I may have listened one too many times to a certain opening and all its countless remixes and versions while thinking about my sons like I always do.

Day 12: SET C - “Gradient”

Your behavior towards me changed. You changed.

It was important to keep a close eye on the wielder of the keyblade.
Up to this very day, I cannot claim to know the full truth behind Xemnas’ – behind Xehanort’s plan. The essential part this boy played in it was obvious nonetheless. It was only logical to let you watch him.

As always though, you didn’t quite act as I was expecting.
You never did, and still I could have never forseen the outcome this would cause. By the time I realized, it was already too late.

I was already losing you to him.

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  1. Serendipity - The Heirs OST
  2. Quit Playing Games With My Heart- Backstreet Boys
  3. Last Christmas- SHINee  (cover)
  4. Mystery- Hyoyeon
  5. Steps- Taemin
  6. Another Heart Calls- All American Rejects
  7. I’m A Loner- CNBLUE
  8. Moonlight- Onew 
  9. Catallena- Orange Caramel
  10. Inspiration- Jonghyun

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Lost Country Heart

Lost Country Heart
“Another vice, another call, another bed I shouldn’t have crawled out of”
Living in a small town has it’s perks, but it can also be very lonely. In my case, I don’t blend in with what’s normal, meaning that people think there’s got to be something wrong with me when I’ve always been a little lost in life. My name’s Taylor, and I live in Owensboro, Kentucky. I’m a southern girl through and through, it runs deep in my blood. I don’t have blonde hair, tanned legs, or a cute, little, petite frame, meaning I don’t look like the girl country singers describe in their songs. When I look in the mirror, I see long, chocolate brown hair that develops natural blonde highlights in the summer, ever changing blue eyes that range from an icy clear blue, or a darker midnight blue, and pale pink lips that somehow always end up in a pout that curves into a smile.
Growing up hasn’t always been easy for me. I have gone through a lot of emotional heartache that a child, or young adult, shouldn’t have to go through. For the longest time, I wondered if  anyone cared about how their actions affected me.  In my family, I have a wonderful mother who is one of my idols because she always taught me that no matter what, I need to use my voice and follow my dreams whatever they may entail. My dad is a very hardworking man: a real “keep working hard and you will receive great things in life” type of guy. He lives for his family and wife, which is something I have always admired since I was a little girl. I also have an older sister named Keala that’s eight years older than me. She’s strong willed, yet has a very caring heart. I have a backbone and I’m not scared of standing up to anyone because of that woman. I thank her for that every single day.
When I was eleven, I really began to doubt I was good enough. I found out my sister was pregnant by her college boyfriend. It shocked me, because I knew the dreams she had of going to fashion design school. Sadly, these dreams were put on hold. Having to adjust to not being the “baby” in the family and everyone fawning over the new “bundle of joy” made me feel so insignificant, lonely, and uncared for. Six months after Keala had my nephew, my grandfather died from colon cancer. It ended up throwing me into this overwhelming sadness that felt like I was being swallowed up by a dark force that I couldn’t escape from. My saving grace was music; all different kinds ranging from R&B soul stuff to Rock n Roll and Country. I began singing at the age of fourteen in my school’s choir. For my audition,I choose to sing At Last by Etta James. I planted my feet like a tree trunk, gripped the microphone with my left hand so tight my knuckles turned white, and began singing with my eyes shut tightly. Once I finished, I opened my eyes to see my whole choir class cheering and clapping for me. Ever since, I just couldn’t stop. I remember when my teacher told me that I needed to sing and let my voice be heard. I decided that it wasn’t a choice: I had to let it out.
When I started High School, I was so uncool and I had an awkward phase. I was sure no guy would ever notice me, and I was right up until my Sophomore year. I came back from summer vacation a totally different person. I had lost a little weight, learned how to dress properly, and actually did my hair and makeup. I finally had developed some major confidence, which is how I met my first boyfriend. His name was Sawyer and he was the quarterback of the football team. He was an all-American boy: he loved football, going muddin (driving big trucks through the mud), and sipping on a ice cold Bud Light. Seven months of dating floats by, when I found out he had been “hooking up” with another girl. I was beyond pissed. I jogged to my car so I didn’t cry at school.  On my way to the car, I passed a sign that read; “End Of The Year Talent Show May 25th!”. Instead of crying about Sawyer, I decided to have a little fun. In turn, I entered the show.
The night of the show came and everyone in school showed up, including my family, my friends, and, of course, Sawyer. I peeked behind the curtain, feeling someone tap on my shoulder, telling me it’s time for me to go on. I walked on stage, grabbed the mic stand as the music starts. “Right now, he’s probably slow dancing with a bleach blonde tramp, Right now he’s ordering her some fruity little drink because she can’t shoot a whiskey, standing up behind her showing her how to shoot a combo.” Oh yes, I sang Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood to a full auditorium of people, including that cheating asshole of a boy. He then he proceeded to fast walk out of the place by the time I sang the last note. I showed him not to mess with me every again!
