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What's this "scandal" everybody keeps talking on about Woody Allen and the fact the Sebastian wants to act in one of his films?

It’s not really a scandal and more people standing on a soapbox and not using their common sense. 

Basically Woody Allen is super gross, like he married his stepdaughter, he has a weird obsession with having older men in his movies fall for much younger women, there was sexual abuse allegations too and also he defended Roman Polanski who raped a child. So as a person, Woody Allen is more than a problem. 

However, he is iconic in his craft. He makes movies that are more often than not hugely critically acclaimed films. Sebastian Stan, just to remind everyone, is an actor, and any actor is going to want to work in big critically acclaimed movies, they want the chance to work with people that are considered the best at what they do. And wanting to work with someone doesn’t mean you agree with or support them as a person, it just means you admire the things they create. For example, I know that Johnny Depp has done a whole bunch of shitty things in his time, do i support those things?? No. If someone offered me the chance to work opposite him, would I jump at the chance? Absolutely, bc I recognise his talent and I recognise that working with someone with such a talent would help me better myself as a performer. Like, ask any actor who they want to work with, they’re obviously going to say the people that are widely known as the best within their craft. People seem to forget that first and foremost the guy is an actor and as an actor he is going to want to work with people that can bring out the best performance in him. 

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Isnt it curious that the last cover of Harry, with the recent haircut, doesnt have the 'oh boy!' title?? And it has some lines that look like cracks? Like breaking the glass. Idk if I'm reading too much into it, but maybe Harry will talk about his gender non conforming behaviour or something else if he identifies as such. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it haha

I haven’t noticed that, good catch anon!! But no, I don’t think you’re reaching much here, you know? I think every detail is carefully planned and meaningful. The oh boy missing from this picture gets him as far from the womanizer image as it is possible. 

And I don’t think anything is coincidental here.

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Hello~ I'm the anon that asked about the Dongwoo pool clip a few days ago lol I've been watching so many Infinite videos over the last week and I'm in love with them 😍 I was wondering, could you tell me some of your favorite or interesting facts about each member? Thank you so much :) I really love your blog 💖

Okay you’re my favourite anon at the moment because I LOVE TALKING ABOUT INFINITE OMG COME SIT BY THE FIRE AND LET ME TELL YOU THINGS!


  • Birthday: 28th April 1989
  • Birthplace: Jeonju, South Korea
  • Blood Type: A
  • He was in a rock band at high school
  • He auditioned for SM and JYP before getting into Woollim (who he auditioned for because he was a huge fan of Nell)
  • Sunggyu used to be pretty nervous around dogs, but after doing Birth of a Family with INFINITE he got a lot better
  • He’s actually really clever, when he puts his mind to it. You can see how intelligent he is on The Genius
  • Watch him on 4things Show because it really gives you a good insight into his personality
  • He doesn’t have a good stomach when it comes to foreign food and always takes Korean food with him when he travels abroad
  • Even though he is strict and the other members often mock him, he’s a good leader and truly cares about them. Just watch the first episode of Showtime and you will see what I mean
  • When they were in Japan for concerts recently, both Sungyeol and Sungjong had their birthdays there and Sunggyu personally went out to buy them clothes as gifts
  • He has an allergy to certain types of metals and so he has to be careful about the jewelry he wears (I have the same allergy :3)


  • Birthday: 22nd November 1990
  • Birthplace: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Blood Type: A
  • He used to be a dance teacher before he joined Infinite
  • He is really close to his family. His mum has been on TV shows with him, and he posts pictures of his niece Sebin all the time. Sadly, his dad passed away a few weeks ago. Both his parents always attended his concerts, even ones abroad. He had a box he kept full of receipts and notes of things his parents had got for him so that he could eventually pay them back
  • He’s a really kindhearted and caring person who puts others first and is totally loving towards the other members and the fans
  • He always takes the time to read fan letters, and there are numerous pictures of him doing it at airports before boarding flights
  • He self composed his solo stage for the That Summer 3 Concerts this year
  • His laugh could probably cure all diseases in the world
  • He dressed as a woman on this show and was prettier than I can ever hope to be
  • Dongwoo is a very very heavy sleeper
  • One time he farted on national TV


