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what other webcomics do you read? i need some recs

ok I’m genuinely into EVERY comic i’m about to suggest so pls take the time to check them all out if you’re looking for some reading material

first of all, read Octopus Pie. it’s a classic. it recently ended, and there’s a huge backglog to go through. really well written w/ real professional art i’m actually rereading it RIGHT NOW.

next, Gunnerkrigg Court. this and octopie are the goodie oldies of webcomics, they’ve been running forever. the art starts off a little more simple and cartoony and evolves into some of the most gorgeous, vibrant paintings for panels. the story is EXTREMELY engaging and i’ve been reading it for years. there’s also some rlly cute queer stuff… no spoilers.

i’m almost positive you’ve already SEEN some of Hark! A Vagrant’s strips around the internet. they’re fucking iconic and I don’t really need to say more to you. all i have to do is show you.

now it’s time to talk about Bad Machinery, another BIG FAV. the arcs are cut up to be case-by-case, as a group of school kids solve a slew of supernatural mysteries. I’m really in love with the playful art style and the writing gets. REAL heavy at times. the characters actually do get older and move forward in time as the story progresses, which is something i really appreciate in school-setting comics. pls read it, it’s great.

Kill Six Billion Demons is a new one on my list. It’s…. Insane. I read through it almost all at once, it’s really hard to stop, and it hasn’t been running for too long. The art is some of the most stunning shit I’ve ever seen in my life, forreal. It genuinely makes me want to scream.

Namesake holds a VERY special place in my heart. The illustrations are gorgeous, the wizard-of-oz setting is really cozy for me, and it’s extremely well written. (ALSO QUEER STUFF) don’t pass up this one, yall.

I have a lot more, should I keep going??

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hey, just wanted to let you know that I think there's a typo in your post about Affinity. You wrote photoshop is $10 a month which wouldn't really make any sense :) have a nice day

Hi, anon! 

I think this video explains why photoshop’s pricing model isn’t so friendly:

Because if you pay $10 a month for 12 months (1 year) you’ll be paying $120 for a year. 

And as the video posit what if you use photoshop professionally for 10 years so you’ll be paying a cumulative amount of $1200 (barring any price increase). 

So, paying $50 one time sure beats paying $10 every month that will end up costing you $120/year. In the long run, I think that’s more affordable plan*.

*of course if Affinity is as good as the video suggests! this all means nothing if Affinity is underpowered and lacks all the functionality i need! 

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Maaaak, do you like shoujo? ♥ (I think you mentioned it to me once, but I'm not sure) if you do, what are your favorite anime/mangas?


I do like shoujo :3c  ♥ ♥ ♥ i’ve loved shoujo ever since Cardcaptor Sakura ~ (that was one of my fave childhood animes  ♥)

here’s a list of my favorite ones (so far, in no particular order):


1. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun / My Little Monster
the theme song is sooooooo catchy and adorable and so rainbow-y! there’s a maka look alike! (she’s in my header btw), and haru is just the sweetest dorkiest anime character. i have a soma au for this. and there is a love triangle. i need a season 2. i am dying. save me. this has been one of my favorite shoujo animes for a long time ♥

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2. Kyoukai no Kanata / Beyond the Boundary
it’s kind of not a typical shoujo, because it has a lot of action in it- but the art & animation style is just #artgoals and #gorgeous and the characters are so lovable i could scream. also i have not watched the movies yet but i would so love to watch them soon

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3. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji / Wolf Girl and Black Prince
i honestly would recommend the manga (since it’s better than the anime), but i love the ending song???? it’s so catchy and i will make a soma animation for it one day. this was honestly the inspiration for my mak persona! i only recommend it if you read a bit of the manga and want to see it animated

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4. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso / Your Lie in April
if you’ve seen tumblr posts and gifs about this and know a thing or two about the story, then you know why this is my fave. the art and animation style is AHMAZING, the story is sooooo good??? (feels though im warning you)
the ending could have been a little bit slower? but it still wraps up the anime very well, it gives all the characters closure. (did i mention the characters are all lovable too??). also i want to animate the theme song for soma au not gonna lie