After graduating, I choose to move out to Nashville to try my luck at becoming a professional singer. I used all the money I saved up working at this little diner in town. I got in my car and started the drive to my new home state, hoping that I could actually make a name for myself. When I got there, I  got myself a nice little apartment right next to the bars and clubs were where I had gigs around town almost every night. I got a job at a place called Honky Tonk Central. It was a huge, loud, and boisterous club that’s known for great live music. I worked as a bartender, until, one night, a nice looking gentleman walked over to the bar where I was pouring drinks. He noticed I happened to be singing along to She Talks To Angels by The Black Crowes ,which spilled through the big speakers above the bar. The man approached me, saying, “Hey, I heard you singing. I like your voice a lot, would you be interested in an opening slot on Friday night at the Bluebird Cafe?” I couldn’t believe what this man was saying. I was shocked, but beyond excited for this opportunity. The whole rest of the week, I was beyond nervous, trying to figure out what my set list was gonna look like, what outfit I’d wear, and praying to every musical god I have ever looked up to in life that this showcase was going to be a hit.
Friday night came before I knew it. I showed up to the Bluebird, wearing a light-wash pair of skinny jeans, a white cotton 70’s inspired blouse, and a pair of cowboy boots. I also had my lucky diamond studs that were given to me by my grandmother just before she passed away. I knew she was there with me in spirit. I got up on stage, beginning my set for the night. I had chosen songs I personally like to listen to. They included Vice by Miranda Lambert, I’d Rather Go Blind by Etta James, Hard To Handle by The Black Crowes, and, to end my set, Piece Of My Heart by Janis Joplin. The last few lines of Piece Of My Heart flowed out of my mouth and the place enraptured into fits of cheering. I even received a standing ovation. I felt like I had won the lottery because all different kinds of greats in music have played at the Bluebird Cafe, and I had just played there too.
I decided to go get a drink afterwards. While I sat down on the stool, the guitar player of the house band sat next to me, striking up a conversation. His name was Mason, he had chestnut brown hair and it wasn’t short or long but just enough to run your fingers through. He also had fluorescent green eyes, paired with a sweet smile. I ordered us two Bourbons on the rocks as we chatted about our musical influences, where we grew up, and how important the art of songwriting really is in this decade.
One two many bourbons and whiskey shots later, we stumbled out of the club, arms latched onto each other. Mason was leading us to his place, which happened to be just down the street and around the corner. Once, we got there, he pushed me up against the wall as our lips interlocked together, my hands running through his soft hair as his hands ran down my waist to my butt, giving it a squeeze. I giggled, involuntarily breaking our kiss. I suggest we go to the bedroom. He takes my hand, walking me to his room, telling me to lay on the bed. I sit, kicking off my boots as he does the same. I lay down on the bed as I watched him begin to light candles and walk over to the record player. He picks out a record, placing the needle down. I smile when I hear the words of the song Miss You, by The Rolling Stones. This man was sure making the mood perfect.
Crawling into bed, he quickly met my lips, beginning to make out. I pulled away, letting him remove my blouse as I took his white button down off, revealing his toned abs. Smiling, I watched his eyes widen as he noticed my ample cleavage displayed before him, earning a sexy smirk from him. He then takes off his jeans showing off a nicely sized package, causing my mouth to curve into an ‘o’ shape, persuading me to wiggle out of my jeans. I remove my bra, freeing my breasts. Mason removes his boxer briefs,  hooking his thumbs into my panties to slowly pull them down. We each spend some time pleasuring each other in many different ways, but the moment that he pushed himself inside me had me gasping for air. Moans slipped through both of our mouths, some of which were his name as well as profanities. I couldn’t believe that this man was making me feel this good. We fell asleep after making love for a few hours, listening to each others heartbeats becoming one cohesive beat.
I wake up from sunlight that’s twinkling through his curtains, turning to my right to see this beautiful man sleeping next to me. His tanned skin lying upon my pale skin was a sight I never wanted to forget. I leaned off my side of the bed to reach into my bag for my phone, noticing I have a missed call from the guy who gave me the opening slot at the Bluebird Cafe. While I quietly tip toed into the bathroom, I called him back. He explains that the country musician, Frankie Ballard, needs an opening artist for his tour and he thinks I’d be perfect match for the gig. I accepted, learning that I leave tonight at 6pm. I walk back into the bedroom, picking up my things and writing a note on the pillow explaining everything, hoping he understood that I had to take this job. I left to go home to pack for the tour, and as 6pm rolls around, I board Frankie’s bus, wishing that I get a call from Mason. What a night!


ok so 

1. colton is so cute what a babe

2. ian’s head knocked my hair out of place so i actually really didn’t like this photo but then when i got the photo signed he said “wow look at you you’re gorgeous” and so i love it now lmao


4. surprise surprise another ian photo wow who would have guessed i’m surprised ian doesn’t look pissed in this cos i asked for a piggyback and he was like “oh no sweetie i can’t i’m sorry” and i jokingly said “well jr did say you were old” and he started laughing and went “i’m SO old”

5. i’m lucky sprayberry is not frowning in this cos he is a lil mark sheppard in his photos i stg


When an obsidian heart misses another

I call you home with haunted breath, for when you are here I am able to rest the best.

The day is too bright and far too long, and you have been gone for far, far too long.

Take your time and do your tasks, but know at home together we shall rest at last.

I call you home with haunted breath, blackened heart, and wicked dreams.

I call you home with haunted breath, come when you can, I have made this place for you, come when you can, think of me when you are gone, come home when you can.