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lmaoo the interviewer was playing around and asked niall to “role play” that the guy was a father of a girl that was going out with niall on a date and how would niall explain the song, slow hands, to him. and niall said something like “well it was her that hit on me, so it wasnt my fault and so i asked if she wanted to come back and she said yes” and the guy was like “and then she asked to do laundry, how do you get sweaty doing laundry?” and niall said  “… was a big load” and then everyone started laughing and he realized what he said and was like “uh, big load of wash….it was a big load of washing…..” and everyone was cracking up and then he goes “yeah, that just happened…” and laughed lol he tried rEAL hard to save himself lol 

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So Harry basically sang the soft songs off his album😢

i can’t really emphasize how much this is…. i just i really can’t articulate it. he wasn’t in much of a mood to celebrate, as he said. it wasn’t a night for dancing around and screaming to lyrics and getting hyped up. he’s heartbroken, and he’s hurting for his home and for the victims and for their families. that was a very respectful tribute, picking the softer songs and doing an acoustic set, while allowing a moment of silence for the victims. he still went on stage and performed for those fans because he knew that a lot of them traveled to see him and they paid money. and they paid money for charity, too. like, every dollar went to a local charity. that’s just - i’m really emotional because of the generosity in his heart and how kind and considerate he is. it couldn’t have been easy to get on that stage, but he did it. for charity, no less. for the fans. as a tribute to those lives lost and the families broken. with a lot of emphasis on putting love back into the world, for pleading with people just to love one another

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Hi!! Why does the John Ryan post sound like Louis was a problem!? And what is with the ego connect?? Just surprised by his comments I guess. Your thoughts??

I’m listening to the podcast now, I’ll have an educated opinion when I hear it in context, but at the moment, I’m thinking that Louis was pushy and aggressive with the songwriters while in 1D so that the sound of the band was THEM not their assigned songwriters.

And the songwriters resented the fuck out of that.

But in both cases, John Ryan and Savan Kotecha have said that they get along fine with Louis now.  Julian Bunetta apparently always meshed well with Louis and he ended up being the primary writer for the band, I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

It’s just funny that John and Savan still haven’t figured out what was happening then or why Louis was so difficult for them to work with (which is the exact opposite of what Steve Aoki said about him). 

As someone else said, the ego problem wasn’t Louis’, it was the writers that just couldn’t understand why this ONE member of the band, the one with no solos, was such a loudmouth when the others would have gone along with them (at first, I’m sure they all got more confident later on). Louis wasn’t fighting for his ego, he was fighting for everyone else’s and for the quality of the band.

Honestly, I’m so fucking proud of Louis.

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Not sure if you're still accepting these but I like to Hc that Hanzo "canonly has tiny little legs/ankles" Shimada can lift Jesse "over two hundred pounds of muscle" McCree with such an ease that its scary sometimes. (It also turns him on like no one's business.) I mean come on, those buffed up arms and torso can take it, right?

“Can you even lift Bruh?” -some rando’s famous last words

I am in complete McGreement, that if Hanzo Tiny-Ankle Shimada can chuck his Full-Metal-Bro across a balcony than lifting the CowBae ain’t nothin’. 

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We havent had any headcanons in a while *wink wink nudge nudge*

and a *wink wink nudge nudge* to you too, anon

  • pidge: “when have i ever lied?” hunk: “wh- you literally created a fake identity??”
  • lance refuses to learn the actual definition of quiznak
    • i mean he can pretty much guess it
    • but he’s not allowed to curse at home so quiznak’s perfect because he can just keep pretending he doesn’t know it’s a bad word
    • “you’re still using it incorrectl-” “shut up keith i need plausible deniability”
  • *food network voice* “chef coran has crafted… something”
  • lance, after being slightly inconvenienced: “this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me” keith: “…didn’t you get blown up that one time?”
  • Shiro the Hero
  • one day lance barges into keith’s room because “that’s it we’re gonna make some hand signals”
    • lance claims they’re doing it because he’s tired of keith not understanding his awesome plans during missions
    • (but lowkey team hand signals are one of his favorite movie tropes)
    • anyway lance and keith are really good at charades now?? good for them
  • allura: “i’m a diplomat who prides myself on my ability to interact with others” [is handed a child] “what the fuck is this”

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Could we please take a moment to honour Georgina Callander (the first identified Manchester victim)? Turns out she was not only a 1d fan, but she was a Louie. I went to place a condolence msg on her IG after an article linked to her IG and saw this photo of OT4 (among many other 1d ones) instagram*com/p/5fqH4fzLmy/ She also went to the last OTRA show and just seemed so full of love. So here's to celebrating one of us and remembering her love for 1d. Rest in peace, Georgina 💔

I didn’t think anything could make this worse. Rest in peace, Angel

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mads dad mikkelsen, jesus christ.

Same. And honestly how dare he wear his Cannes Dad Polo from last year 

again this year

WTF Mikkelsen. 

And to combine it with The Jeans and The Jacket? How. Dare. He. Look at that sunglasses flip. Look at that hair at peak Silver Fox. Never in my life have I seen anyone dad this hard.

It seems we are destined to suffer.

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I want to buy a purebred (a Devon Rex to be exact), but everyone keeps telling me to adopt a cat instead. However, I feel like a Devon would fit me better. Do you think I should go through with buying a cat or just adopt one?

if you think a Devon Rex would mesh with you better, buy a Devon Rex!

responsible breeders do not contribute to overpopulation & shelter deaths, which is why I really don’t care for the ‘adopt don’t shop’ movement (this post sums up my thoughts on that)