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5. Akagami no Shirayukihime / Snow White with the Red Hair
the ones who produced this was the same animation studio that handled Soul Eater!! (studio bones)!! girl power tbh shirayuki (the red haired girl) is such an independent girl ♥ i love her.
also there’s a white haired boy who i think you’ll love cuz he is already one of my cinnamon rolls. freaking potential SoMa au i tell u (there are 2 seasons but i wish for another one) (also i love shirazenobi) (casually tags @l0chn3ss)

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6. Nisekoi / False Love
soul’s VA is the same as the male main character’s VA. nuff said.
no but seriously i love every single character here. it’s the only harem i would dare to watch. it’s so funny and light-hearted and the plot will keep having twists. it’s really fun to watch. @l0chn3ss@flamedork and i made a SoMa au for it last soma week :D the anime ending had something missing to it, but i believe you’ll still enjoy it nonetheless ♥

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7. Nagi no Asukara / A Lull in the Sea
OKAY I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TBH out of all of the shoujo animes i listed as my fave, this one takes the cake. i actually did not expect any of the twists, and the story goes really deep. the ending could have gone better tbh (im so salty about how it ended too quickly), but the characters and how everyone interacts, it just makes you keep wanting to watch it D:
(plus! the art style is adorable im crying about it. the animation of the waves and the sea– and the opening and ending themes are soooo cool ♥ )

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8. Cardcaptor Sakura
oldie but goodie! there’s also a reboot coming up (or a sequel i think? based on the new Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Cards manga- which is so amazing for people who love nostalgic shows) idk if i can say any more about it, but it’s a magical girl story! and i love every single character. syaoran is my blushy-blush child.

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9. Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru / This Art Club Has a Problem!
this was one of the most recent i’ve watched and it’s totally not like all the others. mainly because… it’s just so random? it’s a school anime about an art club and i just love the characters and the randomness of it all. i totally ship these two who are just so cute together but the guy is too dense. eurghhh
(this anime has a manga but i havent read it so i cant say much about it)

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10. Tamako Market
this is one of the cutest shoujo i’ve ever seen. oh my gosh- you will love tamako. for sure. also! the animation is so fluid and adorable! the opening will make u puke rainbows bc of the cuteness, and the ending is so aesthetic, every scene would be worthy for a gifset. the story is different for a school type anime (it’s more centered on the marketplace tamako lives in) and it revolves around all the characters and their development and relationship to tamako :3

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11. Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (i’ve memorized this anime title) / We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Flower We Saw that Day (or in shorter terms: AnoHana)
this anime is definitely one of the best ones. it will make you cry. produced by A-1 pictures, the same ones who animated this prized piece. you will definitely cry. it’s best if you watch for yourself if you havent watched it yet ;w;
p.s. i love menma so much hrhrrrr

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1. Hirunaka no Ryuusei / Daytime Shooting Star
the art style of this manga is my aesthetic tbh. the characters and the love triangle is my fave part– for me, ending could have been less rushed tho (i will fight for mamura) (just a warning, there’s a teacher-student thing going on)


2. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun / My Little Monster
yeah this has a manga too! i love the characters and the love triangle too (you can see i have a type), and the art style is so lit, you’re gonna love it. i don’t remember if i loved the ending, but yeah it’s completed as well

3. Taiyou no Ie / House of the Sun
i don’t remember much of the story anymore (since it was such a long time ago since i last read it), but the art style is so cute it will give u cavities. it’s kind of weird since the couple may seem like siblings, but eh, they’re just really close childhood friends. if you like domestic fluff, you will love this.

4. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji / Wolf Girl and Black Prince
i basically love the character development. the art style also gets better over time and the story so far is going through so many twists. i have not caught up too much so pls no spoilers :“)

5. Akagami no Shirayukihime / Snow White with the Red Hair
yeah this has a manga too! right now the manga is still ongoing so it’s not too late to catch up :”) i also need to catch up though hehe

6. Nisekoi / False Love
it also has a manga!! if the anime is super good, then the manga is so much better. it handles so much character development and i seriously got addicted to it the more i kept reading. unfortunately it’s finished (i wanted to see more heh), but the ending is kept with good closure for each character (for a harem, that’s a blessing), but it also depends on who you’re betting on for raku ;w;

7. Cardcaptor Sakura
honestly im not even sure how many chapters there are, but the new Clear Cards manga is still ongoing, so there’s something to look forward to :D

(not sure if i should add this but i want to talk about it :>)


1. Kimi No Na Wa / Your Name
have i talked about this enough? no? well im gonna talk about it anyway

it’s so amazing. i literally screamed all throughout (well maybe not really).
the animation. the voice acting. the characters. the designs. the music. the aesthetic. the story. THE STORY AGH you will cry. or at least be moved.

