The Avengers: The Big Four

Robert Downey Junior: Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man

RDJ originally signed on for three Iron Man movies and one Avenger movie. He then extended his contract to two more Avenger movies, which have yet to be released. Due to the contract battle with Marvel last time, it is unlikely he will seek to return after.

Movies left: 2

Chris Evans: Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America

Evans originally signed for six movies, three Cap movies and three Avenger movies. He has fulfilled two Cap and one Avenger. His brief Thor cameo doesn’t count. He has expressed interest in leaving acting all together after fulfilling these obligations.

Movies left: 3

Chris Hemsworth: Thor

Hemsworth originally signed on for six movies, three Thor and three Avengers. He has fulfilled two Thor movies and one Avenger movies. He has expressed interest in returning to the roll after his contract is up, if the fans want him.

Movies left: 3  (+?)

Mark Ruffalo: Bruce Banner, AKA Hulk

Ruffalo, the latest to the game within these movies, has signed a six movie contract with Marvel, in unspecified movies. He has fulfilled one movie with the Avengers and his cameo in Iron Man 3 doesn’t count. It’s too early in his contract to speculate extending it yet.

Movies left: 5

SHIELD Members

Samuel L. Jackson: Nick Fury

Samuel L. Jackson originally signed a 9 movie contract. The contract itself doesn’t specify which movies, although Jackson has fulfilled seven of his nine. It is widely assumed that Jackson would continue the roll if a new contract was signed, if the price met his favor.

Movies left: 2  (+?)

Scarlett Johansonn: Natasha Romanov, AKA Black Widow

Johansson’s contract is unknown. She has expressed interest in a stand-alone movie, but has not revealed how many pictures she has left on her contract. She has the right as an actress to keep such information secret and frustrate all of us who want to know.

Movies left: Unknown

Jeremy Renner: Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye

Renner’s contract is unknown. His lack of involvement in many Marvel movies has brought a lot of questions about his contract. He is in Avengers 2 for sure. Beyond that, we don’t know.

EDIT: Renner revealed his contract length after the writing of this article. He is signed on for 3 Avenger movies. One these obligations have been filled, with another on the way.

EDIT: Renner has signed on for Captain America: Civil War. It is unclear if this counts as his third “Avengers” movie, but it is unlikely.

Movies left: 2-3

New Avengers

Aaron Taylor Johnson: Pietro Maxinov, AKA Quicksilver

Elizabeth Olsen: Wanda Maxinov, AKA Scarlet Witch

Johnson and Olsen have confirmed that their contracts are for multiple pictures. They have not confirmed how many that includes.

Movies left: Unknown

Paul Bettany: JARVIS and Vision

Bettany has not released his contract information. His contract is incredibly new. As JARVIS, he was paid picture by picture without contract obligation. Now, as Vision, he has signed a contract, but it has not been specified as multiple pictures or not.

Movies left: Unknown

Sebastian Stan: James Buchanan Barnes, AKA Winter Soldier

Stan has signed on for a new nine picture deal. It’s speculated that Captain America will die and Bucky will take over for him, for nine more movies, as occurred in the comics. He has fulfilled two of his nine movie deals with Cap 1 and 2.

Movies left: 7


Don Cheadle: James “Rhodey” Rhodes, AKA War Machine, AKA Iron Patriot

Cheadle’s contract has been described as having “several” movies left on it. If that means two or seven, I don’t know. We know that he is in Age of Ultron, but beyond that we don’t know.

Movies left: “Several”

Anthony Mackie: Sam Wilson, AKA, Falcon

Mackie says, “Definitely, I signed up for as many movies as I could… I signed up for, like, 50 movies.” The exact number is illusive, but it’s definitely multiple pictures.

Movies left: “Like, 50.”

Tom Hiddleston: Loki

Hiddleston signed up for 5 unspecified movies from the very beginning. He has fulfilled three of the five pictures. He is all but confirmed for Thor 3, but I don’t know what the fifth would be.

Movies left: 2

Guardians of the Galaxy

Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, and Dave Bautista signed multi-picture contracts. None of them have specified how many films that incorporates or if there is any differences between the five contracts. There is rumors that Dave Bautista will be in Avengers 3, although unconfirmed.

