Hi guys! It’s been a while. This is the cover art for Poetry of Eternity, a Chinese language Merthur anthology that’s going to print this month. I don’t know if you can tell but this was supposed to be two separate works, I just wasn’t able to finish either before the deadline so… like is anyone really surprised. Maybe later this year I would be able to? Hopefully.

I’d also to rec this gorgeous fic: Dream A Little Dream by TheWiseMansFear. I enjoyed it immensely, especially the dialogue between the characters, and that it had so few hits just really baffled me like ??? (A friend later told me it’s cos of the formatting but I the further I read the less I noticed, I was so engrossed…) It’s really quite brilliant, I promise.


  1. to bite, bite into
  2. to eat, devour, consume
  3. to bite into, take hold of, catch fast
  4. to cut into, wash away
  5. to nip, bite, sting
  6. [figuratively] to bite, sting, pain, hurt

An original illustration artbook dedicated to vampires and werewolves. Artists will get the opportunity to depict such creatures in different ways, from ancient and classic examples in histories to more modern interpretations of the species.

The expected number of artists is around 40. Due to be released in the month of halloween.


Call for Submissions!!

We are looking for trans writers and artists to submit work for our zine about trans embodiment! It can be any work relating to how you define your experience as a queer or trans person. What do these identities mean to you? You will be credited as you wish, even if you wish to remain anonymous! 

You can submit to transembodimentzine@gmail.com or contact us there or through tumblr with any questions! 

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hey, i’ll be back to life soon, but until then i present you this great project you can help to fund and make better and better - a comic anthology ‘klub zin #2′, check out the prizes and artists participating! the photos of prizes will be added with time, they’re still in making, so follow @klubzin to stay updated!

the ‘huh?’ drawing is from my little comic published in ‘klub zin #1′


thanks for your help (○`ε´○)/