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Loving all the Bukowski. Do you have an absolute favorite? (If that's even something you could narrow down)

Love Is A Dog From Hell & The People Look Like Flowers At Last

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sence bakirelik ne kadar önemli

Aslına bakarsan önemsiz birşey olması gerekirken yaşadığımız coğrafya kültür ve bir çok diğer etmenlerle ölüm kalım meselesine dönen birşey. Erkeklerin kendisini bir bok sanmasına neden olan. Kızlara bir mal gibi davranılmasına neden olan etiketlerden biridir eğer o etiketi kaybedersen ölüme kadar yolu vardır bu çevrede. 

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lena what do you think about hufflepuffs? are they cool? most people call them the boring house, and also whats your house?

I’m a Hufflepuff so I naturally love Hufflepuffs (:

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Tell me in detail about your favorite homemade video?

Umm.. Well I have to say one of my favorites is actually one I made here… It was a really hot session of fucking and hair pulling. But Its really only for my enjoyment so that is all you get anon.. 

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my friend left me at a pool party when I was supposed to be staying the night round hers, she took my Tobacco (having her own), some of my money, and left, she also took my underwear accidentally in her bag, my clothes were wet and I had to walk through an unfamiliar city to find somewhere I could crash at, at 11pm, with no money, and all my study, anual bus ticket and purse at her house. I feel a bit scared from the incident, what should i do now? I am now home safely but shaken

Your friend doesn’t seem like a very good friend to just up and leave you like that, especially when she is who you are supposed to be staying with, and also knowing that the city you were in was unfamiliar to you. I am glad to hear that you made it home safely. To be honest, I would rethink who you consider friends because no friend would abandoned someone like that. Something bad could have happened to you, even the worst you could think of. 

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Why is school so fucking stressful? :)))))

Because it’s importance has been over-inflated to the point where you set ridiculous and in-achievable standards for yourself and then freak out when you can’t meet them due to their impossibility. 

Take a breath.

Take a shower.

Eat something.

Listen to your favorite song.

Take 15-30 minutes for yourself; it’s not going to kill you.

Keep on carrying on.

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do you think Harry performs spells? If so, what spells?

Witch Harry is very good at domestic magic. Making the brooms clean the house or the clothes fold themselves. He rarely uses spells on human beings though. According to Harry, it is “not a very nice thing to do.” (“We are witches, you fucking idiot.” screams witch Louis.)

Harry doesn’t really like spells in general. Most of time he just locks himself in the basement with boiling pots- but that’s not like what you think. While the other witches sell poisons in the flea market, there are only vegetable soups or fruit smoothies on Harry’s stand. “Are you seriously making stuff that keeps people alive, Harold?” Witch Niall shakes his head dramatically every time he sees Harry in the market.

Most witches test their spells on their cats since those creatures have nine lives to spend. But Harry’d rather carry them around, visiting his vampire friends and so on. “You tested the spell on yourself again, didn’t you?” Witch Liam sighs when Harry comes asking for help after turning his hair into blonde by accident.

There are a lot of mystery stories about Harry. For example, when witch Zayn left the coven, Harry was gone missing for a whole week. The day after he returned, witch Zayn also came back to the coven. No one ever asks them what happened because Zayn swears if anyone mentions this in front of him he will give them the most horrible curse he can ever find.

Harry is supposedly one of the most powerful witches in the coven. But unlike Louis, who shows off his power by pranking others all the time or Zayn, who’s famous for taming dragons with his charm, Harry spends his magic on growing his hair and the little garden behind his house. Rumors says that if you eat the the banana from the banana tree in his backyard, you can gain the power to take over the world. Somehow, nobody ever tries to do that.

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Heyy so I have a boyfriend, we've been together for 6 months and I could say that Im happy with him, but sometimes he says stuff that kinda hurt me, i know I'm very sensitive sometimes, but today he did something that really got me... He laughed because I don't have money to buy a new dress for a party so I want to take an old one and dye it... I hate being laughed at and right now my family is on a budget so I don't want to waste my money on a dress and he knows how money issues affect me:(

Have you explained any of this to him? Does he understand that it is really a sore spot for you? I totally understand money issues, money has been tight for me all my life and I get how belittling it can feel to be made fun of because of it. Perhaps your boyfriend is being insensitive accidentally, and he is just trying to lighten the mood and make light of the situation. However, it is probably not the best method to help someone feel better by poking fun at their misfortunes. Try talking to your boyfriend and let him know that it hurt you when he did this, and that instead of laughing you would like it if he could support you during these uncomfortable circumstances.

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i am SO GLAD that i'm not the only one that has thought about eijun grinding on miyuki, very unapologetically in public. hips grinding into miyuki's ass from behind, arms wrapped around him while his hands wander sides, thighs and hips, pinning them together at the waist, and him leaning over miyuki's should, his mouth on his neck now and then, and miyuki's reaching behind him, hands on eijun's arms, in his hair, his waist. EIJUN'S SO DARING AND HOT & HE'S GIVING MIYUKI ALL THIS PUBLIC ATTENTION



eijun totally has a thing for miyukis ass hahaha i bet kuramochi kind of ‘accidentally’ shoves eijun into miyukis back and they both look at each other and start awkwardly dancing but then they get into it and kind of forget that everyone else is there (except they dont, they like that everyones there fucking exhibitionists) and theyre basically having sex on the dance floor and later kuramochis like youre welcome

no but seriously i think miyuki would be like wtf get off me at first but he would get sooooo into it. i love the idea of his fingers curling in eijuns hair while eijuns hands press against his hips keeping them flush together and just kind of rolling his hips and making them move together yessssss