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2. Koe no Katachi / A Silent Voice
this movie gave me a great hype tbh. even though the ending could have been a bit more thought out (as you can see i have such a high standards for endings), the story and the feels totally made up for it. it deals with a more serious topic than Kimi No Na Wa but it’s worth the watch esp if you like crying good animation and friendship-type shoujos (but u will have feels. i promise).

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How do the Alpha's react to the fact that Tony embroidered bits of them (painting and arm weirdness) onto his underthings?

With kisses to every bit of him. And I mean EVERY BIT OF HIM wink wink.

Talk about instant boner. The only way to get them harder faster is for Tony to bend over and whimper for them. (The first time he does this in heat Steve actually gets hard so fast he goes light-headed, allowing Bucky a head start. Steve isn’t even mad.)

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YES keep going this fuels me


starting off with a fav of mine, Meaty Yogurt. This particular artist has been a favorite of mine since I was like 14, and one of their other stories, YU+ME, was the first queer story I ever read. The protaganist of Meaty Yogurt follows her as she desperately tries to get out of the town she’s cursed to die in. 

Vattu is one of the most unique webcomics out there, in my opinion. The setting is otherworldly, the story keeps me on my toes, and the art is GORGEOUS. I spend a lot of time lingering on practically text-less pages just to stare at the art, and the COLORS. 

Not Drunk Enough is a horror webcomic, which is unusual for my list lmao. The protaganist, Logan, is trying to find a way to escape a monster-infested laboratory. NDE has a SUPER strong graphic art style and beautiful color sense. If it looks familiar, it’s made by the same person who used to make Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name, which I still own a t-shirt from. Good times.

changing moods a lil, you should also read Cucumber Quest!! i’ve only read through this once, since it’s a little new to me, but it’s SO gorgeous and cute and soft. i find myself p much immediately getting attached to the characters, and the colors are so… so pleasing. 

Blindsprings is another new addition to my comics list, and holy shit you guys, it’s… So beautiful. It reads like a fairy tale, and if you like conflicts between the magic and the modern (which i do), you’ll love blindsprings. the art genuinely makes me want to pass out. there’s some queerness in the comic too, don’t go thinking there ain’t.

Johnny Wander is written by ananth and illustrated by yuko, both of which are people i would die for. it’s a slice-of-life journal webcomic a lot of the time, but sometimes they put up short stories, which have a modern fantasy feel of their own. The art is just so strong and pretty. reading it genuinely just makes me feel like i know and love these ppl.

Dumbing Of Age is another slice-of-life webcomic I like- it takes place on a college campus and most of the time takes up the life of a comedy comic, but it touches on a lot of serious themes that actually hit v close to home for me

I’m looking through my list and I think this is most of them!! I hope yall enjoy!

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Do you not want kids? Not asking accusingly, your tags on a recent post just made me curious as to what your actual stance was.

Hey Nonnie! 

Nope, no kids for me in the near or far future :) 

I don’t see myself fit to raise a child, and I honestly wouldn’t want to bring one into this fucked up world. I also don’t want to be pregnant, I’m frankly scared of all the changes to my body and I’m scared of childbirth and I honestly don’t see myself ready/fit/suitable to take care of a kid. It’s just a whirlwind of reasons I don’t want to have kids :)

I’m fully supportive of those who do want them, though. If you’re ready and it’s something that you want, I 100% got your back :) We’re all free to make the choices we want in order to live our lives as happy as possible :)

Hugs! <3

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do u have any pure larries i can follow?

i am maily following louies but some of them are pure larries so here they are ✨
@jhoappreciationblog @louieurl @backtolouie @kiwilouis @lgbtqialouis @therogueankle @louisosoft @yvesaintlouis @harryden @alloutshirt @roselouis
@modellou @fireprooof @gigglelou 

wish you could ask me abt pure louies that would be easier and id tag every mutual 

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this is for the @slytherdornet and @hprarepairnet hogwarts challenge!

