Hello again Genyatta fans! 

It’s been quite awhile since our last ship week. I figured with summer right around the corner, it was about time to schedule a new one.

For those who don’t know : what is a ship week?

  • It is basically an entire week celebrating a certain ship! Each day has a certain theme and people create art, fanfics, videos, and various other media of the ship corresponding with the theme. The week is for everyone and you can participate in many different ways.


The Tag : #genyatta week summer

The Date :  June 26 - July 2

The Themes :

  • June 26 : Movie Night/Drive In Theater
  • June 27 : Beach Day/Pool Day
  • June 28 : Summer Treats (Ice Cream, Popsicles, etc.)
  • June 29 : Summer Festival
  • June 30 : Camping (Can be in the forest or mountains)
  • July 1 : Intimacy/Romantic (Slow dance, dinner, etc.)
  • July 2 : Free Day! (Draw what you want! Can be summer related or not)

I will track the tag and reblog all the content possible! I have a page on my blog specifically for this week so everyone can look through it and see all the wonderful content that will be created!

Remember if you do not see your post reblogged to this blog don’t be afraid to message me or submit it! I want everyone’s participation to go noticed!

Thanks for reading and thank you to everyone who submitted themes! Let’s make this week a fun one. Summer time! Woo hoo!

MimiBTSGhost announecement:

Hi, I am very gald a lot of you seem to enjoy the BTS SPAM series:


I received asks requesting: Jimin x Jungkook, V x Jungkook and Jin x Rap Monster too. I believe that BTS interactions can bring a looot of happiness so I plan on making as much as you ask for and as much as I can^^. As we respect every ship on @mimibtsghost, I hope you will enjoy all of them even if they are not your OTP, because they are still BTS that we cherish^^

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Love you ARMY

Stepping Down

Hello everyone, Mod O here.
I am not sure how many of you follow my tumblr or have already seen my post there, but I need to announce it here.
I am stepping down as a mod and participant of the Shance Big Bang. I love Shance and I do love writing and drawing. However right now I can do neither of those things.
I have been spiralling into a mental break down for the past three months, I could feel myself falling from all the sudden intense stress various things offline caused. At the beginning of April for various reasons it began getting much worse much faster and I reached a point where I had to go to A&E majors dept for mental crisis.
After that something else happened and I am at the lowest point of my life right now. I am in and out of doctors appointments and hospital emergency visits. I have had to be hooked up to ecg machines for prolonged (24 hours without a break) panic attacks with palpitations. High blood pressure and tachycardia.
So really, I cannot give the big bang the time and effort that it deserves and will be absent from social media for a while. I’m very sorry. I hope everyone has an amazing time and I can’t wait to see all the awesome content that results from your collaborations.
Mod A is still here, though he has a lot on his plate too, however new Mods will be appointed to help out.
Continue to spread positivity and love within our little corner of the fandom, everyone, and I wish you all well! ❤️

anonymous asked:

Will there be any new audios soon? I'm craving to hear a new one 💋

Well, yes and no. There will be new audios but nothing regarding RP anytime soon. It’s going to be a very busy couple weeks and I have company visiting at that time and I don’t think I want to chance them hearing me pretend to be Yura xD

But I’ll give you a hint…they’re all collabs….with someone coming tomorrow….I’ll give you another hint: she’s my best friend! :D


I hate to do this when I have a starter call but I need to take a few day hiatus for self-care because I’m currently mega-stressed and anxious right now. I’ll still be online, but I will not be doing any responses or really paying much attention to my RP blog aside from talking to a couple of people I’m good friends with. Which is mostly what I use tumblr for anyways.

The fact is, the stress of moving, couple with the stress of having to go to the ER when I’m uninsured, on top of trying to get a job and having to deal with how shitty my life is (I hate saying this because it makes it seem like I want to be pitied when I reeeaaaaheeeheeeaaally do not) and then worry about roleplaying is just like

I’m both neglecting my mental health and actively making it worse. And being uninsured means it’s basically being neglected anyways.

I’m hoping to return back to roleplaying in a few days with a far clearer head and far less bad feels. Especially after I (hopefully) get some better sleep because I know being so sleep deprived is NOT helping my situation.

Hope to catch y’all on the flipside.

Another Hiatus

Hello everyone! Unfortunately I will have to take another break from my blog because I am going up to Wisconsin and will not have internet access. But I WILL be listening to a ton of music and will finish off my favorite composers series in conjunction with other blog posts. See you next week!

I Am Back

So I have been thinking a lot about my direction in life lately. Kinda the whole how I should take care of myself thing. I have been practicing methods on what can make my life easier and here is what I have to say to you all.

I will care a lot about what is going on with my friends and family, but I have to look after myself. It’s about what I want that is most important, whether it be wanting my friends to be happy or making something I always wanted to make.

And the true friends that deserve my kindness are those who love me for who I am, not for what character I role play as. Yes I will be bummed out if potential friends don’t like me for me being away for so long to reply because my motivation is somewhere or I forgot, but I have said to what blogs I run and if they ever wanted to experience more of what I have to write they can come there.

And those who take time to know me, let me into their lives, those what matter most. They want me to be happy just as much as I want them to be. I also need to not make things as bad than they really are.

So, I am sticking with this blog because I have gotten tons of positive support from people. One negative or two from others isn’t going to bring me down anymore. I thank you all for sticking by me and giving me emotional support.

Now, for the blogs I will most likely be on until my motivation changes are the order that shows.

1. Azureaeon

2. @skulltitans

3. @masaoshiro

4. @adventdefenders

5. @unitedhearts

6. @lieutenant-chainrevolver


Back again with my beloved #Gency Cuz tumblr needs more fanart of them! ♥ ♥ ♥

Im really sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my computer, hopefully soon things will get in shape.

And just to announce already, this is how me and @demondex are going to show up at London ComicCon next year, so if you’re going in 2018, you might meet us up there! :D

jakei and youmna collab animation

hello ^u^

as the announcement said me and @jakei95 are going to do an animation collab! :D

so we had three ideas we couldn’t choose from and they are:

1. cross!sans vs color!sans

2. X!gaster vs othertale undyne

3. vg!jakei vs vg!youmna

and i’ll be asking you guys to choose from them three :D

to choose you can comment down in the comments and we’ll take the most requested and it’ll be turned into an animation collab!! >:D

good luck.

also here is vg!jakei’s design if you’re wondering~~

Hey #Sidon fans…have you still been wondering who voices this handsome fish-man? 

What if I told you I’ve known & NOW I CAN OFFICIALLY TELL?

The voice actor for Sidon in Breath of the Wild gave me the Green Light to talk about their involvement! I’m going to drop the news at 5 PM Pacific/ 8 PM Eastern Time TODAY.

For reference, the currently listed voiceover artist for the role on Behind the Voice Actors (Bill Rogers) is INCORRECT. The official VA for Sidon has not been announced before now!

The news will be posted on here as well as on Twitter, so don’t miss out if you’ve been curious! This is not a joke or a fake-out; I was given permission to release the official info and will be doing so at the stated time. :D


Dear readers, 

Two of the of the original winners of Lezhin’s World Comic Contest were disqualified due to rule violations and forfeiture on the part of the creator, including Spring in the Heart and Rose Moon. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused our readers. Further inquiries may be sent to

Thank you.

- The US Lezhin Team

EDIT (April 13, 2017): Please refer to our latest announcement regarding Spring in the Heart.