Steve: What took you guys so long? 

Bucky: Oh, we were just chatting. 

Steve: That’s nice. What about?

Tony: We were just comparing notes about how you are in the sack. 

[Tony and Bucky laugh] 

Steve: [uncomfortable] That’s funny. 

Tony: Yeah. 

Sam: [after Tony and Bucky walk to their seats] What if he wasn’t kidding? 

Steve: Doesn’t matter. I’m the king of foreplay. 

If I meet Sebastian Stan
  • me: Can I borrow your phone? I need to call God and tell him I've found his missing angel!
  • Sebastian: [he whisper to the person next to him] can someone call the security....

Some people get grumpy that marvel movies are too silly all the time, YET WHAT DO THEY EXPECT WHEN MARVEL CASTS LITERAL CHILDREN IN ADULT BODIES FOR THE SUPERHERO ROLES?!!

Tom Holland always ends up on a positive note whenever he’s sharing something. He’ll be like “I was wearing the tight spider-man suit and I had to hold my pee for 11 hours and I was really sweaty but it was great! I loved it!” “I got major migraines after being upside for a long time when shooting the Washington monument scene but it was a learning experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! :)” “Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan make fun of me and I cry at night but it’s all fun! Loving life!”


marvel fake subs - [1/?] - tom holland and anthony mackie explain their feud

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