Ansel Adams Wilderness


Some interesting conversations during a recent backpacking & fly fishing trip in the eastern Sierra.  America used to be a relatively egalitarian place with a strong middle class.   Is this still reality?  Is it still true that if you educate yourself and work hard you will be rewarded?  Everyone in America needs a strong middle class.  Without it we will fail.

Everything you need for an upcoming few days in the Ansel Adams Wilderness.  Never ever leave home without your camera and your fly rod.  Canon 7D and a 3 weight Sage One for this mission.  Maybe even find some Golden Trout.  


NEW fall photos from BLMer Bob Wick!   #SeeBLM

“I took off early yesterday to do a marathon trip over to the Eastern Sierra to get an aspen fall-color fix.  I was afraid that I would miss the leaves this year but there were still some dramatic colors showing.  I coincided last night’s trip with the October full moon–the Hunter’s Moon.

The Conway Summit Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) is managed by the BLM California’s Bishop Field Office, adjacent to U.S. 395, so it offers some of the most accessible and spectacular fall color viewing areas anywhere in California. The backdrop is formed by 12,000 foot peaks of the Ansel Adams Wilderness and Yosemite National Park. The last of the color will probably last through this weekend unless rain/snow knocks off the leaves.”