Washington: I’m stepping down, I’m not running for president

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Hamilton: *Stares at Washingdad* Say what now?

Alice Maud Mary Arcliffe (1852–1936), as Joan of Arc, Shakespeare Memorial Commemoration, 1889 (from ‘Henry VI’) [1914]

Gilbert Anthony Pownall (1877–1960)

Royal Shakespeare Company Collection

  • Alexander: If you repeat yourself again I'm gonna scream, honestly, please don't read-
  • Samuel: not your interest-
  • Alexander: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!!!!!!!!!!
  • Burr: Alexander, please-

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977)

Directed by George Lucas

Cinematography by Gilbert Taylor

Hamilton Names
  • Hamilton: My name is Alexander Hamilton.
  • Burr: Aaron Burr, sir.
  • Laurens: I'm John Laurens in the place to be!
  • Lafayette:
  • Lafayette: Oui oui, mon ami, je m’appelle...
  • Lafayette: *Takes deep breath*
  • Lafayette: Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette
  • Burr: Screw, Hamilton. YOU, sir, need to talk less.
Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Me: * sees Satisfied animation for the fIRST TIME and loved it, watched the all the Hamilton animation by glacticbun (the reason I discovered Hamilton) *
Me* discovered that I have entered the abyss called Hamilton * * eNTERED THE ABYSS *
Me: * listened to all of the Hamilton soundtrack* * pLAYED IT ALL THE TIME MAKING MY PARENTS ANNOYED *
Me: *“aCCIDENTALLY” MEMORIZED THE SONGS* wELp my baadd * screams inside*
Me: * Wants to see the play money and livES in a different country * Why— *I Cri*


“How am I supposed to stay calm? You–” Either he yelled or he hissed, his eyes coloured anger. Chest tightened, his throat clenched. He was going to be sick.

It wasn’t Anthony’s body count that got him. It wasn’t his dislike for Anthony’s ex that got him. It was that Anthony had Gilbert in his body count. Anthony screwed Mikhail’s uncle. 

His breaths came awfully laboured. Simply to continue his existence. Even if it hurt– Was this the kind of situation it was better to walk away from? In what world would he calmly deal with this? 

“You lied to me.” Was that why Anthony took to such a terse tone to Gilbert. Anything concerning Gilbert came with general disinterest– No, it wasn’t disinterest. It was caution bore from deceit. Deceit. Mikhail’s head spun, his heart in his throat as he looked to Anthony for some kind of excuse to believe.

Latest UFC pound for pound rankings above.


Champion : Demetrious Johnson 
1   John Dodson 
2   Joseph Benavidez 
3   Ian McCall 
4   Jussier Formiga 
5   John Moraga 

Champion : T.J. Dillashaw 
1   Renan Barao 
2   Urijah Faber 
3   Raphael Assuncao 
4   Michael McDonald 
5   Eddie Wineland 

Champion : Jose Aldo 
1   Chad Mendes 
2   Cub Swanson 
3   Frankie Edgar 
4   Ricardo Lamas 
5   Dustin Poirier  

Champion : Anthony Pettis 
1   Gilbert Melendez 
2   Khabib Nurmagomedov 
3   Rafael dos Anjos 
4   Benson Henderson 
5   Donald Cerrone  

Champion : Johny Hendricks 
1   Robbie Lawler 
2   Rory MacDonald 
3   Tyron Woodley 
4   Carlos Condit 
5   Matt Brown  

Champion : Chris Weidman 
1   Anderson Silva 
2   Lyoto Machida 
3   Vitor Belfort 
4   Jacare Souza 
5   Luke Rockhold  

Light Heavyweight
Champion : Jon Jones 
1   Alexander Gustafsson 
2   Daniel Cormier 
3   Glover Teixeira 
4   Rashad Evans 
5   Anthony Johnson 

Champion : Cain Velasquez 
1   Fabricio Werdum 
2   Junior Dos Santos 
3   Travis Browne 
4   Antonio Silva 
5   Josh Barnett  

Women’s Bantamweight
Champion : Ronda Rousey 
1   Cat Zingano 
2   Miesha Tate 
3   Sara McMann 
4   Alexis Davis 
5   Sarah Kaufman