To answer some questions about our progress!

Since we’ve gotten a few questions about our progress as well a question about how many words are in the game, here are some answers!

The game contains 4,653 dialogue blocks, containing 36,510 words and 193,382 characters, for an average of 7.8 words and 42 characters per block.

The game contains 407 menus, 182 images, and 31 screens.

And this is just what we have coded so far! We have so much left to do in order to complete this game. The support and appreciation you’ve given us has pushed us this far and we thank you all for it. As I’ve said before, we do want to see this game through to the end but with all the work already put into the game without the end in sight, we need to be realistic about how much more work we can do.

Ask Blog!

To satisfy my borderline-obsessive desire to keep this blog image-only, I’ve created a secondary blog for this blog: Ask Cat Virgil

You can still send prompts to this blog, and if I am able or inspired, I will draw them and post my replies. But general questions, headcanons, or comments should be directed to the secondary blog. 

Thank you!


They’re very personal to me, especially the AU ones and I just feel highly uncomfortable with people reposting things I’ve put so much hard work and thought into

EXOMOODBOARDS application: round 5

Hello!! Ok so we’ve been a little MIA since we had some admins leave and we’re looking to bring on 1-2 new admins on to help us revamp and bring more content back into the blog!!

WILL BE CLOSING October 30th
any applications submitted after the 30th will not be counted

to apply to be an admin you need to:

  • fill out this FORM
  • have (at least) 4-5 hours per week to make moodboards
  • have a (at least) 70% EXO related blog [sideblogs allowed]
  • be kind and gentle cause everyone likes it and we really need it sometimes being part of the blog (@rude anons)

any questions feel free to message the blog or me @kokobaekhyun 



Everyone who has submitted something for the celebration and I haven’t answered, I’d like to apologize to. I’m sorry, and I’m not going to make any excuses as to why I haven’t except the fact that I have a very busy schedule. 

Now, this is quite a lot. So, I’ll be closing my ask box for a week or so and just answering these. I’ll still be posting my usual stuff from my queue, so don’t worry, it won’t be all asks. Anyway, thank you for your patience and again, I’m very sorry!

Ask (which I have chosen to copy+paste because there were triggering things (cgl/gore/ableist slurs in their pfp and url) on their blog and it could hurt others, as it hurt me): My parents won’t let me get a binder, so you know any sports bras that have REALLY good compression or another way to bind safely? I’ve heard of using tape

Response: Okay, so what I did for a while was, I had two semi-loose sports bras, and so i put one on normally and the other one on backwards. That works pretty well for a small chest. Another way, that will work okay for larger chests is to find a pair of leggings and cut the legs and crotch out and put it on upside down and it works alright. Whatever you do, do NOT use tape or ace bandages. They will harm you.

On a side note, if you have cgl/ddlg/nsfw/littlespace on your blog, please do not interact with this blog. It’s triggering for me, and there are a lot of minors who follow this blog who should not be exposed to those things. Age regression is fine. Thank you.

-Mod Julian Aiden

Imagines Ask Box Closed! [17/10/17]

Right, it’s been open for an extra day and a half, so no more imagines, people!

Anyone who wants them will now have to wait until it’s open again, but it’ll be a while, so you’ll just have to bear with me while I get through the mass of asks I have now.

If you send one in after this is posted, I will delete it. Bear that in mind, please.

Also, replies will be slow again today because I’m going full-throttle with imagines and am seriously buckling down to get through them.

Thank you, guys! Wish me luck~


heeeeeeeeey ya’ll! I got started on another Hamilton animatic and it’s in the works! no samples cos I haven’t gotten to the good parts yet XD all I’m gonna say is that it happens after the war in my Choices AU, Alex is happy, (why.)  and someone’s alive. (who.) 

so keep updated!  💜💜💜💜💜 (press that notif. button. you know you want to)


C.S. Pacat & Johanna The Mad on their new comic series Fence!

Writer C.S. Pacat (best known for her Captive Prince series) has been mercilessly teasing her fans with a new Top Secret Project™ for the last few days. Well, the wait is finally over, as the L.A. Times just broke the announcement for her new comic series, Fence!

Teaming up with the ridiculously talented artist Johanna The Mad, Fence follows Nicholas Cox as he joins the world of fencing at an elite boys school and becomes embroiled in the drama of competitive sports, team romance and rivalries, and good old self-discovery.

