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Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland Cookies! 

An order I had last week for cookies inspired by the movie. 6 Cookies: The Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit, the Hatter’s Hat, Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum, The Cheshire Cat and Alice herself! 

Alice and the Queen are my favorites. I just might have to make a papercraft with their designs…


Nerdache Cakes Bakery + Café

Our favorite geeky baker, Ant Roman of Nerdache Cakes, is raising dough to go beyond her virtual presence of the past four years and open a real live bakery and café, a place where you and your nerd-friends can hang out, drink coffee, and talk all things Mario and Kenshin Himura with your mouths full of sweets.

At the very least, watch Ant’s super inspiring Kickstarter video (don’t miss the PuppyCat, Catbug, and Adventure Time cakes in the background).

Best of luck, Ant. We’re going to go and contribute right now.

I just got the following fan-mail message and wanted to share for anyone who wanted another explanation of why people took issue with how I responded to this ask about racism against white people & the Holocaust. Because this message was sent as a fan-mail and not a public ask, I’ve removed the person’s name to respect their privacy.

Again, thanks to those who have reached out to help me better understand the correct way to speak on these issues in the future.

I really like you, but by saying “Acknowledging that there isn’t a social structure that oppresses white people IN AMERICA does not deny the existence of anti-semitism or the Holocaust” you basically indicated that Jews and Rroma who were affected by the Holocaust and modern-day anti-semitism and anti-romanism in Europe were or are white. You denied the existence of those structures specifically in the US, while the Holocaust took place in Europe. The subtext makes it sound like “social structure[s] that oppress white people” do exist in Europe, or you would have denied their existence wholesale— and therefore the Jews and Rroma who have been killed, were oppressed by those structures which exist in Europe but not the US. 

But the Holocaust, and much of anti-semitism and anti-romanism in both Europe and the US, is predicated on the idea of Jews as a racial fifth column and Rroma as racial outsiders. This idea affects members of those communities who can pass as white as well as those who don’t. 

And basically, what I’m saying is that I wish you’d told the asker that the Holocaust was based on the ideology of white supremacy, and therefore the two ethnic communities that were actively targeted probably were not considered white by the people engaging in it.


Did you guys catch the special half-hour Bee and PuppyCat premiere episode of Cake Walk on Monday?

I’ll teach you how to make your own sweet Puppycat, and show you some cake tricks along the way. Don’t forget the crotch ice!

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Get your own awesome Bee sweater and lemon turtle poster (And even more Puppycat swag!) at welovefineshirts​! And don’t forget to look out for episodes of Bee and Puppycat, only on cartoonhangover!

Watch Now!  


Nerd Bites: Let’s make a Catbug!


Oops I Sterek’d Papercraft? 

This Teen Wolf rewatch with Lady has slowly worked at my sanity so I had to make something cute and not emotionally devastating.

This frame was damaged, but too small and cute so I worked with it anyway. How about I do a small giveaway for it? More details tomorrow! 


My relationship with Cricket described in two pictures.

Cricket and I started filming a series of simple tutorials for our YouTube Channel! You asked and we listened- so starting next Thursday, every Thursday is Baking for Bros Thursday! Following our weekly blog update will be awesome tutorials, witty banter and the odd cake delivery or two. 

Subscribe to Our Channel and prepare yourselves both mentally and physically.

See our Baking for Bros Tag for some of our recipes! 


Simpsonymous is Here!

We celebrated 25 years of The Simpsons and raised cancer awareness with a huge cake collaboration! Over 40 Cake Artists, each with a different resident of the infamous Springfield and a different artistic inspiration. My take? Grandpa Simpson!

Or should I say, The Old Coot with the Pearl Earring… yells at cloud.

From Comic Book Guy as an epic homage comic book cover to Realistic Sideshow Bob, See more awesome cakes from the collaboration at!


Editor in Chief of Seventeen Ann Shoket,Pretty Amazing Finalists Paige Rawl, Kay-Ci Bele, Ant Roman,Stacey Ferreira and Paige McKenzie and Publisher of Seventeen Jayne Jamison attend Seventeen Magazine Luncheon Honoring “Pretty Amazing” Finalists at Hearst Tower on June 27, 2013 in New York City.

Gosh, what cuties. 

That day was so awesome- we heard all of the Pretty Amazing Finalists’ Amazing stories, met Carley Rae Jepson and Jayne Jamison and Neutrogena even gave us all swag bags filled with amazing products! Aw yeah, lookin’ so good. I think I cried during my speech, though. See, if Duran Duran’s ‘Hungry like the Wolf’ had been my podium song that wouldn’t have happened. 

!!!!!! HERE FEEL FREE TO USE THIS WHENEVER YOU WANT ON WHATEVER YOU WANT ANT, HAPPY BELATED 20TH (the original image is like fuckhuge and it wouldn’t let me submit it so if you need a bigger version let me know and i’ll email it to you)




Legend of Zelda: A Link in Time Book Launch at Nintendo World NY! And guess who hosted the cake cutting ceremony? Nerdache Cakes!

We fed hundreds of hungry fans at Nintendo World NY, where they got an exclusive early release of the much awaited book, Legend of Zelda: A Link in Time. The event was hosted by Viz Media, who chose some of our most delicious flavors, including two we made just for Nintendo World!

The cake? A huge sculpted stone, with an edible one-of-a-kind Link sword! Everything on the cake was edible- from the cake crumb sand to the blades of wafer paper grass. I loved being there and meeting some amazing fans, including some incredible Link and Zelda cosplayers.

Help me open a Geek and Fandom Bakery- a sweet place just for you! We need your help to get there. Pledge and become a Backer to get some deliciously geeky rewards.