just bad. That’s the long and the short of it. I’ve seen more emoting from a dried up pen than this kid. The writing also doesn’t help him, I will admit. But there are some talented kid actors out there. You just couldn’t tell based on Arrow. I hope that if he intends to pursue this seriously as a career that he takes some lessons. Maybe in time he’ll get better; it’s also hard because the writers haven’t given him much to work with.

But Birds and William are the only thing they have been promoting during the hiatus because everything else was a “mystery.”

So imagine my utter frustration when in the first five minutes it’s confirmed that OTA survived. If they were going to do that big reveal that early I see absolutely no reason why they couldn’t have been included in the promos for the season. And the entire cliffhanger from last season was a stupid, stupid idea to begin with because there was zero tension about who lived or died in the finale and they failed to cash in on it during promos or the premiere. It was ignored.

They completely erased that cliffhanger in this episode—and not by resolving it but by just pretending it didn’t happen. Lazy.  

Lance Family 

Look, I like Lance. I think that Paul Blackthorne is one heck of an actor. And he does trauma like it’s nobody’s business. But I’m over it. We are literally back where we were almost every single season—last season especially—with this character. His struggle with sobriety. His agony over one or both of his daughters.

What makes me so freaking done with this is because it’s about Black Siren. Quentin says she is his daughter—doppelgänger be damned. 

Look, Q, if Earth 2 Lance could pop up I bet he’d argue with you over who gets paternal rights. (Or maybe not. Maybe he’d give her away. Can’t blame him.) 

I hate this doppelgänger bull crap on this show. Even worse that they did it with Laurel because frankly this is the third—yes third—version of Laurel on this show and I’m so done with it I’m a deep fried Thanksgiving Turkey that caught on fire. 

Sad to say but at this point, I kinda wish Lance had died on the island. And it would honestly free Paul up from this ridiculous monotony. All he does is drink, struggle not to drink, and cry over his daughters and his guilt about said dead daughters. Wash, rinse, repeat. 

A Plague of Birds 

I did not start to watch this show so that I could earn a degree in ornithology. I feel like I’m going to get an honorary one anyway. I also feel like surviving this nightmare should get me automatic sainthood or a really cool corner in heaven. A new car. Debt free. Something. 

Black Sewage (Thanks Twitter for this gem over hiatus)

Okay so she’s terrible still. And I don’t mean like evil. I mean, she’s truly horrendous. They’ve somehow managed to give Katie a chance to showcase her entire lack of acting skill. 

All she did was strut around with this stupid smirk on her face. Though there was no arm crossing so I don’t know if that’s an improvement or not. She looked so ridiculous that I was embarrassed for her because you know she thinks she looks good doing this. 

“Bad/Evil Laurel”—as she was referred to in the episode and further proof that they really have too many Laurels that they have to differentiate this way—even understands that Quentin is not her father. I’m not saying that there wouldn’t be some kind of pull towards each other—they do wear the faces of each other’s loved ones. But I’m so sick of this show confusing the issue here. It’s not helping the boys of Rattit either.

Anyway, if this is their idea of a villain they have some studying to do. Black Siren is not a villain. She’s the sidekick of villains. 

Black Carnage

So I’m about to go off. And some of you may not like it. But I don’t care. It needs to be said. This part of the review is the only reason I felt compelled to write one to begin with.

I hated this bitch in this episode. She walked around with a goddamn chip on her shoulder and a holier-than-thou attitude and I wanted to take her staff and beat her to death it. 

First of all, who is she to make the decision to lie to the captains of Team Arrow? She’s a lackey just as much as her squawking counterpart. She is not a leader despite her delusions of grandeur otherwise in 6x01. Also, the judgement in her tone when she said that she told Quentin to lie about Black Siren being dead so he wouldn’t have to tell them the truth—as if she expected them to judge him harshly for shooting Black Siren—miss me with that. 

She’s Team B at best and this attitude change in her was not becoming. Last season I wasn’t a fan of her but I could pretend she wasn’t there; I could just ignore her in her scenes and I was fine. Bitter but fine. 

I straight up wanted to do physical damage to this broad this time. I thought she acted like an asshole. When Felicity and Curtis were talking on the comms and she said, “How about we focus?” Like she was scolding children? To talk to my daughter that way?! 

She does not get to act like she is in charge or give orders or take the comm control from anyone who is Felicity, Diggle or Oliver. Take all the seats Pigeon Head.

Before I mentioned that there are too many versions of Laurel on this show and Dinah is one of them. They gave her the same name Dinah; the same power; and now she is the one that Lance leans on in his struggle for sobriety. They are literally turning her into another Laurel Lance across the board. She can be the third Lance sister absolutely no one asked for.