  • Birthday: 8th February 1991
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Blood Type: B
  • He tried pole dancing on Star King
  • He originally wanted go be a solo singer when he auditioned for Woollim
  • Pre-debut, he was a model for a shopping mall and catalogs
  • Woohyun has an older brother called Boohyun who owns a barbecue restaurant in Seoul
  • He is really close friends with SHINee’s Key and was in the sub-unit ToHeart with him
  • This is my favourite performance of Woohyun’s, from Immortal Song earlier this year when he got the highest score for an idol on the show
  • His audition song for Woollim was Lately by Stevie Wonder
  • He’s known for being the creator of the finger heart, or at least for popularising it
  • He may seem like a total greaseball and like he’s never serious, but he’s a really sweet, thoughtful and loving person. Sometimes he just has too much love, I think. He loves the fans so much, he even wrote and composed a song for them: 함께 (Together)


  • Birthday: 28th March 1991
  • Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
  • Blood Type: AB
  • He is an a-ma-zing dancer, and his performance with Choi Hyojin on Hit The Stage is a thing of absolute beauty that I will never get over
  • He has a YouTube channel called REAL HOYA where he occasionally  posts covers of songs ~
  • Hoya dropped out of high school to follow his dream of being a dancer (but he did get his high school diploma later on)
  • He has acted in dramas, one of my favourites being Reply 1997
  • He is known for his pretty R-rated solo stages
  • He’s got a lot of sass, is known for his sharp tongue and judging faces, and often makes weird jokes only he seems to find funny. He’s also a little awkward baby
  • Hoya has been writing and composing a lot, and a song he co-composed is on the new album - One Day. He also wrote this song, which he performed for 4things Show.
  • He used to have to wear glasses, but had laser eye surgery last year
  • He has two brothers, one older, one younger. And! His birth name was Hodong, but his parents changed it to Howon as their was a popular comedian/MC called Hodong at the time


  • Birthday: 27th August 1991
  • Birthplace: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Blood Type: B
  • He used to study acting at the SM Academy before becoming a trainee at Woollim. He originally didn’t want to be a singer
  • One of his nicknames was Choding (elementary school student) because he was known as a prankster and joker, but he has tried to move away from that image in recent years
  • He has acted in dramas (Please Remember Princess, High School Love On, D-Day and more)
  • Sungyeol always aims to entertain, and his solo/special stages are always amazing
  • During Sesame Player, Sungyeol went through the members’ stuff while they slept and also fed them vinegar bananas
  • He has a younger brother called Daeyeol who is a Woollim trainee
  • He had a cat called Jureumi (which means ‘wrinkles’) but she lives with a member of Woollim staff now. He also has a dog called Aga (baby).
  • He was scouted for Woollim instead of auditioning and was the last member to join INFINITE
  • Sungyeol is a really sweet, funny, kind and caring person. Even though people often mistake him for being childish and silly, he’s a very sensitive guy who takes any criticism to heart and is always trying to be the best he can be


  • Birthday: 13th March 1992
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Blood Type: O
  • Myungsoo was scouted for Woollim too, probably because of his flowerboy looks. He is INFINITE’s visual.
  • He chose the stage name L because of the character in the manga/anime Death Note - he looked a little like him when he had longer hair
  • People say he has two sides to him: L and Myungsoo
  • He has acted in lots of dramas, including ones in Japan. He speaks Japanese well. 
  • He has a cat called Byul (Star)
  • He is known for doing a lot of charity work with disabled children and with animals too
  • Myungsoo loves photography and has actually released his own photobooks in both Korea and Japan (L’s Bravo Viewtiful). You can often spot him with a camera and even his instagram is full of artsy shots.
  • He can play the guitar
  • The other members always tease him for constantly wearing black, but he knows he looks good so who really cares :3


  • Birthday: 3rd September 1993
  • Birthplace: Gwangju, South Korea
  • Blood Type: A
  • He is known for being extremely good at girl group dances
  • He is definitely the “maknae on top” and although he gets teased a lot by the other members, it’s clear that they adore him
  • One time he pretended to be a zombie and has never lived it down
  • One time he awkwardly acted in a drama and has never lived it down (lemon candy)
  • Sungjong is really interested in fashion and often attends shows during Seoul Fashion Week. He always looks freaking flawless, just look through some of his fantaken photos…
  • He is also known for doing charity work
  • He lived with the CEO of Woollim for a while as a trainee so that they could make sure he was attending school
  • He has a teddy bear which he hits whenever he is mad
  • Sungjong has had hate for years over the way he looks or acts, and it means he sometimes overthinks things and worries about his image. Recently he lost 10kg for this comeback by only eating a spoon of food a day. It’s worrying! So we gotta make sure we give him a ton of extra love ~

More important videos to watch:

I hope you find this useful and please do love INFINITE a lot!!! 

