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4: name a great band you recently discovered clan of xymox and skinny puppy! thanks to lovely @graceful-swan-of-never
16: favourite album artwork? dig me out by sleater-kinney, rid of me by pj harvey, the queen is dead by the smiths, 13 songs by fugazi
18: favourite concept album? oh, i don’t really listen to that kind of things i guess. i’d say the wall by pink floyd even though i’ve heard it only once and don’t like pink floyd in general but i just like the album as a whole
24: favourite songwriter/lyric writer pj harvey, morrissey, richey edwards, damon albarn
25: somebody you absolutely adore as both a musician and a person eddie vedder, pj harvey, jeff buckley, david bowie, richey edwards, nicky wire

thank you!!!


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whats your fave msp album?

the holy bible absolutely!!! it was the first album by them that i heard and i think that musically and lyrically it’s their best album. i pretty much love the albums with richey the most so besides of holy bible, generation terrorists and gold against the soul. i still haven’t heard 4 albums bc i’m so lazy but from the newer ones futurology is really good and i’ve been listening to songs from know your enemy a lot lately