• me: is sad that whizzer died
  • also me: understands and respects the importance of whizzer dying in the play and that it represented what people really went through in the sad times of the aids crisis

tbh i think one of the reasons falsettos is so heartbreaking is because you can’t ignore the reality of it. most of the time, when you see a sad musical/movie/whatever, you can just say “it’s okay, it’s not real” and move on. but you can’t do that with falsettos because the aids crisis is a real thing that happened to real people. and real people went through all the things you just saw. and that’s also what makes it so moving and so important.

heart wrenching lines in falsettos

- “do i love him? no.”
- “how do i start not to love you?”
- “it hurts not to love him, it hurts when love fades”
- “we laugh, we fumble, we take it day by day. what more can i say?”
- “i’m sorry” (more racquetball)
- “let’s be scared together. let’s pretend that nothing is awful. there’s nothing to fear, just stay right here. i love you”
- all of something bad is happening (reprise)
- the ending of you gotta die sometime
- all of what would i do? god that song hurts me
- “we’re a teeny tiny band”
- “lovers live and die fortissimo”

Honestly one of my favourite trends in the Falsettos fandom is the whole:

Me: *long and passionate rant about a character/song/starring person

Cashier/taxi driver/phone operator: please leave

because it implies that we all have no one else to talk to about this amazing goddamn musical which is absolutely correct.