Meet AnonyMiss, fighting the patriarchy one hacked computer at a time

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Although anyone can join Anonymous there was a public perception that the group was a little too testosteronic. A call was made for women to get involved, and AnonyMiss came into being. The entry point is the AnonyMiss IRC channel. From there, newer participants can be exposed to various Anonymous ops, get technical advice, and make their choices about how to get involved. Some chose to hang around the AnonyMiss channel and develop their own flavor of change.

Emma_A is involved with Anonymous and is helping to develop AnonyMiss. She spoke with about the recently formed group, and our conversation follows below.

Some excerpts of the conversation:

Oxblood: Would you describe yourself, for lack of a better term, as a feminist?

Emma_A: I’d describe myself as a woman. I want to see women as a class lifted up, empowered, educated, brought out of poverty, trained and enabled to work, given autonomy over their own bodies, given full access to reproductive rights, and given respect. I want women to be loved and recognized as half of the human race, as sentient beings, which is of course what we are.[…]

Oxblood: How would you describe AnonyMiss?

Emma_A: I see it as the genesis of a women’s movement which seeks to include both women and men; to work towards the freeing of the female underclass in all societies. For instance, here in the West there is a huge war on women by the Republican party in America. The latest absurdity is by Representative Bobby Franklin trying to criminalize miscarriage. If you miscarry then you could get the death penalty. I have no words to describe the absurdity of that. How did that bill even get written? But lets turn that around. Can you imagine a female politician writing an equivalent bill for men? How the press would categorize her? Yet we’ve hardly heard a word about this nutcase Bobby Franklin. And people say Anonymous is dangerous! Give me a fucking break. When you have men abusing positions of power like that, who exactly is more dangerous? It’s that hypocrisy that sticks in my gut. We need to highlight these issues, and plenty of men could help us with that.

Oxblood: Do you see a time when AnonyMiss will spearhead its own ops or media campaigns? If so what kinds of actions would you like to see take place?

Emma_A: I’d love to see that happen. I’d support campaigns against backward thinkers like Representative Franklin, for instance. My God, there’s ditch full of sewer rats like Franklin whose misogynist views should be challenged and held up to scrutiny.

kaibaqueen  asked:

Also another thing, for your hand-made horns, what did you make them out of and how did you wear them? Attach them to a headband and put it on top of your wig? I always wondered what a good way to put on larger horns without putting a headband over my wig would be, if any. I mean you could always attach the horns to the headband through the wig, but then they'd sort of have to always stay together.

I’ve made a 8unch! Which one are you referring to?

My first style was made out of prototyping foam. Think that 8lue or pink stuff you can get at hardware store and also made out of “sand.” They were light on their own, 8ut for smoothing and taking paint I covered them in a layer of spackle. They were still light, 8ut heavy enough that I put them on a head8and. I got a head8and that had a natural opening, got a little piece of plastic and drilled through it into the horns, sandwiching the head8and. Worked very well, 8ut after repeated use the prototype foam inside started falling apart a 8it.

I went with three different types of making after that: silicone casting, layered card8oard and 3D printing.

Silicone casting yields fantastic results, 8ut you do have to make a 8ase mold first which is just as tedious. Once you have your mold though, you can make tons of copies out of light material. I used expanding foam which is similar to prototype foam, 8ut was of a different grade and thus essentially turned to airy plastic once it cured enough. I used the same method as the first ones to attach them to a head8and.

Second, I was asked to do a few pairs of large horns. I used layered card8oard circles to make a form and then wrapped them in package tape and yarn for texture. This is similar to the Damara horns I posted a while ago. The simple circles caused pro8lems though, and I’ve since found a way to make a more exact 3D form and chop it up into the right pieces.

And speaking of 3D horns, this is the 8est and last method I’ve found, 8ut yeah, you have to know how to use a 3D program or know someone who does. When hollowed out correctly, Shapeways will print stiff, hollow models with thin walls. This is perfect for horns since they have such sever undercuts. The good news is though, that they are light enough and sta8le enough that you can open a little hole in them and fit them on your head with nothing 8ut elastic! The process is reletively inexpensive as well.

And to answer your later question, yeah, it’s hard to attache larger horns, you can use different methods to make them as light as possi8le though. The 3D and card8oard method is gr8 for light structures, and would work especially well for the Condense, High8lood and Handmaid. It really depends on which ones you’re actually doing!

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kaibaqueen  asked:

So you seem to have laser cut some things before, specifically the Dirk/Bro shades, or at least they looked laser cut. Do you have your own laser cutter or was there a place that allows you to pay to use?

8oth yes and no. I have prototyped a lot of fast things on the laser cutter where I work. For longer projects and things I know will 8e consistent, I try to order them from

Ponoko is a great sight for laser cutting TONS of materials including acrylic, felt, card8oard and wood. They also have 3D printing, 8ut if you want to do any of that I’d suggest going to, which I’ll talk a8oooooooout in your next ask!

And I’ve 8een really looking into getting a laser-cutter for myself. It’d speed things up a lot and 8ring costs down on things that I make. I’d also love it if I could 8e a direct link to people in the cosplay community for a little 8it, since you usually have to wait over two weeks to get something from Ponoko, and if it’s not right the first time then poof, you 8lew it if you don’t know what you were doing. Who knows when that’ll happen though.

