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Heyy! I was wondering. Do you think uta will really side with furuta against the others? Im curious as to why the clowns would follow him in the first place..


I mean, hi. :) Let’s do a recap of the situation ‘cause chess game is on:

  • Chessboard is the world
  • Kaneki and Furuta are the Kings but Kaneki is representing tragedy when Furuta is more about comedy (btw in case you need a good explanatory post about him, you have this one by @bloodycarnations​)
  • What’s left of Aogiri + maybe :Re are apparently on one side, while Kanou, the Clowns + V are on the other (and I’m wondering if the CCG fit with V on that side of the chessboard…)
  • Matsuri needs to reorganize the CCG. 
  • I still am thinking Kaneki becoming the OEK is one hell of a bad idea
  • By the way, Amon is definitely alive but for now I’d say his side (possibly including Seidou and Akira since I’m not sure for now Seidou’d be so willing to join the OEK and same for Akira) doesn’t completely fit on the chessboard yet, though I imagine he’d join Kaneki later on (when Ken wakes up and realizes he has to stop being the oek because obviously it’s a bad idea)

So now, about the Clowns, it’s hella complicated because all we know about them is…

and as such, I’d say it makes sense that they’d choose to more or less “follow” Furuta for now (since he also wants to be laughing at the end).

However considering that I think there is no real hierarchy amongst the Clowns (despite having “a boss” that is probably Donato) + that they’re also all genuinely interested in Kaneki who is the other king, I think for now that there is nothing like loyalty between Furuta and the Clowns (which might not be V’s case since V is related to the Washuus/CCG and Furuta is a Washuu and an investigator). 

So really, they probably all decided to “follow” him because he’s for now the funniest player but I don’t think that means they still won’t observe Kaneki and even maybe change sides later (for example in case Furuta stops being so amusing), if they’re on his side at all. 

Furuta has a link to V and the CCG because he’s from the Garden and a Washuu, but that doesn’t guarantee anything when it comes to the Clowns since they’re all free to do what they want in the first place as we saw before in TG (especially in case some of them have… personal goals).  


… this makes me think the Clowns’ gang isn’t done yet with Kaneki. 

Specifically on Uta now though, I still think he is maybe the biggest troll of the entire cast and as such his own reason for being a Clown might be more than just to get a good laugh out of it (especially since I still think he has a special link to V/the Garden), so even if we consider the Clowns were to stay loyal to Furuta somehow (something I just said I personally didn’t believe in), I doubt that would include Uta.

Really, as one of the most mysterious characters of the whole cast, I’d say he’s more on his own side and focusing on whatever goals he might have, even if the Clowns’ gang probably defines him more than other organizations could. 

So basically, I think we might need to look at things that way:

  • for now the Clowns “follow” Furuta probably because he wants to laugh and is funny to side with (and because there is no real difference between Kaneki and Furuta as they’re both OEGs who are having more or less the same goal)
  • however Kaneki is for now the OEK, when we know it’s a bad idea, meaning I don’t think he will stay the OEK until the end (obviously Amon/Touka/someone will wake him up)
  • as such if there is yet another game that starts with a big change in the chessboard later (= if Kaneki isn’t the OEK anymore), there is no guarantee the Clowns will all stay behind Furuta as we know they’re also all genuinely interested in Kaneki.
  • Uta is probably on his own side anyway.
  • TL;DR it’s still impossible to be sure of anything when it comes to the Clowns (but maybe for this round, they will support Furuta).

I might as well add that I wouldn’t take any Clown for granted

not even Roma

and that’s without forgetting that Donato is mostly known for being Amon’s father figure soooooooo… my answer is that we don’t know enough about the Clowns to be sure of anything right now, and that includes their link to Furuta. 

Besides, let’s not forget that both Itori and Nico very probably lied to Furuta about the OEK in the past (when Nico surely knew who it was) + there is the mystery of the Clowns’ annihilation most likely ordered by V and led by Arima (11-12 years ago) and how so many Clowns survived…

So I am not so sure V and the Clowns are so ready to be…allies (especially in case Arima is the one who let them survive, like he did for Eto, because they were ready to go against V. Maybe they agreed to help Furuta because he wants to erase V in order to achieve “super peace” too).

Finally, Donato and Uta just helped Furuta take Tsuneyoshi down, so you could also see all that as the Clowns being the ones organizing the next game and making Furuta into a King so Kaneki will have a suitable opponent.

