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with all personalities root inbodies,it makes me wonder what the real root is like?because we don't actually know that much about her

Hmm… I do think we know her real personality.

It’s the personality she shows around Team Machine, and the one we saw all the other times in season 2. I think there is a pretty clear distinction between the personas she assumes and who she really is. She might not always be a truth teller but when she is herself, she is fully herself. Root can pretend to be sweet, earnest, and naive. In truth she has as much patience for incompetence as Shaw, except Root chooses to derive humor out of it (bless his cotton picking heart, I wonder how he’d feel if he knew how much people I killed) and she is actually more of a misanthrope than Shaw.

If you look at it Shaw might not suffer fools but she does like people in general… Just far away from her and she does have a select number of friends, whereas if the Machine never ordered Root to make nice with other people she would continue on working by herself.

Root has/had a superiority complex that was never challenged until she met Harold, and her MO pre-Machine seemed to be “whatever amuses me“. She was, on her own devices, a truly chaotic element. And, in her own words, a monster.

The only things she is sentimental about can be boiled down to three: Shaw and the Machine, and Harold. She’s coming around to John, and a little fondness for Fusco but give her a choice and there will be no doubt who she will choose.

As jetgirl78 mentioned before, the other truly terrifying thing about Root is that she doesn’t care about consequences. If keeping the people she cared and loved meant betraying their confidences or killing people they liked, those were trivial to her larger goal. So I think we know Root, now what would be more fascinating is finding out how 14 year old revenge seeking Sam Groves became the killer for hire with a sadistic streak Root we meet in “Root Cause“.

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"I run this bakery and you come every single day to buy pies and cakes and I'm getting concerned over your health seriously dude eating this much it's not healthy" AU pleeeeease I need a Baker!Naruto



Naruto loved his bakery. He loved the way it was like he stepped into an oven every morning, the warm humid air beating over his in in a familiar caress. He loved how he was able to knead the dough and watch it turn into delicious bread, or when he created pastries and customers marvelled at the finished piece in awe. He also loved talking to his customers, whether they were a random purchaser stopping by on a whim or a devoted patron Naruto had the pleasure of seeing weekly.

Speaking of which, one was walking in at this very moment.

“Good mornin’ Sasuke, back again to see me huh?” Grinning from ear-to-ear, Naruto waited at the counter for his typically stoic regular customer to saunter up and select something.

Rolling his eyes, Sasuke spared him a glare before walking up to the counter and peering down at the protective screen where all the pastries, savoury and sweet, were laden.

“In your dreams, as if I would waste my time even coming here if not for your food.”

Naruto clutched a hand at his chest in mock-pain, slumping over a little, his eyes not leaving Sasuke as he said, “Ouch, that hurts. You sure know how to hurt a guy’s pride, eh?”

Sasuke snorted lightly, and Naruto smiled when he caught sight of the tiny smirk tugging on his pale lips, “Naturally.”

“So, what’ll it be today? Can I tempt you, maybe a little, Sasuke?” Naruto leaned over the counter, grinning and keen to engage in their usual banter.

Naruto had met Sasuke during the start of this year, when the man had dashed inside as a last minute attempt at finding some bread rolls for “unspoken circumstances” (Naruto had still not found out what those exactly were to this day but he would!). Needless to say they had engaged a rather a interesting encounter and it was a surprise for Naruto see Sasuke again the following week, ready to buy something for himself.

Sasuke stopped by every Sunday at 11 o'clock in the morning without fail ever since they had first met. And Naruto had grown somewhat fond of the man, with four months passed they had obviously found a sort of weird connection.

But they never met outside of the bakery, and never on any other day of the week. It was part of the reason why Naruto looked forward to Sundays the most (besides Tuesday and Wednesday - his free days).

“Hn, we’ll see Naruto.” Sasuke murmured, returning to his perusal of the screen pastries and Naruto busied himself with sorting out the loose bread rolls on his work bench.

Naruto had a lot of customers that he saw on a regular basis, like Kiba and Lee, and even that cute girl Hinata who seemed to be trying to ask him out. But somehow, Naruto always looked forward to seeing Sasuke more than anyone else. Something about him just made Naruto smile - even though he could be a right bastard when he wanted to be!

“Ahem”, a clearing of his throat drew Naruto’s attention to the evidently waiting Sasuke, his arms crossed and an array or pastry cakes, muffins - even pies! - he’d selected covering the expanse of the counter.

Naruto’s eyes bulged as he hurried over, “Jesus, Sasuke! You’re seriously gonna eat all of this!?”

Sasuke raised a delicate brow, “Is there a problem with it?”

Rubbing the back of his neck, Naruto smiled awkwardly and said, “Well, no, I guess not.”

There kinda was a problem with that. Sasuke had the tendency to buy quite a few things when he came into Naruto’s bakery. It wasn’t always that way, not when they had first gotten to know each other. But gradually Naruto noticed an incline in the amount Sasuke was purchasing. It was mildly alarming when Naruto pondered how far the Uchiha might go in the future.

“Hn, give me my food already, I have things to do.” Sasuke pulled out his wallet, and Naruto grinned sneakily.

“Impatient aren’t we? Ya owe me $26.50, hope you can afford it.“ Naruto winked, and Sasuke rolled his eyes, handing Naruto the exact amount in cash. It was sort of a running joke since Sasuke was stinking rich to treat him like an verage customer - Naruto thought it was funny at least!

