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hey, do you have any favourite taylor blogs?

so many and i always forget people and then feel bad but some of my fave mostly taylor blogs are:

@nowimyourdaisys @mermaeids @tswiftbecky @colorsinautumn @t-swift @blankspace17 @hairbleached @officialtaylornation @tayswiftnation @iwishyouwouid @thelasttime @lost-insidewonderland @ofrunningfoxes @tamenow @jaylorswift @shakeitoff @shakeitoutofthewoods @taylorswifft @notbeingmines

also a lot more but so many people recently changed their urls and i forget who is who lmaoo

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Sans is too lazy to even attempt shortcutting out of the underground. Asgore's like "Cant you just go up and grab the souls" and sans is just like "that would require effort tho"

Sans doomed all of the Underground confirmed

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Sub out Grace Kelly to Tony with Bucky/Steve in the James Stewart role

UM OKAY beautiful model Tony trying to convince his stubborn photographer boyfriend Bucky to marry him and trying to convince him that Tony could definitely live his nomadic lifestyle

Natasha being Bucky’s surly nurse who can’t understand why Bucky won’t commit himself to the best thing that’s ever happened to him, the giant idiot, and also stop sleeping in your wheelchair you’re going to mangle your fucking back

Bucky realizing his neighbor fucking murdered his wife and Tony, once he realizes that he’s actually telling the truth/making sense, becoming just as invested in making sure Murder Neighbor is caught

Steve being super unimpressed when Bucky tries to get him on the case like “Buck all you got is your gut feelin’ you know I can’t just break into his apartment and snoop around Jesus Christ”

Bucky stressing out when Tony gets too invested and he’s confined to a wheelchair he can’t protect him Murder Neighbor has already killed a poor defenseless dog and Tony isn’t helpless but Bucky would feel a lot better if Tony would stop sticking his neck out like this

Murder Neighbor catching Tony in his apartment and Bucky can only watch in horror, helpless–until the police show up and rescue Tony by arresting him for breaking and entering, so Natasha grabs the money from Tony’s wallet to go bail him out of jail

Murder Neighbor coming after Bucky and Bucky trying to stall until help can arrive, but Murder Neighbor gets him dangling out of the window and oh God he’s going to die

But then Steve and a bunch of officers storm the courtyard and another pair grab Murder Neighbor and Bucky’s glad but then he’s falling falling f a l l i n g and he’s going to die–

“You’re overworking your guardian angel, Buck,” Steve tells him, and Bucky smiles through the pain because oh fuck he broke his legs again

But it’s okay because Tony has his arms around him and Tony’s pressing frantic, frightened kisses to his face, and he figures if Tony’s gonna give him kisses for the next twelve weeks, that’s okay too

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Is it weird to say that I’m terrified of bts’s stay in America? None of the interviews talk about the important stuff they’ve done socially and the focus on armys is that they’re crazy for bts and will do anything for them. I just...I worry. :( it feels like everyone is just taking advantage of bts and that some of the people are kind of treating them not like a legitimate music group but more like a peculiar unbelievable phenomenon that will go away soon.

I know :(( like i said americas just milking bts. i was so excited for them to come over here but after the interviews i watched, i feel bad for them. They’re getting a lot of exposure but i wish they were being treated better. bts r too nice n they think everyones their friend and its sad bc they get taken advantage of like u said.

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RTMI: I'm very gay, first of all. Second, I have hair down to my ass. Long, for a guy, and normally tied back. Third, there's this really cute guy at the coffee shop I work at, and I always give him my employee discount. We somewhat flirt sometimes, and today he tucked some hair behind my ear. I managed to stay calm until I got to my break and then I just had a little happy gay meltdown in my car while going to get lunch from a nearby restaurant.


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Hey do you have any favourite fanfics or authors? Thanks!!!! (maybe ones that aren't toooo smutty)

I do indeed, anonymous friend. Not sure which pairing you’re looking for though so I’ll take a guess and say you’re looking for dean and cas (bc it seems to be the majority of my followers, but I’ll also throw in some others as noted): 

awed-frog (their stuff is just so good, the sort of stream of conscience writing i don’t know how else to describe it but they get Dean so well, so very well and they also have some amazing meta over there)

MittenWraith (so much praise, the highest being I rarely read AU but I will happily gobble up every AU this author writes. the canon stuff too of course. it’s just good stuff that’s why.)

MajorEnglishEsqiure who writes a variety of dean pairings (please also read their sam/chuck shurley series bc man oh man, i wasn’t even looking for that pairing and man oh man)

rageprufrock (holy hell this author is so good, they have some i have read more than once)

tuesday (they write a variety of pairings and another one I will sing from the rooftops about they write some of my favorites that I read when I need a fix)

frozen-delight (variety of pairings and gen. their writing feels very realistic and angsty without being too much and i just really love the way they write dean)

just discovered Dwelling on Mold by KelpietheThundergod (great dean characterization coda love the way the author gets inside dean’s head. it’s a gen fic)

Cuckoo and Nest by komodobits (i love how the author wrote dean in this he’s very gentle like he is in canon when someone he loves is hurting and there’s misunderstandings abounding and yet it’s down to both of them instead of solely dean, which i think is more often what you see. this story writes them both Cas and Dean clearly from a place of love)

I Can Tell You How It Ends by anactoria (Dean/Benny omgooooood it’s all I ever wanted for Dean and Benny is so Benny. read the warnings but you won’t be disappointed by this fic so much to love.)

Oh, and Taste_of_Suburbia is also newly discovered. Every Dean pairing you could ever want, including Dean/Cain. And Dean/Bela (neither of which I had ever read before). Excited to read through more of their stuff. 

happy reading. please remember to give the authors love.