I hate linguistic anthropology. Why? One of the most influential experiments in linguistic anthropology involved teaching a chimp asl. One of the most influential linguistics is named Noam Chomsky. You know what the chimp’s name was?

Nim Chimpsky.

Fucking monkey pun.

And this is in textbooks, in documentaries, everywhere. And everyone just IGNORES THIS GOD AWFUL PUN cause of how important the experiment was. But


I was presenting on australopithecus and paranthropus for my human origins class and i had to talk about the fossils we have for them and how we think evolution occured right? So i’m all like evolution seems to be diet based BUT that could be a bias because most of the fossils we have are craniums and jaws, we literally have an abundance of jaws, and on my slide i had a picture of all the jaws films pop up at that point like a boss after class everyone was like that was hilarious and i was all finger guns like eeeyyyy
And then i went home and my roommate told me anthropologists are weird
Though she also saw me cackling about that joke at 3am when i was making my slides so that may have weighed into her statement

tl;dr i think i’m hilarious and make bad anthropology/shark puns

[Picture: Background — a six piece pie style color split, alternating purple and green. Foreground — a picture of a fox. Top text: “ [Full of carbon, yet still un-dateable] ” Bottom text: “ [Hopes assortative mating patterns will eventually apply to own life] ”]

Submitted by: darksnowfalling, who is fine being single but could not resist the siren call of groan-worthy anthro puns.