Movies left: Unknown

Now many people would attempt to use this information to find out who is likely to die in coming movies. This is a flawed approach, but I will say that if we used it, Hawkeye or Jarvision can potentially die very soon. Many people are predicting Hawkeye’s death, so I daresay it’s a little too obvious, but it’s a possibility.

Unforunately, as we get farther away from the established big names, we see less and less hard information. We simply don’t know a couple contracts and we have rough ideas of others. This is what we know for sure. As for the rest, only time will tell.

Captain America will be carrying over a slightly modified version of his AGE OF ULTRON suit, and so far The Winter Soldier will look very much as he did before, long hair and all. Read more at

Avengers: Age of Ultron

“Doesn’t matter what you did, or what you were. If you go out there, you fight. And you fight to kill. Staying here, you’re good. I’ll send your brother to come find you. But if you step out that door, you’re an Avenger.”

*Non-spoiler Review 

The day has finally come. Avengers Age of Ultron is finally here! I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this movie to be here, it’s my most anticipated of the y ear and the trailers have hyped me up for this movie. Maybe too many trailers and teasers, but I’m still excited. If you can’t already tell, I’m a big fan of Marvel, and superheroes in general. I’ve been constantly saying this, but this is my generation’s Star Wars. This movie has a lot to live up to. Not only coming off of the first Avengers movie, but coming off both Cap 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy, two really well received movies of the MCU and I think Marvel knows that. Reviews have been coming in and while some people have been loving it, some haven’t, which had me at a cause for concern. Regardless I made sure to manage my expectations to not be too high, but to still go in excited to see some of my favorite characters together again.

I enjoyed the hell out of this movie. Right from the beginning sequence it just puts you right in the action, with the band back together, and I had such a big smile on my face. The cast is always as fantastic as always and the visuals look great. This is a character-driven film that is filled with fantastic action pieces and great and fun interactions between the characters that were mostly filled with great humor and also good emotional scenes. I also really liked where they took the story as they progress the MCU. Unfortunately the problem with this movie is that because it has a lot to do, the narrative seems cluttered, rushed, and there really isn’t enough time to develop and discuss everything. But with what Whedon and the team had to do with this movie, I think they did it very well, still making it a fun, exciting, and really feeling the comradery between this Avengers team. 

Do I have to tell you about the cast? lol Because I think we all know they are pretty much perfect for their roles. RDJ is always great, but I think Tony is a bit sidelined here, which I think is necessary to make room for everybody else to have some development. That’s not to say that he doesn’t have his moments, because this movie does a good job spreading the screen time, but it nice to see him not be the center of attention. Really the center of attention was Chris Evans as Cap. You really got a sense that this guy is the leader of the Avengers, calling out orders, having so much charisma when giving his pep talk speeches, it just made me want to fight along side him. lol I don’t think Hemsworth’s Thor was given a lot of development here. He was given this weird side plot, but when it came to his comedic dialogue he was great and I will talk about his action later. 

People have been criticizing Natasha’s characterization here, and I don’t understand why. We know her as this badass, strong female character from the previous movies, and suddenly she develops vulnerabilities and it’s considered a bad characterization and the movies before are now ignored? That doesn’t make her suddenly weak, it furthers her development, it makes her character more complex than before, and I will be talking more about this in the spoilers section. With Ruffalo’s Banner I loved that we got to see him more as a scientist and he really nails the burden that is put upon him with the Hulk. I also thought he had great chemistry with Johnasson. The person who steals the show though is Hawkeye. They really gave him his due here because in the first Avengers he sidelined as this mind control puppet, but this movie gave me a whole new respect for Barton. Not only with his great lines of dialogue, but with his development that I will talk about more in the spoilers section, but if I had to sum Renner’s character it would be like your wise, experienced and awesome uncle that you always love to see. 