And here is where I’m about to make some of you uncomfortable. 

Remember in season 2 and Caity joined as Sara? People weren’t thrilled with the way it felt like she was taking over the team and splitting up OTA. People very much wanted her to stay in her lane because this was Team Arrow and not Team Canary. She touched Felicity’s computer and it was a violation. I’m not even talking about the ‘ship issues of Oliver and Sara being together and not Olicity. Not the issue.

Yet here Dinah is and she’s taking control. She’s scolding Felicity. And now there is this creepy ass shit they are starting with her and Diggle. I have zero idea why they did those two scenes the way they did. It was uncomfortable. It needs to end right TF now.

My Diggle does not cheat. So if they are going to push this Black Canary/Spartan thing on us that means that they’ll have to kill Lyla off and I am going to be a infuriated. Because they did it for no other reason than to open this door; and now we have another child whose mother was killed just to make a story possible this season. 

However, if they don’t kill Lyla off and they don’t pursue this Black Canary/Spartan thing, I’m still uncomfortable with these scenes. Because his best friends aren’t the ones confronting John and trying to help him with whatever he is going through. Felicity might not be able to know but Oliver could certainly tell about the missed shots or the no shots taken; but Felicity would absolutely have been the one to ask John if there was something going on with him. 

Dinah took away moments that otherwise would have belonged to my OTA. In case anyone forgot I am a very pro OTA blog—that means I love the whole and the parts equally. This is not just for show like some haters claim Olicity fans do. I have been missing Delicity scenes something fierce and I want those back. 

Remember when Laurel comforted John and people said it wasn’t her place? That it didn’t make any sense because they barely knew each other? Remember when people didn’t like Diggle being sidelined for Laurel’s Black Canary arc in season 3? Remember when they didn’t like it when it seemed like Laurel was trying to take over the team? 

This is my issue. People who cheer for Dinah Drake. People who stan this character who hasn’t done a damn thing worth stanning yet. People who praise her or excuse her behavior or pretend the things she’s doing are not the same things they dragged Sara/Caity and Laurel/Katie for before. 

This gif is rather fitting so I’mma let Laurel take it for once: 

Begin as you mean to proceed and if that is the case than I am not going to like Dinah this season at all. We are gonna have problems. And I will take her feathered ass to task each and every time I see fit. I did it with the other canaries—Laurel, Sara, Evelyn—and I’ll do it with this one too. 


Not a ton of Felicity in this episode. She did look stunning—and her hair and makeup during the graduation was simply breathtaking. 

But in terms of a storyline, we got zero seeds for Felicity yet. But we did with Diggle. Any experienced viewer knows that those two are often a trade-off scenario (stupidly). I was annoyed, but not terribly so, that there wasn’t much for Felicity in this episode. With a cast this (unnecessarily) large, they have to stagger out how they focus on characters. Naturally, I’m always going to want Felicity, Diggle and Oliver to be up front and center. But as a writer thinking pragmatically I know it can’t be done now with this many characters. Though I do long for seasons 1-2 for that feeling—though, Felicity didn’t get much story back then either.

Also, I know from experience that the writers rarely let the Big Three have parallel running arcs. If there was something strongly Diggle, Felicity tended to go into the background. Vice versa. That’s just how these writers work. I’m not sure how long they will be taking on Diggle’s storyline. I’m willing to give them a few episodes for Felicity. But I expect to see something by 6x07. Because 6x08 is the crossover and then you have the mid-season finale. 6x09 by the absolute latest. They wasted Felicity—a genius with an IQ of 170 and degrees from MIT—last year by giving her absolutely nothing to do outside of being in the lair and Billy Goat. And Billy Goat wasn’t even about her; he was really there for Oliver. 

They’ve always struggled to give her agency. And frankly, the scene where she was revealed to have lived by arriving at the Bunker with Big Belly Burger for the guys—it was a tad reminiscent of season 2 when she refused to get Oliver his coffee because she wasn’t really a secretary. I don’t want her only job to be the Bunker Mother Hen. She’s brilliant; let that shine. 

I want Smoak Enterprises. Maybe that won’t come until towards the end of the season. But she better get some storylines—like with Michael Emerson’s character, who I think we all assume is the one she freed for Alena (the name escapes me right now). At least give her a foil to fight against. But her brilliance better take center stage. Felicity had a revelation in season 4 and they’ve slept on it—she wants to do good in this world not just as a vigilante but as a regular person. That was her goal with Palmer Tech. 