  • everything was different after the war when ron returned to hogwarts. 
  • people changed, the school environment changed, the difficulty of classes changed.
  • ron was having a hard time adjusting back to normal, especially when it came to what seemed like re-learning potions.
  • he knew he needed to take the newt level examination in potions and pass to become an auror, but he was struggling.
  • in every class, he seemed to mix up ingredients.
  • but thankfully, no one made fun of him like they used to before the war.
  • even the slytherins were quiet.
  • but slughorn had stepped ron aside quite a few times after class to tell him he needed extra assistance, but ron insisted he would be fine.
  • slughorn didn’t push him. he supposed it was because he knew about fred’s death, and no one tried to push him.
  • sometimes ron missed being pushed, at least it would bring a sense of normalcy. that’s what he thought, anyway.
  • ron went to potions one day thinking it would be like any other class, but he couldn’t be more wrong.
  • “quiet everyone! please settle down! i have decided to assign everyone potions partners,” slughorn announced, “i think it will not only improve class morale and potion-making, but it will bring about new alliances.”
  • many of the students groaned, and ron glanced over to give harry a look.
  • harry rolled his eyes, but then he smirked as slughorn told everyone to settle down again.
  • “i will read off the names of your partners. as soon as your name is called, please move to sit next to your partner and get started on the lesson for today. first off, hermione granger and draco malfoy!”
  • the class exploded into whispers, some excited and some fearful, but hermione proudly got up from her seat and made her way towards draco. ron swore he saw draco blushing.
  • “harry potter and pansy parkinson!”
  • pansy rolled her eyes as well as harry, but harry made his way over to pansy. he knew better than to think pansy would get up from her seat to go towards him.
  • “susan bones and theodore nott! hannah abbott and padma patil!”
  • the list of names seemed to last forever until ron’s name was called, and once he heard who his partner was, he wanted to run out of the classroom immediately.
  • “blaise zabini and ronald weasley!” 
  • ron tried not to make eye contact with blaise. something about him had always made him nervous and uncomforrtable, even though they had hardly spoken.
  • but he realized blaise was not moving.
  • he dared to glance his way, and he noticed blaise was staring a hole straight through him.
  • but it wasn’t a hole of hatred, it was a look of curiosity.
  • because it was obivous ron wasn’t going to move towards him, blaise raised his brow.
  • he was challenging him, and ron was going to win.
  • in response, ron raised both his brows and and his shoulders to show he was waiting for him.
  • blaise couldn’t take it anymore as slughorn started to berate him, and he rolled his eyes as he glided towards ron.
  • once blaise was sat down next to him, ron could not help but watch his fingers as he unpacked his supplies. they were long and dark, and ron couldn’t help but think about how soft they probably would feel against his skin.
  • he blushed at the thought, and blaise seemed to notice.
  • “weasley, when you’re done having a moment over my hands, would you like to get started on our assignment?”
  • ron’s neck was now flushing as well, and he opened and closed his mouth a few times. he wasn’t sure how to respond, but blaise didn’t wait for his answer as he took the assignment from ron and started adding ingredients to their cauldron.
  • “i’m assuming slughorn put me with you because you’re struggling and i’m the best potions student in the class,” blaise commented, “don’t worry, your marks will go up with me around.”
  • ron grunted, “you know, i can figure this out on my own, thanks.”
  • stubbornly, he stole the assignment back from blaise and started to put the rest of the ingredients in.
  • he could feel blaise’s intense eyes on him, and it made him nervous.
  • he dropped the last piece of boomslang skin into the cauldron, and he couldn’t take it anymore.
  • “what are you staring at?” ron hissed.
  • blaise blinked a few times and studied him for a second longer, but then he started stirring the cauldron.
  • “i like to stare at beautiful things, ronald weasley. is that a crime?
  • ron tried to sputter out a response, but blaise smirked.
  • “it’s okay, weasley,” blaise reassured him, “i won’t tell anyone.”
  • ron blinked multiple times in a row as slughorn came and checked everyone’s cauldrons.
  • “why is there boomslang skin in this potion?” slughorn asked ron, “it wasn’t listed in the instructions.”
  • but blaise covered for him, “that’s my slip up, professor, i figured i would try my own concoction.”
  • slughorn didn’t look convinced as he eyed blaise, but then he replied, “well, alright. just don’t try that again, mr. zabini. you must mix the potion exactly as it is stated in the instructions.”
  • blaise nodded as slughorn walked away, and ron couldn’t help but stare at him now.
  • “what?” blaise asked innocently.
  • wh-why did you cover for me?” ron blurted out, “it doesn’t make sense.”
  • blaise set down his tools and turned his body so he was now directly facing ron.
  • ron felt like everyone was watching them as blaise leaned forward and whispered in his ear.
  • “because i happen to find you very interesting, weasley,” blaise told him, “and maybe i just want to get on your good side.” 