….. Uta certainly seems to like chess in any case. ;)))

Sorry this was so long, but these are my thoughts so far.
Could change next week if we get new info for all I know, or I could simply be totally wrong, so please just remember to be careful whenever we speculate about the Clowns (because all of them together they are a gang, but on their own they do seem to have their differences, which makes it all even harder to guess about). :) 

By the way, now that the game is on and we finally know where Kimi is, the absence of Hide and Itori makes me super nervous, so like for Uta, I don’t want to assume anything about them either (but I hope, like Uta, that they’re both big players). 

Sorry for this huge thing Anon, but thank you for asking about one of my favorite subjects and have a nice weekend! ^_^

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To celebrate battlefield 1 tell me about this bergman mg15 na machine gun

The Bergmann MG15nA Machine Gun

Most machine guns at the turn of the 20th century were large, water-cooled, crew-served weapons, like the Maxim gun or the British Vickers. They were invaluable on the battlefield, as the first few months of World War One proved, but they were also bulky and hard to maneuver in a hurry, especially when troops were on the attack, which was when they most needed the increased firepower that a machine gun can provide. To answer this problem, a number of designers had been working on light machine guns to give attacking troops a lightweight machine gun they could take with them.

One of these new light machine guns was the Bergmann MG15nA. The MG15 was designed by Theodor Bergmann, and like the Maxim gun it used a short-recoil operation, which uses the recoil of the gun to push back the bolt with each shot, expending the used round and chambering another. Originally the MG15 used a water-jacket around the barrel to cool the gun, but soon it was replaced with a perforated, air-cooled jacket, which made the gun lighter. Called the MG15nA, neuer Art (New model) to distinguish it from the older version, the Bergmann machine gun made its appearance on the battlefield in late 1916 after the Battle of the Somme, where German soldiers saw the need for a light machine gun after suffering heavily to British soldiers armed with their own version, the Lewis Gun.

 The MG15 saw significant usage on the battlefield, but it was not as prevalent or as reliable as the more common MG08, a light version of the Maxim Gun, and German soldiers preferred the British Lewis Gun to both. The MG15 used an ammunition belt for loading, and fired at a rate of 300 rounds per minute, which tended to overheat the barrel quickly, rarely firing more than 300 rounds. Its range was around 400 meters for accurate fire. Unlike how it is depicted in Battlefield 1, the MG15 still weighed enough, around 33 pounds, that it would be very hard to fire for a single, standing soldier, and it would certainly be impossible to aim. In reality a crew of two or three soldiers would use the gun, with one firing, mounting the gun on its bipod, while the others held the ammo belt and carried extra rounds. The Bergmann MG15 also played a more significant role in the German Imperial Air Service, which mounted it on planes.

The soldier at the far right, kneeling, has a Bergmann MG15nA.

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what is going on with ash and cl?

5 weeks ago Ash Stymest’s ex-wife Maille Doyle posted this on her snapchat 

wrist tattoo spells out Lee Chae Lin =  이  채  린

singer porcelain black was doing a fan Q&A on twitter and in the most random way she said this

the second tweet has since been deleted

he doesn’t have social media, so he’s only ever in paparazzi pics with current girlfriend lily-rose depp, johnny depp’s daughter, here they are recently,look at his wrist…

the last time they were spotted was April 2015 at CL’s place in LA

judging by stella’s clothes it’s obviously from the same day, and the table they’re sitting on is in the background


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can't believe dan hasnt said anything about evan peter's gay character tbh

someone mentioned it in his previous liveshow and he got all smiley and honestly that was good enough for me

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Do you know when all of the Mystic Messenger Bad Relationship EDs occur? I'm trying to get Seven's and was wondering if I messed up or if he just doesn't have a BRE at this branch.

What I have learned about the Bad Relationship Ends Thus Far:

  • I have never gotten three BREs for a single character
  • I have never gotten a BRE from the second plot branch
  • BREs have fully voiced VNs but don’t come with CGs
  • They are generally shorter than the other endings, usually consisting of a single chatroom and one to two VN portions
  • Unknown also appears a lot in them
  • It appears that if you get a lot of hearts before the Day 5 plot branch, it may be impossible to get the BRE on the first plot branch even if you miss every single chat. To get it, you need to get less hearts on the common route before it branches, and then proceed to miss all of the chatrooms

Other things of note:

  • I have gotten a BRE on Jaehee’s first and third plot branch
  • I have gotten a BRE on Yoosung’s first plot branch but not his second or third
  • I have gotten a BRE on Zen’s first and third plot branch. I have not tested if he has one on his second plot branch.
  • I have only gotten a BRE on Jumin’s third plot branch, though as mentioned above apparently this is indicative that I had ‘too many’ hearts with him before I got to Day 5
  • I have not yet tried to get any of Seven’s BREs, but I would expect he, too, has one on his first and third plot branch. The first may be ‘locked out’ if you get too many hearts with him before Day 5 as Jumin’s was

That’s pretty much all I know about them. The only way I have ever gotten BREs is by intentionally missing every single chat between plot branches. I have not tested out how many chatrooms I can participate in and still get the BRE, so I always do none just to be safe.