Anyway, I’m hoping that when Felicity’s Island Flashback reveal happens is when we will get more of her. We were spoiled for Smoak Enterprises and they better not fail us on that.

Though the reveal of her being alive by carrying in Big Belly Burger was lame. They were clearly playing at Curtis being the “smart friend” because Felicity was MIA—possibly because she was dead. They did that just to reveal her one minute later. Weak. They could’ve just had her on the comms because the reason why she wasn’t was just pathetic: Her mother was in Star City—for reasons not explored—and Felicity had to push her on the plane. And then she showed up with food. I hope next week has more Felicity.


I liked the way they handled Olicity in this episode. It makes sense that Felicity would be cautious about pushing into the William and Oliver dynamic right now. Not because she doesn’t like William (I wouldn’t blame her though) but because it’s obvious that Oliver is struggling to connect with his son. I think it’s obvious that Felicity cares about William because she thought of him while ordering food so he and Oliver could maybe bond over burgers. She’s trying while not trying to interject herself into a situation that seems so tenuous right now. As annoying as William is, he is dealing with a trauma of watching an island explode that killed his mother. His nightmares and standoffishness are even understandable—though the finger pointing thing was still odd. (So is the Flash backpack.) 

I think Felicity is trying to be respectful and not make it seem like she’s there to replace Samantha. But I do like that Oliver is eager to start to include her. It’s a welcome change from lying and keeping her out of the loop in s4. But I also appreciate that he’s respectful of her hesitancy. I also very much appreciated that Oliver said he would love to talk to Felicity about what’s going on but right now they had to focus on something else instead. It felt implied that he would talk with her once the emergency was taken care of.

The fact that Oliver was going to call Felicity at the end—I liked that. I got the feeling that Oliver and Felicity are communicating a lot better and much more frequently. That was one of the biggest missteps in s5, so I’m glad to see that rectified. Or seemingly so. 

No kissing or anything. But I hope we get that next week. Especially if they are reunited on the island. I need a big reunion moment. Especially when he finds her alive just after finding his sister and believing her dead. 

Also, I think Oliver and Felicity are living in the same building. Just a feeling I had based on the new apartment. I think it was the balcony that made me feel that way. 


They’ve matured Oliver this season. He has both self-awareness and awareness of other people. I don’t know why they decided to stunt this progress before now but it is what it is. It’s here now; at least until they take it away (again). 

I liked how they acknowledged that he still takes on other people’s sins and guilt but it also doesn’t stop him from moving forward. He doesn’t get mired in it. He’s always going to feel a sense of responsibility. It’s what happens when you are a leader. But he doesn’t seem to be punishing himself for other people’s choices. Old Oliver would have berated himself for Quentin lying about Black Siren being dead or for him having to shoot her. 

Other than the final scene with William, I have to say that Oliver as a father was underwhelming. He didn’t appear to be doing much in the way of parenting. Not that I’m eager to see it; but if Oliver as a father is supposed to be a big headliner for this season, he’s under performing in my opinion. That seemed to be falling to Raisa. Gotta wonder what they told her regarding the death of Samantha. But I will say that the final Oliver and William scene wasn’t a bad one. That moment felt more paternal on Oliver’s part than anything else he’s done. That’s parenthood—being there for your kid even when they don’t appreciate it; don’t like you; etc. 

The only way out is through and Oliver is not quitting on his son. Robert didn’t quit on Oliver; it’s why he died so that his son could live. I have been very vocal about my displeasure in this storyline but if they have more moments like that one, it’ll be easier to believe Oliver actually loves MySon.


Clearly he was wounded severely by the explosions. It’s messing with his ability to do his job as Spartan. I just can’t tell if they are going in a psychological angle, a physiological one or a combo of the two. He has that nasty scar on his chest below his shoulder. There is possibly nerve damage causing him to tremble. Psychological reasons could absolutely explain his struggles too. 

I hope that for once the show allows a PTSD storyline to be given focus. And I’d appreciate a storyline for Digg that didn’t end up with him in a jail cell. 

But I am not game to see any bonding between Diggle and Feathers.  


Sigh. Once again Thea is in a coma. Seemingly irreversible at this point.  She appeared dead in that scene where Oliver found her. His reaction by the way was so heartbreaking. I’ve always loved the way that Oliver has loved his sister. If only the writers loved her the same way.

If Thea ends up dying I want it to be known that I will hold the idiot Samantha responsible. She’s the nitwit that ran into the explosions, which for reasons, Thea felt compelled to stop her. Samantha’s stupidity killed her and possibly Thea. Sadly that stupidity survived because William takes right after her. 