Depositing his money in the cash register, Naruto bagged up Sasuke’s goods, handing it over and enjoying the brush of contact between their hands as he did so.

Naruto smiled warmly at him, “Well here you go, go and enjoy all that Uzumaki produce!”

Sasuke stared at him a moment, then with a perfectly blank face said, “Don’t say that, the appeal drops substantially when you do.”

Making a fake-outraged face, Naruto had to try really hard not to break character when he saw that adorable little half-smirk forming on Sasuke’s lips as he took his bags and turned to leave.

“Have a fantastic day, Sasuke-teme!” Naruto called out, and Sasuke turned back around, still smirking as he waved.

"See you next week, Usuratonkachi.”

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Do you consider Shaw a hero?

Personally? Yeah. 

My long rambly, TLDR answer? 

She’s not the most conventional though, she doesn’t mind killing people or that she killed people before.  

But I do like Shaw wasn’t boxed into the stereotype of her PD and from what we’ve seen of her life Shaw chose jobs that helped people. 

I liked that she has her own moral code and she cared for people in her way, I liked the hints that a large part of that moral code was due to her parents.

I love that while she can appreciate big picture thinking and things done for the greater good, she doesn’t lose sight of the smaller details too– even if it takes her a while to spot it or speak up. 

I liked that Shaw’s legacy in the ISA was Grice and we learned he valued people over institutions and by implication Shaw encouraged that kind of thinking. 

I love that the thing that sways Shaw into working with the boys was the knowledge that the thing that kept her country safe was also working with Harold and John. 

I love that when she was a soldier without a country, she still chose her country. I love that, after working with the ISA and then shifting to working with John she’s come to a realization: “it’s that how you do matters as much as what you do.” 

And I love that very heart of Shaw is protecting people and doing the things that other people are morally opposed to do in the name of protecting people. 

And most of all, I really feel like ‘Future Starts Slow’ is Shaw’s anthem in many ways:

If I ever give you up my heart will surely fail

And after all God can keep my soul
England have my bones
But don’t ever give me up
I could never get back up when the future starts so slow

Now, how that changes or stays the same during her captivity with Samaritan? 

That’s something I would really love to find out. 

[text]ask and you shall receive 

[[ couldn’t resist the douchebag alert ]]


“Oooh, so that’s how we’re gonna play this, huh? Alright; game on, man.”

Luckily for the young Turk, she had been in the midst of a sparring session when she received the text–which gave her everything she needed.

[text] So pup–who would you say has the bigger guns here?

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It was a very dull day, england had agreed to show him around the modern world today! why the hell was he stuck in the metal horseless chariot wating for his adoptive son to 'attend to bussiness'? it was bullshit.

Ukraine sighed, exiting the meeting place with the other countries before stopping to wait for a taxi. She didn’t manage to get a ride with anyone, so taxi it was.


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I honestly wonder if people being more quick to label Shaw as violent has anything to do (consciously or not) with the fact that while she is not the only atypical person on the show, she is the only person who has stated so herself. Because I dunno, when you have these kinds of disorders where you can't feel and/or express emotions, people are generally pretty quick to label you as having no empathy, or being violent, whether or not they're consciously ignorant.

I guess this reputation came from when she shot John when they first met? 

Honestly though, did he really think that’d work? In a place filled with hostiles, Shaw’s going to trust some random guy? Also the pilot episode was a lot more violent than Shaw’s introduction! 

Maybe its because Shaw herself played up that she would react more violently? And Harold acted like he believed her every time? 

Shaw hasn’t hit anyone with a truck to get information, I feel that’s really a lot more reckless and violent.

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Is POI really not being renewed? I just started watching this year, I don't want to lose it so soon :(

Uh, there’s no news about a renewal yet, but word is that there is a very strong possibility that POI will get a season 5.

What I’m really worried for is season 6, if the trend for ratings is going to continue. Hopefully once Netflix has POI up, people can catch up and start watching season 5, and the ratings will go up, and CBS stop putting POI on hiatus so damned much. 

This show needs to tell its story up to season 6, especially since I want Sarah Shahi back full time. 

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If no one has already done it- Old Spice!Root: Hello ladies, look at your partner, now back at me, now back at your partner, now back to me. Sadly they aren't me but if they stopped using one handgun and switched to using two, they might be hot like me. Look down, back up, where are you? You're on a jet with the woman who helped you steal it. What's in your hand, back at me. I have it. It's a drink with that sandwich you love. Look again, the sandwich is now an iron. (1/2)

Anything is possible when your partner uses a hood and zip ties, not a line that wouldn’t work on a trained operative. I’m on a motorcycle. (2/2)

Hey, axl99 if you’re still looking for dialogue for the Old Spice Root storyboard!

And I actually imagine Root using the ridiculous deep voice she used in the Bear costume and then Shaw’s reaction would be to roll her eyes.

Thanks, one-person-dialogues!

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Byzas was looking for Irina's phone. He had herasd her say that she lost it and WELL, HE WAS NOW CALLING IT TO find it. Soon enough he found it in between the couch cousins. "Irirna I found it!: He shouted blushing as he saw the contact name

“Oh, thank God!” She ran out from her room, where she had been searching, and took it from him. “Ivan would be so upset if I had lost it!”

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what exactly does 'very special gal pals' mean tho?

it means extra special bffs who pinky promise, ‘cause that’s what root and shaw are! 

and also that wasn’t a big damn kiss before going on to a last stand, that was a kiss between friends you know! they’re such good friends! gal pals! could be sisters!