Hope that helps!

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It works because she has her buffers there. Cara, Gigi so if they spend time together tomorrow whether out in public or not, she is covered. This is so 2014 taylor. I hope even after tonight she realizes after singing TIWYCF out loud that nobody will care about her being with karlie. Her fans just want her songs, not her love life. Also the stonewall donations, that girl is inching out. I hope she can be brave and be happy with karlie, that's all I want for them.

Ooo interesting. So just in case, they’re covered in case they need it. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get gym photos again? And Karlie blowing kisses to Taylor. I hope we get cute moments like that again. Really, I can kind of see her inching out, slowly but surely. I feel like everything is becoming slightly more relaxed and Taylor’s trying to subtly show that she is in love with Karlie, a woman, more publicly, like she did in 2014, and that she has a group of friends that are either LGBT or support LGBT. Man, I’m getting flashbacks of that girl who posted that Taylor being involved in LGBT rights “harms her image.” It’s riling me up again, but I have to let it go. haha. I really am starting to see a subtle shift and it’s making me excited. Really super excited.

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27 and 35 :D

I just did 27 so I’ll answer 35

35: Name a book you consider to be terribly underrated

Probably The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu. He’s better known for his short stories which have won a plethora of awards, but his debut novel is fantastic. It’s high fantasy inspired by ancient China so it’s very different from the majority of the fantasy novels that are out there.

Bookish asks

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Please share more of your headcanons they are awesome. from a fellow pukwudgie.

Ask and you shall receive my fellow Puk :) It´s been a long time since my last Puk headcanons I´ve missed them! 

1/ The Black Market run by Pukwudgie students is a thing okay. Everyone knows. The teachers would do something but… 

2/ Pukwudgie’s pureblood prefect and wampus’ no-majeborn prefect are dating and they are most terrifying power couple in the whole school (although to be honest there is this Horned Serpent couple from 5th year that is really next on the list to be The Couple when the prefects graduate)

3/ Girl gangs are definitely a thing in Ilvermorny but only the one integrated entirely by Puk girls have matching jackets

4/ Actually, the most dangerous dark lord from the last century in America was a Pukwudgie boy called Adrian Koch. But he has no tragic background. He was pretty okay all the way through his education in Ilvermorny. The only problem was that “he thought he was sick in his heart if you could be sick in that place”. Because the most terrifying thing about the heart is that when sick, it wants and wants and wants, but it doesn’t care it doesn’t fill it just takes.

5/ Pukwudgies that love reading team up with Thunderbirds and Horned Serpents to go to muggle cities during mid-term to go get the latest book from their fave series

6/ Pukwudgie’s own ilvermorny’s debate club. It might have been officially founded by Horned Serpents but ask anyone and yup Puks own that club they are terrifying you can present actual facts while they get there with a pen and two pieces of paper and they will still win. Devil’s advocate those ones.

7/ Pukwudgies are known as the most… how should i say this… promiscuous house. It’s mostly a stereotype, of course, but rumor has it the heart does what it wants and Pukwudgies are not ashamed of feeling love or any kind of desire, and some of the most vocal house members have given the whole house a ‘reputation’ through the years. This does make a lot of freshmen uneasy, living up to weird expectations or plain disgusted for being seen as ‘easy’ or 'eager’ or even interested in sex by default.

7/ Sooner or later every Pukwudgie sees the little carved quote that its half hidden in the stairs of Pukwudgie’s common room and smile every time they remember it.

8/ In summer the school grounds are basically full of two houses: Thunderbirds and Pukwudgies.

9/ Pukwudgies curse. A lot. Remember that post “Look im mad, and just saying 'gosh’ is not gonna do it for me Susan”. That’s Pukwudgie.

10/ Pukwudgies have archery training fields.