As for the new characters in this film, I’m only going to briefly talk about Paul Bettany’s Vision here, and more in the spoilers section, but let me just say that he was incredible. Probably one of the best parts about this movie, and I absolutely loved him. As for the twins, I was really looking forward to them. Let me just begin by saying that their accents aren’t necessarily the best thing ever, I do appreciate them trying though. lol When it comes to Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Pietro, he has a difficult job of competing with the X-Men’s Quicksilver, and he really isn’t given a moment to out shine him here, but I will say I really liked him, he has some funny quips and I would’ve loved to seen more development. I have a crush on Elizabeth Olsen. lol I think she is fantastic, and I might be biased here, but she was everything I imagined she would be here. lol I love Scarlet Witch. I loved how she used her powers, I loved her development and I think she owns this role, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for this character in the future. Last, but not least James Spader’s Ultron, when it comes to his performance I think it was pretty damn great, his voice is just pretty much perfect. When it comes to his character I think I was deceived into believing that he was going to be this menacing and unstoppable force when it fact he too makes jokes, is sarcastic while at the same is menacing and trying to destroy the humor race. It wasn’t what I expected it to be, and maybe that’s why I was a bit disappointed, but will probably like it more once I have that second watch.

When it comes to the action and visuals, I just couldn’t stop smiling, it is so much damn fun and they want it to be that way. The visuals look great, the action is well done and when everybody is fighting together, you can’t help, but get chills seeing everybody kick ass, and using teamwork to help each other out. You see others calling out for each other, or incorporating Cap’s shield or Thor’s Hammer with each other, and it’s freaking amazing. Speaking of Mjolnir, this movie uses it a lot here, in and also out of the action which I will talk about more later. 

When it comes to the story and writing, this movie does what Whedon does best and it’s the funny dialogue and humor that build on the chemistry of the cast and characters. When it comes to that it’s fantastic. I also loved where they decided to go with the plot The stakes are bigger and higher, I really warmed up to Banner and Natasha’s relationship, there were just many different elements that I really liked. Emphasis on many. lol The main criticism that I have with this movie is that it feels cluttered, and there are many elements that I also feel are rushed. There isn’t enough time to develop everything that you want to do here, which is not only a problem when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but cinematic universes in general. 

Directing this type of movie is damn hard job, and I don’t know how Whedon decided to go ahead and do another Avengers, because from what I heard these movies are exhausting this guy. Let me just list the things Whedon has to do for this movie. You have to do everything that a conventional movie does, introduce your characters, introduce your plot, have set up, etc. You not only have to follow the rules of the previous movies and you also have to set up the stories for the next movies. You have to introduce new characters, that have to be developed along side the old ones that all have to have balanced and have equal amounts of screen time. You have to write a story and action for all of these characters to circle around and you have to encompass all of that in a 2+ hour movie, not wanting to make it a 3+ hour movie because of the general audience. So I understand the criticisms that people have, and I have some of the same sentiments, but with the fact that I still found myself having a lot of fun, engrossed, and emotionally connected with the movie, I still think Whedon did a great job with what he had to accomplish and these criticism are things to look at for future movies.

What I love about this movie is the feeling of comradery between the team. In the first Avengers you saw them not really getting along with each other, and the last act was where they were finally a team. Throughout this movie, while they do have their conflicts with each other (*cough* Civil War *cough*),  you continually felt that these guys have been with each other for a while, and they have this great team atmosphere, and chemistry through not only their action that I discussed before, but also the times where they aren’t fighting, or when they are just hanging out, or when they are having some time to plan things out. To see all of my favorite characters together, not only just kicking ass, but goofing off and working with each other is a blast and it’s why am I in love with this film. 

Overall, while it’s not as great as the first Avengers,  and not as well made or executed as Winter Soldier as there are things that feel cluttered, uneven and rushed, with not enough development, the things Whedon and the team had to accomplish to further fit into this cinematic universe was very well done, and made for a fun, exciting, character driven superhero movie that I have known to love. The cast is fantastic with the respective roles, the visuals and action are stellar, I loved what they included with the story, the great funny dialogue, and all of this helped create the great chemistry and comradery between this Avengers team that we love. If you a fan of the Marvel films, you’ve probably already seen it, I don’t need to recommend this to you. lol If you aren’t a fan, I don’t think this will change your mind, and if you’re on the fence I would suggest going, it’s a film that requires the theater experience. 8.6/10


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