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Hey! Do you have any tips on having a mental illness and a chronic sickness but still managing to get good grades? Thanks ♡

Hello! Here are some tips that I’ve posted before that I think might be relevant:

For issues relating to paying attention; sit close to the front of the class so that you’re less likely to get distracted by other students and you can see your teacher and the board clearly.  You’ll also be less likely to use your phone / get distracted by similar items. If you can, put your phone on silent or turn it off.

For issues relating to note-taking; explore the different ways to take your notes and use the one that best suits you and your needs (e.g. handwritten notes, digital notes). You can also think about how you’re organising your notes (e.g. notebooks, binders, files). For people who find it difficult to concentrate, or write for long periods, you could ask to record the audio of your classes so that you can refer to them later.

For issues related to time management; find a planner that you’ll actually use and try to write your appointments / deadlines in it and keep using it. It makes things a lot easier to just have everything in one place and be able to check it quickly. You can include your to do lists, notes, anything. I like to include a positive thought each day that I can refer to (e.g. I might write “I was strong today” or “I was brave today” to focus on the positives opposed to negative information). If you find it difficult to prirotise your tasks, try using a table like this to help you.

Use your services; many schools offer counselling services and there’s no shame in using them. Some schools offer skills development classes that can also be extremely helpful in dealing with anxiety inducing situations like presentations or tests. I know that some schools also offer specialist equiptment; for example, there are specific computers for people with dyslexia, or special fonts that can be used. This kind of stuff is always worth checking out.

Look at online resources and save/bookmark those that help you; I’ve found so many resources for anxiety and depression online, from gifs that help calm your breathing / calming gifs to websites that can help deal with negative thoughts and sites to get out your anger/rage! There are also sites like 7cupsoftea which offer counselling and support anonymously.

 * Animal planet live streams of animals
 * Positive bunny post
 * You can make your own galaxies here.
 * Pixel thoughts
 * This one translates the time into a colour.
 * This website lets you travel along a 3D line)

Break it down; tasks can seem daunting but if you break it down into smaller steps it will be much easier to tackle, and you might find some motivation / inspiration for the task. 

Figure out your best way to study; where, when, and how do you work best? Use this information to your advantage.

Remove distractions; use extensions like Self Control to remove online distractions. Organise your study space and remove anything distracting but keep all of your study materials in that area.

Remember to step away; if you’re feeling overwhelmed step away and take some time for yourself, whether that’s foing for a walk, listening to some music or cooking a meal, just take some space, breathe, and come back to it when you’re ready.

Create an environment which you enjoy; recognise your achievements, and make a list of affirmations, reading and carrying them as a reminder of everything positive. Celebrate your achievements, whether it’s getting a good grade, or going to the shop.

Remember that you are brilliant!

I don’t have any experience with chronic illness as a student so I don’t have any personal tips regarding that but here are some links:

If anyone has any other posts / links, or even their own tips please reblog and add them to the post!

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but like why??? y u draw shiro like that??? what did i ever do to u??? i was scrolling down my tumblr IN A PUBLIC PLACE and i just see shiro in a croptop and this old lady leaning over my shoulder goes... is that porn and i'm trying to stuff my pc into my bag and hide my blush and you just made my day worse but better at the same time

it’s not my fault ur so thirsty  👀 👀

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Katie save me. I just watched the two prospective presidents of the United States debate today and I can't take it. The future of my country is fucked. save meeeee! drown me in Seb. Liberate my tortured soul!

Just imagine if Seb became president idk if that would be a good thing or a total disaster but either way it would probably be better than the existing options. 

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SOOO idk if you know, but just in case, do you know where the idea of marinette having freckles come from?? like i see it all the time in fanfics and fanart.. but in the show she doesn't have any

She does. Look closer. She does Uw U

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So Foodieverse Bucky's left arm is fine and always will be, right?

I honestly didn’t think about it for a really long time, weirdly enough. So in the fics, there’s no actual indication as to whether he has a prosthetic left arm or not. It just never came up. 