11/ The actual Pukwudgies (the creatures) have been seen teaching Pukwudgie students little basic fire magic when they find out the student its afraid of the dark

12/ Every Pukwudgie ever will deny they actually bake. Even while they are baking in that very moment in fron of your eyes. They will go full Mariah Carey on you 

13/ Pukwudgies, just like the creatures they are named from are incredibly easy to annoy

14/ Salty Pukwudgies are a Thing okay. Mean Pukwudgies are something to be avoided. They will lash out to anyone and everyone and perks of the heart: they know how to cut deep.

15/ Some Pukwudgies are terrible in potions and that makes them feel so empty they can feel their eyes water when asked about that particular stereotype.

16/ The most romantic Pukwudgies, when in love, will literally make flower crowns to everyone who even looks in their general direction.

17/ Pukwudgies are the type of people who get strangers phone numbers in public cafeterias.

18/ Some Pukwudgie’s love parties. Capital L love even. Some Pukwudgies can’t stand them at all. Every Pukwudgie is obsessed with at least one blanket from the common room and there would be fights for the best spots to cuddle in winter when it rains.

19/ House movie marathons are a thing.

20/ Pukwudgies value eye contact and is their preferred go-to when flirting with someone they actually like.

21/ During exams, Pukwudgies are either the friend who brings enough snacks to the library to feed their entire year or the one who forgets to eat 3 days in a row. There is no in between.

22/ Pukwudgies do love plants. That stereotype is 110% true. Not the actual plants mind you, allergy is a thing, but the aesthetic of it. The common room is filled with them and *magically enough* once you enter Pukwudgie’s common room allergies stop being a thing entirely. People have had to be physically removed from the common room during spring because *No you can´t stay here Marcos this is not even your common room get. out.* 

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What for she's going to LA? A job? Or just meeting Karlie?😂

Don’t know. I mean, Karlie is going to be in LA I’m assuming at least until she’s done filming the Bill Nye episode. As for Taylor, I don’t know, but I kind of have a feeling she’s going to meet Karlie. Because after Taylor’s performance tonight and Karlie being away in Japan, they’ll surely want to make up for lost time lol

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are you happy with your body and yourself in general??

I’m always trying to be stronger and more honorable. More trustworthy, loyal, courageous and brave. More authentic, empathetic, healthier, more wholesome. There’s always room for growth and for as long as I live, I’d like to continue surpassing my past selves. Growing truer and brighter and warmer and going deeper every day.
That isn’t to say that I’m displeased with my current self, though. Just that I take the quality of my intentions and heart, my overall vibrations and energy, as seriously — as lovingly — as you would a child in your care. I haven’t been in a place in which I’m self-loathing for years, not since the first major self-revolution, but I take my power to grow very seriously and never want to become stagnant. Never want to give myself any reason to believe that I need to be cruel to myself again, that it’s more reasonable to be abusive towards my heart and wallow instead of making use of personal power. Would always like to flourish, inch closer and closer to my highest self.
Yes, I’m happy but driven and hopeful. I trust that I’m enough while having the capacity for more. xx

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What's your Amazon wish list? How about your wedding or other registry?

my amazon wishlist is just buy 2 copies of my book but don’t buy more than 2 per order because more than that doesn’t get reported as book sales figures for some reason ok thanks

we don’t have a wedding registry i don’t even know when we are getting married also we have everything we need i barely understand wedding registries to be honest, it’s like… how were you living up until this point… did you not have dishes to eat off of???? do you really need special china for when guests come over?? do you really need a cake server or a set of rubberized spatulas or a crystal water decanter??? my friends recently got married and they had this site set up where instead of items you could choose to buy them part of their honeymoon plans, like a train ride or a hotel stay or whatever and it was so cute! we bought them a cooking class they wanted to take while in spain (i think it was spain) and i thought that was such a lovely and practical thing to do.

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What would lewis do if someone put cat ears on him? Would he throw a....hissy fit? Get it? Haha. Anyway In all honesty I think the ears would just catch on fire. - The bad pun anon

Hopefully Lewis doesn’t mind all the kitten around before the ears are set ablaze. Though I imagine he’d get tigered of the cat puns purretty quickly. XD

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If you don't mind me asking but I've been having issues with getting pass all of Seven's bad endings. I've followed quite a few guides and still get the bad Endings. I was hoping you have some tips?

@dorchii @otome-obsessed and @nohrslittleprincess all have guides on getting the various endings in MysMe. Additionally, you could take a look at @foxyotomelady‘s Bad Ending guide to make sure you aren’t doing the things mentioned.

Hope that helps :)