Me, after registering at Wizard World Philly: “Is there a schedule of times for all Sebastian’s photo ops and autograph sessions?" 

Nice lady 1: "Yes, you can find a schedule at Sebastian’s booth inside. It’s in the back on the… left?" 

Nice lady 2: "Yeah it’s on the left, because we moved Mackie to the right to keep them apart." 

Me: "I’m sorry, did you say you have to keep Sebastian and Anthony apart?”

Nice lady 1: “Yes, because they get into trouble if we don’t. They have been silly stringing each other and the staff. We had a volunteer directing people and they both completely covered her head in silly string." 

Me: ”….you’re joking.“ 

Nice ladies 1 & 2, looking slightly disgruntled: "No. We aren’t." 

You guys. The staff of Wizard World Philly have literally been instructed to keep Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie separated. Because they are silly stringing themselves, others and the venue.

crazycatchick4Finally caught up with Anthony Mackie- I asked security to ask him at his booth if he wanted to meet “THE baby”, and he immediately turned around and was like “wait, where’s the baby?” and walked over and reached out to hold her. She of course loved him, and the feeling seemed to be mutual :)

I CAN’T!!!!!! This is the sweetest picture.