I don’t have any idea what the future truly holds for Thea but none of my theories hold any promise for those that like the character.

I wanted more Thea and Felicity scenes. The writers have slighted me. Again. Assholes.


I’m just going to pretend that whole hospital scene didn’t happen. Okay? It was ridiculous. 

The Reveal

We all knew it was coming. I’m not thrilled about it. I actually think unmasking the hero to the city is a crappy idea. Especially before the series finale.  But whatever. 

Random Thoughts

1.       The last time that I felt excited for the end of hiatus was season 4. It’s been a long two years since then. This hiatus didn’t bug me (PR aside) or drag on either. Of course I had plenty of real life stuff to keep me busy. But the fail on the cliffhanger is irritating. For that waste, they should be forced to do a walk of shame.

2.       I am so not used to waiting until 9pm to watch Arrow. That extra wait better be worth it. Hint: Give me lots and lots of nekkid Olicity. Thank you.

3.       Everyone appears to have a new suit now.

4.       I hate that Samantha was killed—awful as she was—just to force Oliver the Dad on us. I was kind of hoping that she’d live and they could keep William off screen as much as possible. Also it’s just another disposable woman in Arrow’s history. Gross.

5.       I fully expect to see Oliver show up on Felicity’s doorstep with Big Belly Burger. It’s a must. I think that they live in the same building and kind of meet up at night after he’s asleep.

6.       Another Dinah thing that bugged me and was so ridiculous—they made her lieutenant?! She was an officer last year. There’s a grade in the middle asswipes, Detective. And they didn’t even have her paired with a Detective as a partner last year as a training thing.

7.       Dinah gets to be a magical Lieutenant so I best be seeing some returns on Felicity’s genius ASAP. Otherwise BULLSHIT.

8.       The villain of the week thing this episode was weak. I still don’t even understand what the whole point was except just to blow things up.

9.       So Rene is now Chief of Staff? They really be giving that job to anybody. I find it so hard to believe that they had no one else remotely qualified for that position on staff.

10.   Though, Rene wasn’t nearly as annoying in this episode as he has been in the past. For one, he seems truly genuine about his daughter this time around. They made it seem like he hadn’t just walked away from her again after the island but just couldn’t get past roadblocks for a new hearing. This was an improvement over his complete abandonment last year.

11.   The Rene and Oliver hug was so awkward. LOL. I liked how Oliver played it.

12.   Exactly no one was shocked by Quentin’s reveal that he killed Siren to save Dinah.

13.   I hate this entire Bird-Off Premise. I wish they’d kill themselves and rid me of a headache.

14.   Buddy, Kiddo, MySon…are we even sure that Oliver knows his son’s name? I mean, I know I like to pretend the kid doesn’t exist but it’s a little awkward coming from his father.

15.   That was a very lame, anti-climactic death of Samantha. Also two years ago, she didn’t want Oliver’s influence on her son and now she wants him to raise him. Based on what exactly?!

16.   Once again the Arrow Bunker is broken into and destroyed. This is such an embarrassing cliché. Seriously, it’s an underground bunker—how does it have such crappy security? Team Flash’s headquarters is a big building in the middle of the city and it doesn’t get broken into nearly as much.

17.   Regarding that stupid Slade scene: Please God can we not go back to that awful “A man cannot live by two names” nonsense? We’ve been there, done that. Over it. Also, Slade is not living a double life so he’s full of hot air.

18.   How the hell is Slade walking around a city that he terrorized a few years ago?

19.   Once again we opened up with Oliver not running. I’m not sure that’s a good thing or not. It wasn’t for last season.

20.   And Bamford’s directing still requires improving.

A/N: Anyway, I know I made a comment at the end of my last season five review that the future of these were up in the air. They still kind of are. I appreciate those that reached out and said they liked my reviews and hoped I continued. But the fact remains my real life is pretty busy and I’m still dealing with health issues and family issues.

So here’s my plan thus: if I can do a review for an episode, I will. But I’m not making a promise to do each episode like I did last year because sometimes it was truly painful to get through them because the episodes were so bad. I’m hoping that s6 is better than s5–the bar is set pretty low so it should be possible. Some may be a lot shorter than normal. I’m winging it this year. Also, I’m cutting out gifs if I can. That was a huge time consuming project. Reaction gifs will likely still be here, because, duh. Lol.

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'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Addresses Idea of Dinah-Oliver romance
In the wake of Arrow introducing a new version of the Black Canary, will The CW’s superseries follow in the footsteps of the comics and pair Black Canary with the Green Arrow? After the shock…

So, this entire article is basically Stephen going on about how Arrow isn’t beholden to the comics. That if they were then we would have missed out on great characters like Felicity, Diggle and even Thea.

