This cast is the best.


We think it’s safe to say that Norman Powell is not afraid of Anthony Davis at the rim. Goodness.

“You’re one Person...”

“…you can’t make a difference.”

Oh No!

You’re right!

I mean

It’s not like


Have ever

Made lasting



On the world.

That would be impossible!

Completely Insane!

And unheard of!

Too bad for me…

Friendship, popularly represented as something simple and straightforward — in contrast with love — is perhaps no less complicated, requiring equally mysterious nourishment; like love, too, bearing also within its embryo inherent seeds of dissolution, something more fundamentally destructive, perhaps, than the mere passing of time…
—  Anthony Powell; A Dance to the Music of Time

This is how I see the Gotham cast when they are not playing psychotic villains: a bunch of adorable Care Bears.

This idea was originally brought up by my friend Kate.