Personal Pidge headcanon: they were dmab, but realized by the time they were a toddler that they weren’t a boy. Their parents were incredibly supportive and asked if they were a girl instead. Sure, I mean, if you’re not a guy you have to be a girl, right? So Pidge ignored the feeling that they weren’t really a girl either and grew their hair out and wore dresses and smiled while their enthusiastically supportive mom painted their nails and did their hair.  Then they snuck into the Garrison in disguise and even though they’re still not a boy it felt so right? Dressing in the boys’ uniform and cutting their hair and wearing baggy sweatshirts?  It was during this period that they discovered the term agender and they’re still more aligned with being a girl (hence “I’m a girl” scene) but they don’t have to act like a girl.  They’re just Pidge.  Pidge is neither.  Pidge gets little fuzzy feelings when Lance or Keith say something about “oh yeah, Pidge is the genius kid” and they’re defined by what they can do instead of whether they’re male or female. (had to write out to someone because the agender space child is near and dear to my heart)

Yes!!! This is very good! This is p much how I feel about transgirl Pidge headcanons tbh I’m 100% for supportive parents, and for Pidge just not caring and being excited about being recognized as just a person rather than a gender. This is very good tho, thank you so much for sharing!!!

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Do you REALLY think that Jikook is real? You have sure about it? Like, I think that they would be the most perfect couple in the world, but deep down I feel that they are just friends, I don't know how to explain, but it's very good to be true, you know? And if you really belive that it's real, what have you relied on to come to that conclusion? (I LOVE YOUR BLOG <3)

i am so sorry but nothing about them being real is TOO GOOD to true.

what is too good about being involved in a romantic relationship with your fellow member in a major homophobic country , which makes your relationship an absolutely big threat to your career that you’ve worked your ass for ? nothing is too good about that .

sure thing the possibility of them being involved romantically sounds very good when you read it in fanfiction, but that’s not how it goes in the real world , korea is a major homophobic country , so it’s absolutely not that great when you think about it , them being actually together i mean

so  it’s not too good to be true , plus you can’t deny their chemistry there is definitely a big big chance of them being attracted to each other in that way , i mean you’re free to have your opinion but to me there’s nothing platonic about them , just freinds ? i don’t think so….

sure? i can’t be 100% sure , no one can be .. they haven’t personally told me : “we’re togther “, but yeah i do think they’re currently dating,or even we’ll get to that someday …  i’ve stated some things that made me suspect it here here  and here ,it’s pretty much the fact that their realtionship  totally changing over the past few years , their undeniable attraction towards each other which is so obvious anyody can see it and  so many other things . i’ve already answered this question so i’m not going to repeat myself you can go check it (the link is above)  

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The look dan gave after phil said the banana things wasn't even like "ha an innuendo" it was pure fear he decided to help kill the innocent phil branding but didn't realize how fast their sex lives would be all over the sim videos

the innocent phil branding is dead and he’s taking no prisoners

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they're uploading so much, it's getting suspicious- what are they saving up for? a house? a dog? a wedding? their audience's collective funeral? a life-sized doll of Viktor? a journey to the moon? who knows

when dan and phil utilize the youtube formula and u know good things are coming because its 2017

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What personality traits/overall type of person do you think would be best suited for Jason Todd romantically? (Sorry if this comes off as weird— this is from a fanfic writer who's characters have only seemed to clash with Jason lol.)

Thanks for the ask! ✨ I hope this will help, if not just send me another message and I’ll try to come up with some more ideas.

Okay, so here’s some personality traits implicated how they would probably impact Jason, or vice versa. First note that I personally think Jason would be well suited with a wide range of personalities. But mostly I think he would be attracted to an independent strong woman who doesn’t need a man, but at the same time he wants to be needed and wants to take care of his significant other.

That ‘someone special’ would probably be an accomplish women whether that be because of her family’s wealth, her own hard work of climbing the ladder of wealth, or because she’s an accomplished warrior. Despite all that, she has a knack for getting into trouble, possibly surpassing even Jason himself.

Once she does fall in love she becomes pathetically obvious, despite all her efforts to not fall in love with him. She’s also not necessarily a dreamer but she admires that Jason is a grounded person. Because it balances her out when she needs it.

She might even have a little bit of a dark past which is a common ground her and Jason build their relationship on once he discovers it–and he will. She’s also smart, determined, competitive, and kind, but probably scares children more than Jason does.

They both know they need each other in ways no one else could understand. But that doesn’t mean there is no arguments and struggles in their relationship. Sometimes from the onlooker, it seems like they fight like cats and dogs.

Jason wants someone who can be equally as independent as he is, otherwise he feels a sense of guilt—like he’s failing being a good partner that his beloved deserves. He just doesn’t know how to stop working and set aside sometime for them to go on a date and spend that crucial quality time that all couples need.

