Jack suddenly stands up and rushes out of the room during a recording. He kicks the chair so hard that it bangs against the desk. The camera twists and falls, and now its facing the door. We can see Jack walking down the hallway. Not walking. Running. The camera cuts out, but not before faint whispers.

Now we are somewhere else in the house. Watching. Observing. We see Jack going from room to room. Clearing them. He looks scared. The camera starts to have little blips and static on the sides of the frame, before its completely taken over by it. Consumed. It’s useless now.

Another camera, different angle. Soon enough this one is taken too. And it keeps happening. We see Jack get more and more panicked as he goes on. His chest is heavy, body shaking.

We have a brief pause. Jack sits down on the floor of a hallway, head in his hands. Sobbing. His hands pass through his hair, tugging and pulling. Then…he looks off to the side and freezes. After a second he scrambles up and bolts in the opposite direction. This camera doesnt cut. Not yet. Blips and glitches again corrupt the cameras view. But a person walking can be made out. They are entirely dark. Save for one bright green glowing eye.

We once again see the camera from the recording room. Jack’s running toward it this time. A brief glance at the camera with red puffy fear filled eyes as he slams the door shut and locks it. He backs into the corner, out of view of the camera. You can hear him. Both of them. One of them is whispering for help desperately. The other is whispering soft threats and promises.

More glitches. The door swings open. A pair of legs are there. You know who’s.

5 solid seconds of black.

Then Jack is being dragged out of the door by his legs, screaming, crying, fighting. He looks at you. You could have helped. Why didn’t you help? You could have stopped this.

His hands are wrenched away by a strength more powerful than his own. He’s dragged out of sight. Screaming echoes down the hallway. It goes on for what feels like forever. And then silence.

Slowly but surely, we hear a new sound. Footsteps. Slow. Loud. Steps. Coming closer.

Then we see the source. Hes standing there now. Looking at you lying on the floor. Like a limp puppet who’s strings have been left behind.

We finally hear his voice. And it’s also the last thing we hear.



Nightmarish Echo

Another commission complete!! 

Thank you for commissioning it @wingsofthefierydragonheart !!

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Originally posted by jack-fluff-iplier

It was rare for one of your friends to take an interest in something you were passionate about.
It was almost non-existent for your friend to sit down and ask about it. Wanting to know why you adored the Youtubers so much, and why you found them so funny.
You almost leapt at the opportunity to introduce them to Jacksepticeye. You started with the simple, one-time videos. Like the ‘Power Hour’ and some of his sillier content.
Slowly working your way into some of his series. And you found your friend absolutely adoring Jack.
Which excited you even more.
And so, the rest of the weekend involved you and your friend lounging around watching Jack’s horror series. You had seen bits and pieces of his “Oulast 2” videos, so it was as much of an adventure for you as it was for your friend.

“I could never play horror games,” Your friend muttered. Curled up with a pillow, their phone being tapped absently as the next episode loaded up. The ad gave you enough time to dash to the kitchen and get food before Jack started his intro

“I think it would be an adventure!” You replied. Plopping back down in your seat as the video started. “But, I would need someone with me. Someone who knows how to handle themselves.”

“So you can do all the screaming?” Your friend asked and you nodded. Not even fazed by their hint at you being a cry-baby.

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Ego Coloring Book Project, Part 2/? !!!
This time, featuring some of @therealjacksepticeye ‘s Egos: Jackieboy Man, Antisepticeye, Chase Brody, and Marvin the Magnificent!! 

********Feel free to print out and color these - but if you want to color and repost them, PLEASE ASK FOR PERMISSION FIRST! Also, Always give me proper credit for the line art. *************

Also, please don’t remove the watermark. 

Otherwise, Enjoy! Hope you have fun~ :D