“In My World” by Anthrax

Persistence of Time (1990)


In 1942, the British government set up a project to test the effects and uses of Anthrax on living creatures. It was decided that for a number of years, researchers would occupy the small Scottish island of Gruinard, where they would experiment on sheep. The tests concluded what we all know today: Anthrax is one of the deadliest substances known to man. All of the sheep died slowly and painfully. The researchers went back to their lives in the lab and the island was left as a disheveled nuclear waste ground.

The strangest part of this story involves reports of human corpses washing up on Scottish beaches, years after the experiments were halted. It was determined that all of the people had died from Anthrax poisoning, but the government gave no explanation as to why. This disturbing case remains a generally unknown conspiracy theory and really makes you wonder how much power our governments truly hold.

The Signs as Metal Bands

Aries- Megadeth
Taurus- Judas Priest
Gemini- Anthrax
Cancer- Too immature to handle it I honestly got hate mail for the band jfc Leo- Motley Crue
Virgo- Iron Maiden
Libra- Def Leppard
Scorpio- Mayhem
Sagittarius- Black Sabbath
Capricorn- Metallica
Aquarius- Helloween
Pisces- Ronnie James Dio