Jason’s s/o is also confident and outspoken with a rebellious streak. She can be really funny but usually she’s not trying to be, and he always appreciates when someone can make him laugh because he tends to be very melancholy at times, and it’s nice to have a companion who can pull you out of that mood.

But omygosh, Jason is such a boy when it comes to showing the woman he loves that he likes her more than anyone else: He’s always searching for an opening to tease her, and that flirtatious teasing carries on throughout their relationship. She tries, but usually fails, at pretending to hate his teasing, but as I stated earlier, she’s really obvious when it comes to love. She’s also vengeful af, and surprises him sometimes when she sneakily repays his prank.

Her guilty pleasure is when Jason gets jealous when another guy starts giving her their attention.

She often finds herself being the only one who can handle Jason most days, and having to hold him back from losing his hot temper and assaulting someone who is particularly being annoying or evil (especially if they’re males). And that gives her a sense of pride knowing that she is the only one who can talk him out of things he’s really set on doing.

They also often find themselves disagreeing when it comes to running their lives (especially if they are both crime fighters), their methods often clash and unfortunately they are both equally stubborn. So they have to agree to disagree and fix the collateral damage later. He does his own thing by his own reckless rules and she gets frustrated because she suspects him of having a death wish. But at the same time she feels a contradiction because she admires his strong will, ingeniously methods of attack, and his all-around self-sufficiency.

He knows when she lies to him and she hates it so much because she can’t get away with anything.

Now, if she’s a girly girl, she loves being rescued by him. But if she’s a tomboy, she tries to pretend she hates being rescued by him. (because she’s got some pride issues she needs to work on, but deep down inside she actually cherishes it and gives him a kiss at the closest safe moment).

She’s very affectionate with him because they are both somewhat starved for affection. She’s also very protective of him but usually behind his back because she knows he likes to pretend he’s made of cold steel.

He sometimes goes to elaborate lengths to do something really romantic for her, and she probably feels uncomfortable when he’s so sweet and generous because she has her own insecurities of not feeling deserving of it. But at the same time she feels so loved every time he’s trying to be romantic, and she wants to deserve him. If only she knew he felt the same way.

Sorry this was so late, anon! I hope you like! :3

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This blog is some good shit *thumbs up* I can't wait to see baby Ichiro growing up >< Also, is there any moment of Viktor, Yuuri, Otabek, Yuri and Makkachin all together? Like in an outing or something? I would really love to see it hehe.

Well, considering the weather is just now starting to get better after the winter and that Yuuri just had a baby, they haven’t really had time for a group outing. They do have time for watching movies together, though!

This is was taken before Ichirō was born. Viktor, Yuuri, Otabek and Yuri were watching together a horror movie. Suddenly, there was a jump scare and Yuuri got really scared, scaring Viktor in the process a little bit as well. Otabek and Yuri, on the other hand, weren’t scared at all and found Yuuri’s reaction so funny that they started laughing.

Makkachin was also silently judging his dads since they woke him up from his nap.

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You don't have to post this, but I just wanted to say that it's seriously annoying that people cut into your posts to diminish your opinion and basically try to sway you back with their arguments. It's frustrating.

Thanks anon. I’m frustrated myself. You know, I’ve been trying my hardest to stay positive and upbeat with everything that’s going on but it seems to be getting more difficult by the second. I’m tired of the passive aggressive posts and replies that suggest I’m wrong for questioning what I’ve seen from Sam and Cait over the last few years. I didn’t realise that having a different perspective to the majority meant that I deserve to be talked down to and treated like an outcast. It’s making me feel like I don’t belong here anymore. 

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lil interesting headcanon ask for you, from a friendly anon: Felicity Smoak, Apple or Windows and Apple or Android kinda gal? also? Curtis, too? if you don't mind. have a lovely day!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Apple product or even a mock Apple product on the show. So, it’s actually kind of hard to say. I’m pretty sure that Windows computers are easier to hack… and Android just sucks in comparison phone wise. I think she’d be inclined to use a Mac and an iPhone partially because of the anti-virus technology that comes with it. Honestly, she can build her own firewalls and blocks to keep that shit out. Like, building on top of what’s already there… and making her iPhone and computer completely impenetrable. (Ain’t no one gettin’ into her icloud for anything)

But really? The same could be said for Windows. It could go either way. She could even be down for both. 

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so my school made the teachers take down the We The People posters because it was 'anti-trump' and 'too political' (but rlly, it's just a muslim woman, a black woman, and a latina) so today, a bunch of people (including me) are wearing the shirt with the muslim woman on it to peacefully protest (basically, today's gonna be lit).