Anthony Crivello


Phantom Portraits: Master Post

Over the years, I’ve made portraits of some of my favorite Phantom performers. The Portrait series emulate the works of Robert Heindel which I first discovered in the “Complete Phantom of the Opera” book that were both minimalist and expressive at the same time.

1) Franc D’Ambrosio and Lisa Vroman
2) Franc D’Ambrosio
3) Brad Little
4) Anthony Crivello
5) Elizabeth Loyacano
6) Brianne Kelly Morgan
7) Hugh Panaro
8) Brent Barrett
9) Michael Lackey
10) Lisa Vroman


“The slick”

This was a pose invented by accident, so to speak. During the first rehearsals in London Michael Crawford’s wig was less oily and slick compared to later wigs. When he removed the fedora during the title song cadenza, his wig acted up and he did an in-character move to smooth it out. 

Gillian Lynne, original choreographer, was watching the rehearsals. She swooned when she saw how sensual the wig smoothing pose looked, and told Michael Crawford to do it again (and again). And so the wig slicking became a part of the choreography, done by every Phantom to come. 

Here’s some legendary photos of it! 

1. Anthony Crivello, Las Vegas. 
2. Jonathan Roxmouth, Johannesburg. 
3. John Owen-Jones, West End. 
4. Dave Willetts, Edinburgh/UK tour. 
5. Michael Craeford, West End* 
6. Brad Little, Singapore/World Tour. 
7. Mark McKerracher, Manchester/UK tour. 
8. John Cudia, US tour. 
9. Scott Davies, West End. 

( * Note also how short his pants and jacket sleeves are. He and designer Maria Bjørnson wanted it this way, so arm and leg movements would be emphasized) 


The cast of Heathers being adorable little shits at their final curtain call on August 4, 2014


Andrew Ragone Appreciation Video

An appreciation video for Andrew Ragone, who played a fantastic Raoul in the Las Vegas production. With Anthony Crivello as the Phantom and Kristi Holden as Christine.


TODAY IN THEATRE HISTORY: In 1993, John Kander, Fred Ebb and Terrence McNally work their magic on Kiss of the Spider Woman, based on Manuel Puig’s novel about two men confined in a prison cell. Harold Prince directs Chita Rivera, Brent Carver and Anthony Crivello in the production that lasts 906 performances at the Broadhurst Theatre. It will go on to win seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical

For more on KIss of the Spider Woman, including a look inside the opening night Playbill, visit

The Phantom of the Opera - Title Song
Kristi Holden & Anthony Crivello
The Phantom of the Opera - Title Song

Kristi Holden’s voice is SO clear and wonderful. I saw her live and honestly at the time I was in a “whatever I end up doing"phase where I was considering dropping MT. After seeing the show and how she performed and sounded I got back on broad the "Christine in training” boat! I wish I could see her again!

(This is NOT my recording, I am gong through my computer and deleting everything so don’t ask me for it, I won’t have it anymore! XD)


Anthony Crivello: As Good As You (from Jane Eyre)

This song is great, and kind of hilarious. Captures a lot of Rochester’s sarcasm. Even if this musical is generally all over the place.