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books for the signs

i chose all of these based on their themes and how they correspond to the qualities of the signs. consider all these recommendations! the quotes i’ve included aren’t reflective of the signs, they’re just lines i like from each of them.

aries: the vagabond by colette // “i have no equals. i have only my fellow wayfarers.”

taurus: i love dick by chris kraus // “knowing you is like knowing jesus. there are billions of us and only one of you so i don’t expect much from you personally. there are no answers in my life. but i’m touched by you and fulfilled just by believing. ”

gemini: some hope by edward st. aubyn // “i don’t know why people get so fixated on happiness, which always eludes them, when there are so many other invigorating experiences available.”

cancer: dandelion wine by ray bradbury // “you’ll find out it’s little things that count more than big ones. a walk on a spring morning is better than an eighty-mile ride, you know why? because it’s full of flavours, full of a lot of things growing.”

leo: goodbye to berlin by christopher isherwood // “you make up romances about people instead of seeing them as they are.”

virgo: walden by henry david thoreau // “if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavours to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

libra: all passion spent by vita sackville-west // “happy! what did that mean? it was a convenient word for those who just want life to be uniformly white or black, for those little people lost in the human jungle who seek to reassure themselves by a formula.”

scorpio: henry and june by anaïs nin //  “do not seek the because - in love there is no because, no reason, no explanation, no solutions.”

sagittarius: the pursuit of love by nancy mitford // “she was filled with a strange, wild, unfamiliar happiness, and knew that this was love.”

capricorn: sister carrie by theodore dreiser // “how true it is that words are but the vague shadows of the volumes we mean. little audible links, they are, chaining together great inaudible feelings and purposes.”

aquarius: the moviegoer by walker percy // “a man must live by his lights and do what little he can as best he can. in this world, goodness is destined to be defeated. but a man must go down fighting. that is the victory.”

pisces: a question of upbringing (#1 in the a dance to the music of time series) by anthony powell // “human relationships flourish and decay, quickly and silently, so that those concerned scarcely know how brittle, or how inflexible, the ties that bind them have become.”

Typed letter signed (“P.G. Wodehouse”), to his fellow novelist Anthony Powell (“Dear Mr Powell”), thanking him for his book parcel received via his step-grandson Edward Cazalet, thanking him for What’s Become of Waring and speaking of his admiration for Powell, his own insecurities about writing and their mutual love of cats, Remsenburg, Long Island, 16 November 1967

Top 10 Sweetest John Moments with Cynthia

Hello there everybody! I decided to do a top 10 list on this page. Specifically, I wanted to do a list that showcased the sweetest moments that John had with Cynthia. Fans of the kind, Hoylake girl, know that she loved John dearly. But it’s sad that many assume John never loved or cared about her. Many of John and Cynthia’s closest friends and families have stated that the two were very much in love. In fact, it was said that John’s softer side would often come out because of Cynthia, and was able to express great levels of tenderness and kindness towards her. Considering how John is often seen as the tough, witty, and sarcastic Beatle, it’s interesting to hear about his vulnerable side. I think the man was far more fragile in nature than we think and many of his moments with Cynthia indicate and express that rare side of him…a side that’s quite appealing and attractive.

So this list will be more than just sweet moments between John and Cynthia, but rather a list that highlight’s John’s acts of love towards his first love. With each entry I’ll post two moments at a time. Today’s entry will be numbers 10 and 9, and tomorrow will be 8 and 7. I’ll try my best to make these entries daily, but don’t be surprised if I skip a day or two (because you know, life and all that jazz). I’ll also be highlighting some honorable mentions, since there were lot’s of sweet moments I wanted to include, but not all could go on the list.

With that said, let the countdown begin!

Number 10: Wedding Surprise for Cyn

In April of 1960, Cynthia’s brother, Anthony Powell, was getting married. John was invited to the wedding, but Cynthia had her concerns about the event. Although she always stated that she loved John just as he was, it made sense that she would feel unsure about John’s behavior at her brothers wedding. After all, such an unlikely pair. He was the rebel boy and she was the good girl next door. But they somehow managed to balance each other out. John gave Cynthia excitement in her life, while she gave him stability. Still, the thought of her family thinking badly of him must have troubled her greatly.

But to her surprise, John came all dressed up, and even wore his glasses (which was a rarity for John back in his early days, because he HATED wearing his glasses, despite the fact that he was blind as a bat without them). Not only did he get himself all cleaned up, but he even mingled with the guest and made a good impression on her family. Cynthia was so thrilled. Unfortunately, the above picture is the only one that can be found of the wedding. But as you can see, Cynthia is standing right next to the bride. And right behind her is John! With his Buddy Holly glasses and that cute haircut of his (that’s Teddy Boy John for ya).

The fact that John decided to get himself all dressed up for this wedding says a lot about his character. He was a tough dude…or at least that’s what he wanted people to think. But it’s clear that he had a soft spot for Cynthia and he wanted to make her happy. If wearing his glasses and being friendly at her brothers wedding was going to make her happy, then by golly, he was going to do it! And it totally payed off. Not only did he please his girl, but he even found a friend in her brother Charlie. It’s wonderful that John considered Cynthia’s feelings and made a big effort to please her and her family. Definitely one sweet moment worth remembering.

Number 9: Appendix Trouble aka John to the Rescue

This is technically more of an embarrassing moment, but it definitely earns a spot on this list either way (which if you don’t know what I’m referring worries, you’ll find out soon enough. Teehee!!). Main reason: this is perhaps the most heroic we ever get to see John act in his entire life (unless there’s another heroic moment in his life that I’m not aware of; message me or comment if you know of one).

About a year into their relationship, Cynthia started having these sudden stomach pains. She had to miss a few days of school, but the pain eventually began to go away…or so she thought. One day John and Cynthia went to see their friend Stuart Stutcliffe at his place. When they got there, they noticed that Stuart wasn’t home. So, being a young and vibrant couple, they decided this was the perfect opportunity to make passionate love! But boy did that backfire tremendously! During this very intimate moment, Cynthia’s stomach pains came back in full blast. John, who was absolutely worried, got her all dressed up, and carried her all the way to the train station. When Cynthia got home, she soon learned that she was suffering from appendicitis. John went to visit her a few days later, and this little scare lead them to make a greater commitment in their relationship.

It’s been stated time and again that John was highly protective of Cynthia. But his protectiveness of her usually came in the form of jealousy, which would often be quite aggresive. But this moment really is the only time (that we know of at least) that John’s protective nature was shown in the form of genuine concern. Seeing Cynthia in pain and doing all that he can to help her is really quite touching. And it’s a good thing that Cynthia made it out ok. Had she waited any longer, she could have risked dying from a burst appendix. John had already lost his mother and uncle…loosing Cynthia so soon into their relationship would have been another unwelcome tragedy in his life. But thankfully John acted quickly, and had he not been there with her that day, who knows what would have happened. So good for you John! You saved the day!

Stay tune for number’s 8 and 7.

Friendship, popularly represented as something simple and straightforward — in contrast with love — is perhaps no less complicated, requiring equally mysterious nourishment; like love, too, bearing also within its embryo inherent seeds of dissolution, something more fundamentally destructive, perhaps, than the mere passing of time…
—  Anthony Powell; A Dance to the Music of Time