On finding inspiration for Fence, C.S. Pacat says, “I got really into sports comics in Japan, where I lived for about five years. I love the intense rivalries, the striving, the way you can take characters to their breaking point. Haikyuu!! and Hikaru no Go are easily some of my favourite comics of all time. Fence is like my love letter to the genre.

At the same time, I’m interested in female gaze and queer gaze art. I wanted to make something that had all the drama and intensity of a sports comic, while also being joyously and unabashedly queer.  I was really inspired by Ngozi Ukazu’s fantastic hockey web comic Check, Please!, and the recent Japanese animation Yuri!!! on Ice. I started to wonder, what happens when those energies come out in a combat sport—when you add in the danger and stakes of fencing?”

Fence means the world to me,” says Johanna The Mad. “It has always been one of my biggest dreams to draw comics, but I never thought I’d be able to work on one that I’d end up fangirling about!”

Johanna’s artwork captures everything that is hot, dangerous, and exciting about fencing,” adds Pacat.

Fence #1 hits comic shops in November, and it’ll have covers from Johanna The Mad and Kevin Wada (and maybe someone else we’ll seeee~) and colors from Rebecca Nalty.

。* ★ IzuOcha Week  2017 ✫ *。

Welcome, everyone to IzuOcha Week 2017!  ~ヾ(^∇^)
IzuOcha Week is an entire week celebration dedicated to the relationship of Izuku “Deku” Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka from the manga/anime My Hero Academia.

We are so excited since this is our first ever IzuOcha Week! We’ve worked hard and done our best on choosing the prompts for these sweethearts; so we hope you will enjoy and join us in the fun! as we celebrate our sweet Heroes in Training and the beautiful relationship they share! Plus Ultra!

。* ★ BONUS DAYS ✫ *。

December 25th or 27th /  Day 8: Celebrations (ex. Holidays, Birthdays, etc.) 

Note: For the bonus day, we’ve added the option for it to be either on the 25th (for Christmas) or the 27th (to celebrate Ochako’s birthday!)

。* ★ November 19th  – 25th  2017 || Prompts per Day  ✫ *。

Day 1: Firsts (ex. Impressions, kiss, date etc.)
Day 2: Tag Team
Day 3: Quirks
Day 4: Dorm Life
Day 5: Growing Feelings / Admiration
Day 6: Loss / Nightmare
Day 7: Confessions

You can use the prompts as you wish, they are meant to inspire and help (BUT they are also optional and not required to use) use your imagination and creativity - and remember to have fun!

Tag all your works with #IzuochaWeek and/or #IzuochaWeek2017

Make sure you place the tag within the first 5 tags so it appears in the tag/s (otherwise we might miss it.) if your works still don’t appear in the tag/s send us a link through the submission page or a message to our askbox and we’ll reblog it!.

*** please be sure to read the Rules and Guidelines here it’s important, so you know what is do’s/don’ts.

Here’s a short list of Rules/Guidelines since it’s the first year.

  • Do not post art or edits/graphics that is not yours, they will not be accepted.
  • Do not use another artist’s art as a base/trace. Please respect others and be original with your work~❤ if you steal, it will not be accepted 
  • Do not post N/SFW content as the characters are underage and it would make others, especially minors uncomfortable. it will not be accepted. remember there are fans of all ages, so please be courteous and respectful.
  • Fanarts, fanfictions, edits, graphics, videos, etc. are all accepted whatever you wanna do!.

RULES UPDATED: // .3/9/17. //

We hope you will participate and show some love to IzuOcha in this special celebratory week!ヾ(๑╹ヮ╹๑)ノ”

banner graphic by: @uravityzero / @eriboook

Here goes the list of comics I started but i’m not sure if I should post SO I’M ASKING YOU which ones you want to see, thanks :

  1. “BNHA x Avatar” - “The scene were Zuko tries to enter the group except it’s Todoroki trying to make friends”
  2. “BNHA x Bravely Default, part 2″ “fashionabluh scene x Bakugou rescue arc disguises”
  3. “BNHA x Haikyuu” - “the barbecue hype train scene” (I considered other but I didn’t watch this anime so I’m still unsure) feat Todoroki, Midoriya, Iida, Kirishima, Kaminari, Tokoyami, Mina, Jirou and Uraraka
  4. A comic inspired from BNHA OVA 1 with Momo, Todoroki, Uraraka, Midoriya and Aizawa
  5. A doodle of Mina ° v° and Bakugou >:U *boom*
  6. “Midoriya scared by what he sees if he types his name on the internet” feat. Todoroki, Aoyama, Uraraka, All Might and Iida : hint (that’s for all the people trashing on my comics because of some ship wars I don’t wanna be part of but i was thinking best way to make reposting people understand would be the savage way, like… I don’t mind you shipping characters in my comics, just stop trashing about it if this keep going I’ll refuse ANY repost…)
  7. “Todoroki just saw Midoriya’s notes and drawing about him and…”
  8. A doodle of dabbing Dabi hitting Todoroki in the face (because of that one chapter where Dabi was the MVP against him).
  9. The worst idea of comic I ever had : “wake them up inside - parody” feat. Midoriya, Iida, Bakugou and ofc Todoroki.
  10. BNHA x Gintama : except there are so many op scenes I can’t pick just yet but I put it here as a reminder I’m still thinking of it.

