Snagged one of @drathe‘s quick commissions and decided to get my brotp to end all brotps, Trinne and Jowan. This turned out so great and I love it so much(I’ve always adored the way she draws Jowan and have left many borderline embarrassing dA comments to that effect *cough*). My baby and her brother bff on an adventure and having fun together is one of the things I live for.  :D Thank you!

10 Ahsoka Quotes to use in Everyday Life

( and therefore make your life more sassy, dramatic and just generally more  cool)

1. “Careful not to choke on your stupidity”

2. “Who else would wear a hat like that?”

3. “ Well, this is another fine MESS you’ve gotten us into!”

4. “I’m not so young, anymore.” 

5. “ Well, it seems like boys are the same whether they’re  Republic or Separatist.” 

6. “NO! I’m not going to take the fall of something I DID’NT DO.”

7.  “ I can handle it.” 

8. “ I know you believe in me Anakin, and I’m grateful for that.”

9. “I wouldn’t want to meet you on the battlefield, for you sake. 

10. “What are you doing with a gun anyhow, you’re not a fighter!”  

Number 10 is my favorite, just sayin ;) 

A Dark One, A Caretaker, And A Baby


Rumple’s gaze into the future was nice, but it was often problematic in the sense that what he saw could be either out of sequence or not account for a lapse in time. A more recent vision showed him two images, one of a couple about to have a baby but would gladly trade it away and another couple that would gladly trade for a baby. He was already on his way back to the castle after he was summoned for the baby from the couple that was having it, he assumed that he would be summoned form the next couple at any second however he wasn’t. Another fine mess that that seer’s power had gotten him into, he had a baby he didnt want or care for stuck with him until he was summoned to give this baby up.

As he entered the castle he was greeted by his maid/caretaker of the castle, “Here, take care of this for me.” he said with a gruffness in his voice as he thrusted the baby in the woman’s arms and started to walk away without another word. 

Happy Kaisoo Day!

Here it finally is! The Kaisoo Day Special! (a little late >.<) These prompts were given to me by my friends. I hope you guys enjoy them!! 

Not All Good Boys Go To Heaven

Written for Maddie
Genre: Smut, Top!kai
Rating: M
Length: 3.7k w.
Prompt: Choir boy, Jongin, has his eyes set for Priest Kyungsoo.

The bump is staged, he knows. Long, lithe fingers come in contact with his back, brushing in a gentle stroke as opulent brown irises peer into his own. They stare at him for a moment, flashes of desire reflecting deep within. Kyungsoo drowns inside those pools of light, mild coherence seeping into his awareness as he hears the words ‘I’m sorry’ gently tumble from the boy’s lush pink lips.

With You

Written for GiGi
Genre: Fluff, Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Length: 2.2k w.
Prompt: Kyungsoo is a quiet and skillful mariner, who has to deal with another fine mess by Kim Jongin, the island’s troublemaker.

“Jongin, knock it off!” Kyungsoo yells when he sees the boy playing with ties of the stationed sailboat at the dock. It’s like he does things specifically to piss Kyungsoo off. Ever since he docked onto this island, Kyungsoo has had to deal with the troublesome boy on numerous occasions. He came to the quaint island on an expedition for training as a navigator, however, his mentor could not join him due to other business. Which is why Kyungsoo continues to find himself having large amounts of free time.

Little Green Monster

Written for Arisu
Genre: Fluff, Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Length: 2.3k w.
Prompt: Jongin may or may not be jealous when he sees that his boyfriend, Kyungsoo, is found snuggling with Chanyeol.

It all comes down to control, Jongin thinks. You know, that thing that keeps you sane? Well, he tries maintaining some form of self-control when he walks into the living room and sees his boyfriend sleeping soundly while snuggled up to Chanyeol, who is also asleep. The dorms are empty, save for the three of them this week. The other EXO members are away vacaying in the Bahamas, and a few of them are visiting Universal Studios.

Blooming Halo

Written for Bunny
Genre: Fluff, Domestic Kaisoo
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1.2k w.
Prompt: Jongin stumbles upon a sleeping Kyungsoo with a flower crown and two kids in his arms.

Life drains from his limb as his body treads along on his last burst of caffeine. Staying overtime at his job as an accountant has become his usual working hours and he absolutely hates it. His eyes are barely open when he stumbles up the steps of his apartment building. He tries his best to stand straight and not hunch over like his husband nags him about, but his weariness is dragging him down with every step.

I’ll Have A Side of You

Written for Amy
Genre: Smut, Top!soo
Rating: M
Length: 4.6k w.
Prompt: Chef Kyungsoo has to deal with a strange customer.

“You need to sauté not sear, and I need those vegetables diced not julienne.” Kyungsoo yelled as he rubbed the sweat from his forehead with the back of his palm. His eyes were steady on applying the final touches to a fettuccine pasta with crispy pancetta. Turning around between the two steel rectangular tables, he added a pinch of parsley to top the orzo dish with slow roasted tomatoes. A smile grew on his face as he beheld the results of his work.

anonymous asked:

Obi-Wan and Ashoka mulling over their life choices in masters and padawans whilst waiting outside the Jedi council chambers for Anakin to finish being reprimanded for his latest stunt.

Obi-Wan petitioned specifically not to attend this particular council session. At least, that is the diplomatic way in which he explains it to Ahsoka when he finds her brooding outside the council chamber. In actuality, he told Mace Windu only hours ago that he would, in no uncertain terms, be innegotiably unavailable whenever Master Skywalker returned to Coruscant, because “to say he’s overdone it this time would be an inexcusable abuse of understated language”. Mace reminds him that he has an obligation. Obi-Wan agrees. He finds himself obliged to sabotage the holo-com unit he uses to remotely attend council when he is off-world. He has been rehearsing an angelic, innocent shrug to use when Mace inevitably corners him later.

“Another fine mess he’s gotten himself into,” Ahsoka drawls under her breath, glaring at nothing and everything. Obi-Wan settles into a seat on the bench beside her.

“It’s not the first, nor will it be the last,” he says. Her sigh makes her sink a little further down against the wall.

“Like you have to remind me.” she has the air of a long-suffering creche master.

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Titan (3017) AD


“Well this is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into” ted huffed. Booster swore returning a few,years later to his time to get some parts for his bubble would take five minutes. Instead they were on a world of telepathy all hunting for the fugitive janitor who sole from them

“Thats Another Fine Mess You’ve Gotten Me Into!”

Courtesy Topgearskin

Some lucky denimbro’s out there in Circle A D-33 dungaree’s!

Buster Keaton, Oliver Hardy, Stan Laurel

Hardy’s most famous catchphrase is often misquoted, “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten us into.” The incorrect “another fine mess” comes from the name of one of their short films, made in 1930.

Keaton on Laurel (’s funeral): “Chaplin wasn’t the funniest, I wasn’t the funniest, this man was the funniest.”

Laurel had written his own epitaph: “If anyone at my funeral has a long face, I’ll never speak to him again”