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think of dan in the harry potter/hogwarts masterlist isn't working i think the user changed their name or something or it got deleted :(

Think of Dan - Harry Potter AU. Hufflepuff, Phil Lester, drifts into the Forbidden Forest in an attempt to keep thoughts far from his ex-boyfriend, Dan Howell, only to encounter a Dementor, forcing him to think of the brown-haired boy.

just a url change!


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Marco looks kinda whitewashed in your ml x svtfoe au, it's very cute but marco is more brown :c

Oh nono, if you meant the second picture with full of different doodles,

it’s not whitewashed. I just lowered the opacity of the color for sketch visibility (and also artist’s preference) purposes.

here’s what it actually looks like at 100% opacity.

Marco’s not really more brown. (He might appear as that sometimes in some scenes due to lighting) He’s rather pinkish.

And in fact, since I’m one of those artists who really loves warm colors as preference and palette,

I went a bit darker for my fanarts, I use the one on the right as a skin color for Marco Diaz.

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What do you think of Jackie's "future" in 'It's a Wonderl Life'?

This is Eric’s imagination. He only knows Jackie as Kelso’s girlfriend and nothing else. For him, she’s some lame girl that is always being dragged into Kelso’s web no matter what to the point he doesn’t even remember that Jackie had big obvious crush on Hyde that almost made his best friend lose his place at Eric’s house.

Eric is hurt during this dream, he’s depressed and thinking only about himself. I know there’s people that like to take this episode as some sort of canon, that he really was visited by an Angel that showed him the alternate universe in which he didn’t kiss Donna, but for me is obvious that it wasn’t the case.

I will talk a little about Donna, Hyde/Donna (yikes, yikes) and Eric/Donna to make my point clear.

Donna would had never accepted Hyde. Her feelings for Eric weren’t born from that one kiss. She has liked him for a while, just like Eric has liked her since forever. That’s the point of their relationship. But since Eric is hurt, he is blind to the good things of his relationship with her and the fact that, even if they are broken up, Donna loves him. Their problem is that they want different things at the moment.

Had Hyde been waiting for her, then it meant he was there when she came back home AFTER the kiss. So what? Wouldn’t he try to kiss her anyway? Boy, that arc could been resolved way earlier then. We all saw what happened when Hyde FORCED HIMSELF on her. He got slapped, rejected, and told he was an ass.

Just like that, this theory of it being real falls down. 

Donna not kissing wouldn’t had affected Jackie at all. She would had tried her best to bond with Donna because that’s what she wanted since the pilot, to be friends with her. If Donna hadn’t start dating Eric since the beginning, then they would talk about him and what can Donna do, and probably about Hyde since he would had been probably the worst to be around at the moment, thinking he has a chance with poor Donna who simply DOESN’T WANT HIM.

She would had rejected Hyde, Kelso would have cheated on Jackie and she would had run to Hyde, who would take her to prom so she would shut the fuck up (and just because I can, I think Donna would had asked Eric to go with her to prom herself), Jackie would hero worship him later, they would had gone to that date… 

But in that dream, it’s Eric’s world. And everything is about him. He has his relationship with Donna in a pedestal, and he believes they are the perfect couple. When they are not together, then there’s no love in the world and everyone’s lifes are horrible, especially his and Donna’s (also, let’s not talk how Eric actually sees Hyde /: What a bad friend, to be honest).

It’s pretty selfish of him. He doesn’t know Jackie and he only pictures her as the worst and considers her pathetic (and himself superior), that’s why she is pathetic and a mess in his dream.