My once every-few-months request: Still looking for VIN: 194370S410842

Trying to track down one of my original Corvettes: ‘70 LS5 454 high compression big block, Classic white, 4 speed A/C coupe. 972/400/A31/C60/J50/N40 codes, Tech Center history. Well known S. Fla car with show and gymkhana/pro-solo comp victories. Bought new Ed Morse Chevrolet, Ft. Laud, summer of 1970; Ansen Sprints and Motion paint added fall of ‘70. Time to call home…

Mo has taken the ugly duckling Compact model of the E36 family and somehow turned it into a seriously cool little car. Mo’s taste and interests when it comes to drifting has resulted in a car that’s had an identity crisis somewhere between Japan and Germany.

Polished 15 x 8J ET0 Ansen Sprint wheels, low ride height courtesy of GAZ coilovers, and plenty of negative camber transform the Compact’s unusual body shape into something much tougher. Mo’s also developed his own SUPERSTYLE knuckles for improved steering lock.

I’ve never taken too much of a liking to BMWs as drift cars, but in the UK they make a whole lot of sense from a financial standpoint. Cheap to buy and cheap to modify the E36 is definitely not a car you’ll see a lack of at most practice days in this country. With a large majority being pretty much standard and not much to look at I have a bad habit of blanking them out in my mind, however Mo and his Superstyle E36 has a certain character to it that makes it stand out from the rest.