Anthony Crivello


The cast of Heathers being adorable little shits at their final curtain call on August 4, 2014


“The slick”

This was a pose invented by accident, so to speak. During the first rehearsals in London Michael Crawford’s wig was less oily and slick compared to later wigs. When he removed the fedora during the title song cadenza, his wig acted up and he did an in-character move to smooth it out. 

Gillian Lynne, original choreographer, was watching the rehearsals. She swooned when she saw how sensual the wig smoothing pose looked, and told Michael Crawford to do it again (and again). And so the wig slicking became a part of the choreography, done by every Phantom to come. 

Here’s some legendary photos of it! 

1. Anthony Crivello, Las Vegas. 
2. Jonathan Roxmouth, Johannesburg. 
3. John Owen-Jones, West End. 
4. Dave Willetts, Edinburgh/UK tour. 
5. Michael Craeford, West End* 
6. Brad Little, Singapore/World Tour. 
7. Mark McKerracher, Manchester/UK tour. 
8. John Cudia, US tour. 
9. Scott Davies, West End. 

( * Note also how short his pants and jacket sleeves are. He and designer Maria Bjørnson wanted it this way, so arm and leg movements would be emphasized) 


Phantom Portraits: Master Post

Over the years, I’ve made portraits of some of my favorite Phantom performers. The Portrait series emulate the works of Robert Heindel which I first discovered in the “Complete Phantom of the Opera” book that were both minimalist and expressive at the same time.

1) Franc D’Ambrosio and Lisa Vroman
2) Franc D’Ambrosio
3) Brad Little
4) Anthony Crivello
5) Elizabeth Loyacano
6) Brianne Kelly Morgan
7) Hugh Panaro
8) Brent Barrett
9) Michael Lackey
10) Lisa Vroman

Phantom phans: The actor formerly in the role of Las Vegas POTO is asking fans to show their support of a full concert version of Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian theater, an idea now being *floated* around by TPTB! Please share and reblog this graphic from Anthony Crivello and let your phan friends know!

To quote Anthony directly: “ PHANTOM in CONCERT in VEGAS … Idea is being ‘floated.’ Spread the word. Demand it!”


Erik,Christine and Raoul

My favorite musical trio


Awesome “Phantom” covers from magazines. OK, so Anthony Crivello wins this category - even if I haven’t added the trio photo covers - but it’s a nice selection in general. 

1. “Phantom goes Vegas” (Anthony Crivello - or is this Brent Barrett?
2. “Estrelados dos musicais” (Saulo Vasconcelos) 
3. “Phantastic! Spectacular Phantom hits the strip” (Brent Barrett) 
4. “Fest oder Pest?” (Michael Crawford and Andrew Lloyd Webber) 
5. “20 dirty secrets about NY theater!” (Jennifer Hope Wills and Howard McGillin) 
6. “Behind the Mask” (Anthony Warlow) 
7. “Beyond the curtain with Phantom” (Anthony Crivello) 
8. “Phantom: three chilling, thrilling years” (Anthony Crivello) 
9. “Backstage at Phantom” (Anthony Crivello) 

“The Phantom: Anthony Crivello”

Anthony Crivello was one of the two original Phantoms in Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular. He was a bit of a polarizing figure during the show’s 6 and ½ year run, but I really felt his early work in the role was quite solid. Crivello brought age and pathos to the part which was a breath of fresh air during the time shortly after the film adaptation when “young and sexy” was all the rage. Instead, Crivello’s Phantom was an aging gargoyle with a dangerous edge. It was that flying in the face of what Schumacher had done to the property that helped bring me back into the Phandom and rekindle my passion for the show.

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