I Have Something To Tell You...

After seeing how everyone is coming together and spreading so much love, especially in the Jacksepticeye community, I’ve decided that today is the day… 

I have something to tell you guys…

I’ve wanted to say it for a while but I was worried about doing it… 

But I’m not so worried now and you guys are my friends, and so I think you should know this… Here goes… 

I’m asexual. At least I’m like 99.9999999999 (etc) % sure that I am. Yes, I have done a lot of research and reading about it to be sure, I didn’t want to rush to label myself. And the great thing about labels is that they can change. But this is what I identify as right now. And I’m proud to say it. I. Am. Ace. :D

So if you don’t accept aces and think they are invalid, unfollow me now please. But if you do accept me, then yay!! Thank you and I love you! ❤

This was pretty hard to post, but I thought that you guys wouldn’t hate me for being ace. You all seem too sweet for that and you’ve been so kind to me this far, which I’m very grateful for by the way :3

Announcement post over. Thank you for reading ^_^ ❤


I’m at 199 followers as I type this into my dinky lil phone at 1am and I think it’s a good idea like, hey, that giveaway? Sure let’s do
So here are rules:

1- follow this blog right here.
B- reblog this posto

There will be three places and I mean you shouldn’t expect much from me actually, but I can do me best
I’m p ok with drawing a lot of things so you’re gonna have to tell me what you want drawn and I’ll say whether or not I’ll be able to do it.

I’m taking a break from Tumblr so I can focus on storyboarding

I’ll still post art, update you on Unprofessionals, announce streams, and maybe ask for questions every once in a while. But other than that, I won’t be on here as often.


  • Create your NEW fanwork that is only dedicated to this event. Don’t use your old one.
  • Create your fanwork based on the prompt list. Don’t forget to mention what prompt it is in the caption or description. Check the prompt here.


A. Submit on Tumblr

  • If you already have a tumblr account, you can publish it on your own blog, the admins will reblog it. Please tag it with #sannami week as the first tag. Then, you can tag it with #opfanart (if it’s fanart), #opgraphics (if it’s fanart or edit/gif), #opspoilers (if it has spoiler content), #opfanfic (if it’s fanfic), #one piece, #sanji, #nami, etc.
  • If you dont have tumblr account, you can submit your work in submission page.

B. Submit on other social media (i.e FFN, AO3, DeviantArt, Pixiv, Twitter, Youtube etc.)

  • We encourage you to publish your contribution on other sites, whether you submit here or not. But please state that your fanwork is dedicated to SanNami Week (or tag サンナミ週間 in Twitter and Pixiv).
  • If you don’t plan on submitting it here on tumblr, the admins have the right to share your fanwork here. Of course, we will credit you and link it to the site where you originally published it.


  • Submitting or using other people’s fanwork without permission is not allowed.
  • Bashing other pairings is not allowed.
  • Explicit content, while allowed, must be tagged nsfw and placed under a page break. Use the “read more” break for this.
Guess who got a job?

It’s Todd!
Now he works too late on Mondays for us to game then, and since Saturdays are weird for me and the online group tends to be inconsistent in our ability to all be available at the same time on the weekend, quotes will be sparse in the coming weeks, so for now the queue is mostly full of asks and reblogs for the #bigotry in DnD discussion.

As always, submissions are welcome! Send in quotes and anecdotes via ask or the SUBMISSIONS button at the top of the page in the navigation bar.
Please, for the love of G@d, do not send them in via fanmail. FANMAIL DOES NOT GET POSTED.

Thank you all so much for your patience.
Keep gaming!
Your Mod,


We have already made numerous announcements previously stressing about this issue, yet some Aaron Yan fanpages on Facebook are still not crediting us properly.

Not trying to be cocky or anything but the thing is, we understand many of these fanpages know limited Chinese so they visit our blog for English translations, then to translate into their own languages. But if you eliminate us in the translation process by not crediting us, that’s just saying you’ve translated directly from Chinese into your own languages yourselves, when actually that’s not the case.

Saying that you’ve “forgotten” to add in the credits is not acceptable only after we’ve pmed you about it. You should always give credits to original sources plus any other fanblogs if you’ve depended on their resources, such as translations and subtitles.

Hello Followers and Visitors

This is The Boss, with an announcement! 

I have decided to open up the submission box. Though, not for positivity posts at the moment.

To test exactly how submissions work and to see if the option is viable, we will be collecting pictures of cute animals!

Please send in photos of your scaled, furred, and feathered friends.

If they are to be posted, it will be as one giant collection sometime in April.

If all goes well during this trial, submissions may be opened for other purposes in the future!

Mod Lucy, back from Florida Feb 20th

Hey! Mod Lucy ( @lucygreenvale) here! I’m back from Florida today (feb 20th 2017)! How’s everyone doing?
Now that I came back home safe and sound with my marching band, I’m extremely exhausted. Sleeping on the bus isn’t easy. Some people slept on the floor on the bus xD
So yeah.
I have school to catch up on and will take a while to adjust to the school schedule this week.
Hopefully at some point this month I will find things to put in the queue to schedule and it’ll post automatically whenever Tumblr will post them for me (and Vincent)
Hi guys.
I’m home. 💕💕✨✨
Love you all,
Mod Lucy


Hello everyone, we hope your Valentine’s Day was spent in good company~

1) For those who have not received a gift yet, and it is past the 18th, please send us an ask off anon (if you haven’t already) and we will contact your gifter to find out what happened and if/when they’ll be posting your gift. 

(Please remember these are real people and sometimes, things come up beyond their control. We will try to do our best to make sure everyone gets a gift) If your gifter is unable to make you a gift or does not respond within a reasonable amount of time, we’ll set up a pinch hitter for you. 

That being said, we also suggest you personally send a link of your gift to your giftee, JUST TO MAKE SURE THEY GET IT. If they don’t have PMs open, send it in an ask. Their ask boxes should still be open.

2) Second announcement!! Both mods have gone through the “Voltron Secret Valentine 2017″ tag and reblogged everything that was in there. If you do not see your gift and you want us to reblog it, submit A LINK TO THE POST to us, not the actual post, and we’ll reblog it. You can submit posts HERE

Otherwise, we all hope you had fun with the event, and wish you all a wonderful rest of the year!!

Artist list & links have been fixed and double checked to reflect artists that are still involved with the zine. If issues with links arise again, the blog theme will just be changed.

Emails will be sent out early this week about last call for sticker ideas for us to choose from, and information and dates about final submissions next month. (If you haven’t already gotten your piece in.) Things got hectic due to a few people needing to drop out and/or not responding, but everything is now sorted. Thank you for your patience with us.

Match-ups are OPEN!


Happy Monday Morning! Match-ups are officially reopened! We will take submissions until we hit our cap, then close again. There will be another post to indicate when we are closed, so please look out for it!

Some match-ups from the first batch are still in progress and waiting to be queued! If you are worried, our boxes are not empty - there are still more on the way!

Again, please reread the rules, and we look forward to matching you up with your senpai!