Other comics (I will post but just not yet) :

  1. “No title - part 2″ -edited- “Ok but what if Midoriya and Kacchan met Iida and Todoroki when they didn’t get a hold of their quirk yet.
  2. “Bakugou and Todoroki interactions in a nutshell”
  3. The sunglasses squad gif - part 2
  4. Todoroki, Bakugou, Iida and Midoriya in an amusement park feat. the 4D machines and Hatsume Mei. –> so they got plastic guns and glasses for the 3D screen.
  5. More Todoroki personnality and costume swaps (thinking of Midoriya (when he does that pose blushing when a girl gets too close), All Might (a small comic where Todoroki asks Midoriya to teach him how to do All Might’s face just so he can see the look on Endeavor’s face feat. mad Endeavor and Midoriya calling Todoroki “savage”), Kaminari, Nejire (just the personality for this one)).
  6. An Halloween troll doodle.
  7. I’ll spam of doodles and comics of Todoroki, Bakugou and Inasa interacting WHENEVER I CAN! Like seriously, those interactions are the best.
  8. The times Todoroki proved again he was a dork feat. food, feat. others interaction (feat. the school trip arc). –> aka redraws and comic adapation of those panels
  9. BNHA x Soul Eater : the scene from 6:16 to 6:35.

And little by little, I’ll still finish the things I started and already posted… QwQ;
I entered the fandom too late there are so many things I wanna catch up with!

Anyway you can either tell the one you’d prefer to see in the first list or make a list in priority order!


Statements in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese are available on this twitter thread by DC f(x) Gallery. Contribute by retweeting the statements and composing new tweets using the hashtags #justice_for_fx_and_meu & #스엠_에프엑스_대우_해명해.

This will support their efforts in creating a stronger voice that can hopefully reach SM Entertainment. Let’s show a bit of fandom power! 💪

On Love: Yuuri! A Yuuri Katsuki centric zine!

The announcement is finally here!!!

After a long investigation on how to go about this I‘m happy to announce the Yuuri centric zine, On Love: Yuuri is finally here!

Yuuri is a great character, multifaceted, relatable and an inspiration for each one of those that has passed through emotions similar to his. Which is why he deserves to finally get a zine that celebrates him!

Everything is accepted! From AUs to Skating to his relationship with other characters!

Artist as well as writer Applications start October 1rst

You can find our About page HERE. Our FAQ HERE. And our schedule HERE.

Spread the word and reblog!

platonic vld month is october 1-31!

this is an updated and most recent version of the calendar (posted august 8)

because keith’s birthday was confirmed to be october 23, i wanted to celebrate that by switching the prompts to reflect that! the two prompts that have been changed are:

october 14 - cooking (previously: ice cream)
october 23 - happy birthday! (previously: cooking)

it is not necessary to conform to these prompt changes! i will still accept submissions for ice cream on august 14, and i will accept submissions for cooking on october 23.

more information:
guidelines || contact || taglist || calendar

day 1   garrison days
day 2   home
day 3   baby pictures/memories
day 4   (found) family
day 5   history
day 6   life lessons
day 7   video games/arcade
day 8   stargazing
day 9   lion swap
day 10   rivalry
day 11   friends
day 12   team bonding
day 13   nightmares
day 14   cooking
day 15   change
day 16   comfort
day 17   forgiveness
day 18   qpr
day 19   shared interests
day 20   connection
day 21   spa day
day 22   rain showers
day 23   happy birthday!
day 24   holidays
day 25   broganes
day 26   inside jokes
day 27   costumes/disguises
day 28   sleepover
day 29   pumpkin spice
day 30   witch au
day 31   trick or treat

please use the tags #platonic vld month and #platonicvldmonth for your posts!