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Could you make some Tododeku headcannons pls?

  • Todoroki thought he hated physical contact until he got a deku hug and now he’s always got his head on midoriya’s shoulder or lap demanding midoriya play with his hair 
  • Todoroki is the clingy one, he’s always either holding midoriya’s hand or onto the hem of his shirt 
  • THAT BEING SAID todoroki isolates himself at times and deku knows exactly when todoroki needs some time alone or needs some attention
  • deku always has questions about todoroki’s quirk and todoroki will always answer them seriously, no matter what time it is (deku @ 3am: todoroki-kun do you get brainfreeze / todoroki, half asleep: yeah, my brain freezes things i guess) 
  • they’re a pair that can sit together in silence perfectly comfortably 
  • todoroki: i dont know i dont like dogs that much/ deku: really? i love dogs!/ todoroki: … / todoroki: i love dogs 
  • that post that’s like A: what’s your favourite colour / B: guess / A: hmm, yellow! and A wasn’t right but B said yes anyway bc B didn’t have a favourite until A said yellow bc that’s tddk 
  • deku mentions he likes a specific candy he’s not been able to find in passing, rich boy todoroki “stumbles upon” 10 boxes of them 3 weeks later
  •  todoroki: im tired../ deku: want me to carry you? / todoroki: marry me

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I'm not sure if anyone has asked this before, but what is your process you take to make such amazing scenery in your art? As an aspiring artist I kinda struggle with it. Your art is so beautiful and blows me away. I love how you manage to make my heartache in the best way with every knew environment you create. I hope one day I can even be a fraction as good an artist as you. 💜👌

Hey, thank you so much! ❤️ I’m absolutely sure that if you work hard you can do anything I can do.

For most of my work I’ll start with a prompt (either from a client or any idea I have, maybe something I’ve had rolling around in the back of my mind or in an old sketchbook), and then do some research to build on that vague idea (looking at photos for lighting or color ideas, movie stills, my reference/inspiration folders, googling specific items or locations, maybe listening to music or audiobooks that will set the mood haha.)* With all those thoughts in mind I start sketching out ideas and compositions, until I figure out the best way to fit everything I want into one sketch. At that point all that’s left is finishing up the final image however you want. :)

The process that works best for me might be different for you though - how I work and where I get my ideas is a combination of practice and experimentation, inspiration from noticing the tiny specifics of what you find interesting and fun in the world around you and in other people’s art, studying movies and comics and stories that you like for their strong sense of place (for me that’s Daisuke Igaraishi & Irie Aki’s manga, Ghibli & Cartoon Saloon & Laika’s movies, Over the Garden Wall, etc), and maybe a little anxious inclination for escapism haha. But think about what exactly you appreciate in your favourite artists work or the things you like looking at, and how your own taste and experiences comes together for something new.

For more specific technical advice, you could also scroll through my ask tag or wip/process tags!

(*Here’s 2 examples of how I use references - these stick a little more closely to the photo ref than I usually do, since I took the photos myself! I’d also highly recommend Austin Kleon’s Steal Like an Artist book/blog posts, which have tons of great thoughts on the artistic process, & really informed my work when I was starting out)

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Im?? Lvoe?? Ur headcanans for tododeku and shinkami like oh man any kiribaku cuz boi i legiT wanna fanart ur canons okay bye im dyiNG

  • kirishima starting playfights and bakugou taking it as a challenge is the reason why pillowfighting is banned in the dorms
  • bakugou is the hoodie stealer
  • kirishima randomly suplexing bakugou and has only gotten away unscathed twice
  • kirishima giving bakugou soft kisses and then suddenly blowing raspberries on his tummy
  • kiri: hey u wanna play mario kart / baku: no it’s for losers and babies / kiri: just say you’re bad at it / baku: give me the remote 
  • bakugou definitely cries at romantic movies i mean kirishima does too but bakugou definitely 
  • kirishima steals bakugou’s phone if bakugou happens to leave it and uses the camera to take a bunch of dumb selfies, if kirishima leaves his phone bakugou will do the same except he’ll take rly zoomed in pics of kirishima’s face.
  • kirishima takes pics of bakugou’s cute sleeping face before doing the whipped cream prank
  • bakugou when he’s sick is very calm and sweet, kirishima when he’s sick is very cranky and crabby 
  • bakugou is ticklish but kirishima isn’t
  • bakugou has soft snores!!!!

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you know... sometimes i think that i may like girls and i'm not completely gay,,, but then i get on your blog and see your marauders and i'm just a huge gay mess...

(( OOC: My blog is the definition of gay mess… so I guess you fit right in. )) 

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Art request: Joan and Talyn think that the "Sanders Sides" is something fictional, but they accidentally walked in on all them with Virgil is on top of a bookshelf, looking smug, Roman, trying to wack him down with a broom screaming, "TAKE THAT BACK YOU EMO NIGHTMARE!" Logan, holding the broom or Roman to keep from advancing, Patton, with Virgil eating cookies and sharing them with him, and Thomas, with a "This is normal" face. I'll leave the reaction up to you! Bonus: Thomas explanation.