“We say in this nation that we are looking for people with honesty, integrity, drive and dedication, and then when we find such people, we take them out and whip them.”
-Anonymous whistleblower

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”
-Thomas Jefferson

“Freedom and justice cannot be parceled out in pieces to suit political convenience. I don’t believe you can stand for freedom for one group of people and deny it to others.”
-Coretta Scott King

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anonymous asked:

Whoops!! I totally forgot about the ship!! You can pick!! :)

[give me a ship and a # and i’ll write a short fic]

okokok \o/
//i’m sorry this took so long and this ended up being a not so short shortfic omf//

8. roommates au | ship of my choice // chenbaek

Baekhyun tossed the rag aside and flopped onto the couch lifelessly. Sure, he had the day off for a more thorough scrub-down of the apartment, but Chen kept the place fairly neat and hygienic, even between classes and a part-time. So either he was out of shape or cleaning required more exertion than he expected because he was breathing hard and airing out his already baggy tank.

He pulled the collar up over his face to dab at his forehead and peered over the cotton up at the clock when he let the material go. He whined and sprawled over the couch, wriggling into the cushions and throw pillows in dissatisfaction; he was right on schedule — not even, he actually finished mopping and polishing a little earlier than planned, and that meant he could grant himself the luxury of a bubble bath instead of a shower (he’s had a bath bomb he’s been dying to try out, and today’s a good a day as ever). But on the other hand, it also meant more minutes, more seconds to count until Chen.

He sighed and rolled himself off the couch, stretching his limbs (and his back — his poor back, he may have strained something reaching for the unsightly smudge on their floor length kitchen window) before getting on his feet to peel the shirt off. He inspected the living area, hands on his hips and all with a final deciding glance.

He nodded to himself in approval. “Byun Baekhyun. You’ve done well, you deserve this bubble bath.”

Baekhyun wiped at the steamed up mirror and blew his bangs out of his face, pouting as went through his after-bath routine with a little extra care. Both he and Chen had been so busy as of late that they hardly saw each other even at home aside from rushed breakfasts and takeout in the evening, and if they were going to do anything date-like at all then you can depend on Baekhyun to look good for it.

He tapped at his phone for the time and conveniently, to see one of their stupid couple selcas and he was sure his heart ached a bit (he’d be sure to tell Chen, right after he lets him know about how this  and that joint hurt after cleaning just for him).

He pressed a quick kiss to the screen, “Chen-Chen, are your customers treating you well?” He lovingly brushed a thumb over his boyfriend’s face, the same way he would if Chen were actually in front of him and it made Baekhyun miss him a little more.

When he was dressed and properly moisturized, he busied himself with lighting incense — a soft gardenia that happened to go very well with the vanilla lingering on his skin (bless that bath bomb, it was worth every won) — and then proceeded to the kitchen to start on a red velvet cake. Not that it would compare to the one they served at the café Chen worked at, but Baekhyun figured he’d understand the sentiment anyways.

As it turned out, baking was just as, if not more tedious than cleaning because Baekhyun almost broke a nail twice, and this was only in the prebake stages, mind you, but eventually the cake made it into the oven, no harm done to it or the baker.

Apron hung up and all, he retreated into the bathroom to brush through his hair again and, since he had time, do his eye makeup. He brushed on some coppery brown underneath his eyes and along the corners before lining fully with black, nothing too dramatic but still enough to communicate “I dolled up just for you.”

There was a rattling and clicking at the front door that made Baekhyun’s pulse pick up and he finished penciling his eyeliner so he could rush to the door.

Of course, Chen was there closing the door, dressed in his black dress shirt and black pants that always had Baekhyun close to swooning.

“Cheeeeen,” Baekhyun moaned and flung himself at the other, draping all over Chen, “I missed you so much…~” he drawled, exaggerated in tone, rubbing his cheek against Chen’s affectionately.

Chen grinned nonetheless and wound his arms around Baekhyun’s frame. “I missed you too Baek but it’s only been a few hours,” he giggled and had to hold Baekhyun still from nuzzling to peck his forehead before glancing curiously around the interior of their apartment.

“Everything is so… clean?”

Baekhyun detached himself enough to look at Chen within an instant. “Good, you noticed! You know, I probably pulled something and nearly sprained something else trying to get every speck of dust.” He huffed a bit, whining playfully and then made to bury his face in Chen’s neck, who was mirthful with laughter,

“But what’s the occasion?”

“Nothing in particular…” Baekhyun’s voice was muffled against the shirt collar.

“Really now? Then why do I feel like there’s incense burning? You know, the expensive kind,” Chen hugged him close to his body, indulging in the comfort of home, of Baekhyun and the space they shared, “and why do you smell more like vanilla than usual?”

The elder moved back, arms crossed, “Look here, Kim Jongdae, can’t I just miss you too much?” He looked like the most pissed off puppy, as if Chen had intentionally tiptoed onto his tail.

Chen’s smile stretched across the expanse of his face, pulling Baekhyun back into him. “Of course you can, princess.”

In a mischievous impulse, Baekhyun nipped at his bottom lip in retaliation, which prompted a back and forth showering of kisses until it escalated into a heated kiss, which was then interrupted—

Chen blinked once, twice at Baekhyun in confusion. “Baekhyun, does something smell burnt to you?”

Baekhyun couldn’t have shot out of Chen’s arms any faster, yelling out “the cake!” as he sprinted to the kitchen.

“What!? What cake? We haven’t even had dinner yet!”