I’m of two minds about it because losing a limb is a pretty traumatic thing to go through regardless of how it happened, and I don’t love traumatic things happening to people I like, especially in a universe like Foodieverse which is a bit of a “cozy” literarily speaking. It’s a relatively safe narrative place where you don’t usually see the level of suffering that you do in the comics and films. Bucky’s not Winter Soldier in this, he’s not traumatized, he’s just a punk-ass bike messenger who likes baked potatoes. So for him to have lost an arm is a very high-stakes event within that context, much higher stakes than it is in the comics/movies. 

The other side of the coin is that Bucky’s missing arm, especially in non-heroic settings where he can’t get a fancy scifi just-like-a-flesh-arm prosthetic, that can be a pretty powerful representation of disability. Bucky as a reasonably happy guy in a job he loves with a huge network of friends who just happens to be missing an arm, that’s something I think the world could do with more of. 

So IDK. It’s something I still haven’t made a solid call on. But for now if you find it more comforting for him to have both his original arms, or if you find it more relatable for him to have a prosthetic, you should feel free to believe whichever one you prefer. 

(I’m open to commentary and discussion on this, btw, people should feel free to weigh in.)

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Why does anyone care if hoechlin is playing poor mans superman for like two eps he's still boring and irrelevant...

why does this affect you so much if, like u say, hoechlin is borin and irrelevant?

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One day when someone tells me "love is what makes us human" I want to respond with. Well... yes. I love my cats. I love my family and friends. I love making cakes. I love drawing even though I suck at it. I love computer games. I love watching my favourite show. Humans love things just not all humans love people romantically


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i randomly remembered how you want people to vote for trump and i am just.... i can never understand that

Look back at my history and I have never. ever. advocated for trump

I stated my dislike for Clinton, and that is not saying that I like Trump.

I’ll put it in a simpler example for you:

I like pepsi, but only coca cola, dr. pepper, and water is available

I tell the waitress that I don’t like coca cola, and then I’ll have a water instead of resorting to dr. pepper

you can find the evidence on

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( im an ignorant white person so don't roast me too badly) So something came up in school today and I was wondering, is it bad for white people to say/use desi? Like as a descriptor?

I don’t think so, unless it’s in a mocking manner

but then again, I have grown up in India surrounded by desi people and I can’t speak for desi people who live in countries where they are a minority 

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why do you keep sending out birthday messages its annoying please stop

i was gonna ignore this ask but i have no joke gotten so many and im just !?!

ok, let me tell you something. I dont need to take time each month to send out 200+ messages asking you guys to send me a birthday message. but I do it because I want jinseok-net to be a good community where people care about each other.

do you know how stressful it is for me to do this? the messages for this month, none of them got received and it made me feel bad for the members that had birthday this month because the messages werent as many as previous months. (this doesnt make sense but it was really stressful)

do you know how long it takes me to send out each message? it can take up to 5 hours because of tumblrs message limit. and even if i do send out 200+ messages, im grateful if i just get back 5 replies. 

i take time to make the gifs (some months i have to make 10+ gifs) and add the birthday wishes, which can also take up to 2 hours, and even then after spending all this time making a birthday post its not guaranteed that the birthday member even sees the post. you know, sometimes i see the member like the post but i dont even get a “thank you” you dont have to reblog the post, but just a simple “thank you” would be nice you know? it just makes me wish they knew how much work it takes me to make that birthday post (it sounds like im complaining im sorry)

there’s only 1 person running this net. I have 3 jobs, im a full time student, but yet i somehow manage to find time to run this network. why? because this network is the only thing i can be proud of in my life. its sad yes, but its true. i love this network, i love everything it has become.

so if you dont want to write a birthday message, thats fine, but dont come here telling me to stop if you dont know how hard it is to manage a network. 

anyways, i just want to thank everyone who does take time of their day to reply to my messages. lets all continue to support jin

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Why do you call everyone carninsts who aren't vegans? People can disagree with your opinions? I looked through your account in curiosity and you are a prime example of one of the reason everyone hates vegans. If people don't want to be vegan they don't have to, so you don't need to criticize people who aren't. :)

I don’t call all non-vegans carnists, those are not the same types of people. And yes, people have to be vegan, aka people have to prioritize someone’s freedom and life over their personal pleasure. And if they don’t, it should be enforced, because someone’s right to live is more important than your right to dress up as a bumblebee and go around shooting people because mommy never said no to you and now you think everyone’s allowed to do anything regardless of who gets hurt.