How could I resist drawing my favorite trope?


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oh man, my bi ass loves the way you draw hobgoblins. how do u think more feminine hobgoblins look, in comparison to the more masculine hairy bois?

i think the sexual dimorphism in hobgoblins wouldnt be too diff to what it is in humans, except fem. hobgoblins have bigger horns (ideal for their bi-monthly headbutting contests)

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While I totally agree with the other anons, should we really brush of what Kagami said as “support”? I mean right after saying “I don’t hesitate” She quickly pulled Adrien away from Marinette. When Adrien said “I think I’ll stick with my target” She side-eyed Marinette while frowning then looked back at Adrien directly saying “When you realise you have the wrong target—“ meaning she’s clearly implying that Adrien DOES have the wrong target and she herself is the right target.

but don’t forget that Kagami doesn’t know Marinette very well, and the most she knows about her is that she *thinks* Adrien was really depressed about Marinette not returning his feelings

I didn’t get the impression that she’s calling Marinette the wrong target because “Marinette isn’t as cool as me”, but because “Marinette doesn’t like you back and I do”. like, that’s what Kagami thinks is happening… and I don’t think there’s anything particularly rude about that

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Look at the straight white man spouting his progressive puritanism. No better than the Berniecrats that voted for Trump. The Conservative "bogeyman" won't hurt you, will they? They'll just hurt everyone else. The people that are actually low-income and need help, LGBT+ people who the Tories would gladly shove back into the closet along with women's rights. The worst the Tories will do to you is enact economic policy you don't care for. It's life or death for the actually vulnerable like us.

*screams into the void*




Canada has 3 viable political parties who regularly elects dozens of elected representatives. Your case would only make sense if the NDP was some fringe party like in the USA with less than 5% support who never elects anyone.

The reality is different. The reality is that in recent years the NDP has elected between 44 and 103 seats.

The reality is that the NDP is currently in power in two provinces, representing millions of people.

As I have said over and over again, the NDP merely needs about 10% support to form government. This would require only 1 in 3 Liberals voting for the NDP.

Is that really where you’re going to draw a line in the sand: 

Vote for things to never ever improve? Are you seriously ok with that?

With Indigenous rights being routinely violated because at least its not the Conservatives. Of the Liberals blatantly lying and giving up most of their major promises because hey at least its not the Conservatives. The Liberals making a mockery of environmental policies, because hey Andrew Scheer would totally be worse!

If you keep voting Liberal you will never get pharmacare. You will never get tuition prices cut. You will never get interest on student loans eliminated. You never get dental coverage. You will never get electoral reform. You will never get the gay blood ban removed. You will never get real action taken on poverty. You will never get real action taken on climate change. You will never get a chance for Canada to get out of building oil pipelines. You will never get the rich to pay their fair share. You will never get corporations to pay their fair share.

I refuse to be scared of the Conservatives. I will not put my values up for sale just to appease someone who is worse.

I’m tired of strategic voting. I’m tired of voting for someone who while not as bad as the Conservatives will still carry over many of the same policies of the Conservatives, including austerity and privatization.

And guess what? These neoliberal policies hurt the most marginalized in our society the most; the poor, LGBTQ people, people of colour, disabled people.

And these policies are going to come regardless of whether we vote Liberal or Conservative. All you’re voting for is the speed in which your rights are violated and the speed of which social programs are cut to reward big businesses.

Don’t believe me? Read this article on how the Ontario Liberals plunged Ontario into 15 years of painful austerity hurting millions of people:

It’s Time We Dispel The Myth Of ‘Progressive’ Liberalism In Ontario

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How did Bakugou react when Kirishima told him they were expecting a little bundle of Kyousei?

kiri’s family is traditional, not out right, but the type that’s more quietly guilts and judges and talk about you behind your back thinking you can’t hear them? and kiri kinda, resents it? how they attributes his happiness should only be to have a child and be a good mate? it contributes to his low self esteem?? the lot of hurt in there lol


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The NPC meme is the cringiest shit and you should really stop reblogging it. Love you otherwise, though <3

The NPC meme is hilarious because of how accurate it is and how mad it makes the people it applies to, as their response is almost the same verbatim, thus proving the meme applies to them.

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I saw your art with Denki with the hanahaki disease, it was super pretty. I was wondering if you've ever thought of Kirishima having the hanahaki disease?

Kirishima has a huge tendency of having Hanahaki disease in my opinion, since he’s to soft and loves everyone, but he would never have the guts to confess his feelings, since he’s convinced that’s not reciprocal? 

Also he would hide from everyone that he’s suffering from Hanahaki but Bakugou would ~obviously~ find out soon or later!

btw, I tested some different approach with crazy lighting on this piece using references from Pinterest, but I’m not a hundred percent happy with it, but it’s okay, since I kinda dropped the damn Inktober, and now I’m obligating myself do a drawing a day for posting here so– k

Now stop requesting angst pls LMAO 
or nah I just luv it