Congrats Steve. You win Walter White today.

Originally posted by thatfeelwhenyourotpbecomescanon

I’m just taking this whole thing as a big fat “NO,” which the show more than fully supports with evidence. Has Oliver even looked at Dinah in the last three episodes? Uhh… methinks not.

This was a much firmer response than I was expecting from Stephen. Sure, he gave the obligatory “it could happen” but then waxes poetic about how “because comics” isn’t the reason FOR it to happen. This is pretty much the only reason people can come up with for Din*h and Oliver getting together. In spite of the fact that we already deja’d this vu with L*urel… and Sara. Of course, this ignores that Arrow picked the name of the one comic book BC Oliver Queen does NOT sleep with, D*nah Dr*ke, so the “because comics” argument never made much sense to me. Smeh. Regardless, I never thought Din*h’s intent was to give Oliver a third Canary to bang.  

If your lead is going on and and on about why a coupling won’t happen… chances are extremely high it won’t happen. Everybody ready to move on? Cause I am.

Originally posted by rinshi-chan

Arrow 6x05 “Deathstroke Returns”: But Like Nobody Asked Him To

What’s the opposite of a Glow Up? Because that’s what happened from last week’s glorious 6x04 and this week’s boring—painfully boring—6x05. 

What do you say we make this quick?

Slade Wilson

We haven’t had Flashbacks since the premiere, and I was honestly okay with that—except for wanting to see specific reunions *ahem*OTA*ahem* on the island—so have them brought back for Slade is unpalatable. 

Originally posted by gurl

Moreover, so is the idea that we need to see Slade redeemed. And of course on this show the only way to be redeemed is through children. Kids have an awful lot of moral responsibility on this show. So as horrible as the idea of them thinking we care about Slade’s redemption is how they got us here. 

I don’t know about you but I feel like I could make an excellent addition to Cirque Du Soleil with all the twisting done to accommodate this storyline. So would Felicity—given that they removed her spine in this episode during that Olicity scene. I’m sorry but I just didn’t like that scene at all—especially when it was followed up later on with a complete about face when she talked with Diggle. (More on this below.)

The show seems to have forgotten that Slade Wilson is a villain. Not only did he nearly destroy the city, he almost killed Roy, actually killed Moira, mentally tormented Thea and Oliver, and kidnapped Felicity and threatened to slit her throat. Yes, all of that was under Mirakuru, which is what the show is blaming his dickishness on. But let me refresh the writers memories—because they really seemed to have an issue with that this episode—he nearly killed Thea and Oliver in 3x14 and that was post-Mirakuru. Roy was cured of the Mirakuru and immediately returned to himself. So what’s Slade’s excuse? Besides writer amnesia. Oh and then there is the most recent “goodie”—he abandoned everyone else on the island to save himself. I was so glad that Felicity and Diggle brought that up but I just wish someone had brought that up to Oliver. Oy. 

Oliver’s sudden belief in Slade’s goodness is bewildering. He has done nothing to prove himself. The man held your mother and sister captive and forced you to choose before Moira sacrificed herself. I mean I understood the message and the powerful story choice not to kill Slade in the season 2 finale. But that doesn’t mean that Oliver and Slade need to be buddy-buddy. It’s like Oliver working and trusting Malcolm Merlyn. It’s stupid. Plain stupid. And Slade giving Oliver life advice is beyond rich. The man was more focused on being an agent than a parent and his son saw him kill someone. Like why did he even need to bring his son along for the camping trip? What if it had gone horribly wrong? Reckless and stupid. Then the man was more focused on revenge on Oliver than returning to his son after finally being freed from Lian Yu. Now all of a sudden he’s some guru Oliver listens to? Please. Spare me.

Also, the fact that Slade is meeting with Oliver is his house is great. Given that his son lives there. Remember when Oliver couldn’t tell Felicity about William for his safety? Of the two of them, only one has murdered a member of Oliver’s family. And his name ain’t Felicity. 

Anyway, I don’t really care about this storyline. I was surprised by nada of it. That twist at the end when Joe or Kane Wolfman (how did that name come about is beyond me) was really the head Jackass (I know they are called Jackals but I said what I said) was no twist. More like a flop. 

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Crossing Lines: Arrow 6x14 Review (Collision Course)

Am I supposed to agree with the Newbies at some point? Am I supposed to be more conflicted over this OTA versus Newbies Civil War? Cause I’m not.

Let’s dig in…

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