Something new.

I turn 25 on Sunday and I’ve decided that’s as good a day as any to launch my new project: a daily diary of my life illustrated in comics, doodles and small bits of writing. I’ve drawn diary comics and drawings before, but they’ve always been small. I usually picked one sentiment and illustrated it with a single drawing. This time I want it to be a more comprehensive journal full of expected things like details about my life and doodles of what I ate, but also more experimental things like small poems and a more detailed version of my plant diary.

I’d like to one day make a living as a cartoonist (I’m an illustrator right now and it’s wonderful, but comics are my passion,) so I made a patreon (it’s at for the project and hopefully this will be a step toward me making a living doing what I’m most passionate about. For 2$ per month, you can see all the diary drawings. I’ll be making them daily and updating them as soon as I can (usually daily, but sometimes I might miss a day and update twice the next day.)

To give you a chance to check out the project and see if it interests you before pledging, I’m updating daily drawings free for everyone to see every day until Saturday. Paid posts will begin on Sunday.

Here’s the first drawing:

[Journal entry for October 25, 2016. Transcript:

I went out for coffee today. (Illustrated with a cup of coffee.)

I’ve been sick for the past two months, so I haven’t left my apartment much lately. (Illustrated with a small drawing of me holding coffee.)

Sometimes I force myself to go out and remember what it’s like to be human without the shelter of walls.

I had left-over pasta salad for lunch. The pasta got stained by olives. It was strangely pretty. (Illustrated with a container full of pasta salad and a close-up of a single piece of pasta.)

I keep a plant diary where I use plants to illustrate my life. Today I drew cacti. (Illustrated with cacti.)

3-panel comic. In the first panel, I say “I’m cold.” In the second panel, my cat comes to sit on top of me and purrs. In the third panel, I say “thank you.”]

Final Day to Sign up!

Just a reminder that sign ups will close today at 11:59 PM EST!

Due to the number of participants (over 500 now) we will be asking everyone to confirm their participation when they receive their assignments. You will have two weeks to respond. If we do not hear from you, you will be dropped from the exchange. We will be sure to message you a few times before this happens, but please know that we need to hear from you after you receive your assignments.

We will make a post once all of the assignments have been sent out. Please wait until you see that announcement before you contact us regarding assignments. Assignments should go out 10/31 at the latest, and we will do our best to make sure we meet that deadline, but we have received more of a response than we expected, so we will let you know if we anticipate it taking a day or two longer to send out assignments.

Feel free to send us an ask if you have any questions, but please do check the FAQ and Guidelines first!

So...I'm on hiatus...

(Don’t worry, I’ll get back in a week) Not that I want to, is more something like a forced hiatus since I’m gonna move from my home for a week and my shitty phone is too old to let me use the tumblr app.

And I’m so sorry I’ve been less active on tumblr in the last month, school and work really drained all my energy. So I want to make you a “gift” or something like that.

I queued 8 drawings 1 post and 1 gifset that hopefully tumblr is gonna post to give you the impression that I never left. There will be at least one drawing every day, so if you want some rhinky drawings I just wanted to let you know that my blog will be a rhink art party for the next 6/7 days.

Can’t wait to get back and see what you people have created for Buddy System (since I’m gonna lost this episode *cries*) and read your thoughts on my drawings! :D

I will also lost all of your Halloween themed content and I can’t wait to scroll from hours through them!

See yallin a week!  <3<3

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@remembertherandler I’ll miss you so much!!! *hugs hugs hugs* you are one of the main reason I both can’t wait to go and can’t wait to get back.

@jacularmetteld How dare you write something when I’m away and I have to hide in the bathroom to read it!! (AAAHHH!!! ok, nobody understand english here, but my awe expression will be pretty clear on the content that I’m reading!)

The first part of this AU, Name the Fallen “Child”, is coming to a close

The Penultimate part of Name the Fallen “Child” will be up Friday evening, 8pm EST. The final part will be up at 8pm Saturday EST.

The first part of Name the Fallen “Human” will be up sometime in November.

160723 BigHit Ent’s Tweet (Regarding EPILOGUE in Beijing and Rap Monster’s condition)

[Notice][BTS] Hello, this is BigHit Entertainment.

Rap Monster, who is in Beijing for the current ‘2016 BTS LIVE Asia Tour,’ showed a condition struggle/disorder during the performance, and thus among the crowd (t/n: medical personnel among all the people), he was examined by professional resident medical personnel at the site.

According to the medical personnel, it was a temporary/momentary condition decline that caused breathing difficulty due to the heat and lack of oxygen, but they said that otherwise there were no significant abnormalities during his health consultation. However, because we hold the member’s health as our first priority, Rap Monster did not go on stage, and today’s performance progressed with the 6 remaining members.

We sincerely apologize to all the Beijing fans who came to the concert hall and all the fans who worried (over us/Bangtan).

Trans cr; Joyce @ btsofficialtrans

Well this is a bummer, but a good call considering how media is like 😄

NASA will host a teleconference at 2 p.m. EDT Monday, Sept. 26, to present new “surprising evidence” of activity from images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. 

Europa is thought to host an ocean of liquid water beneath its icy surface, and is thus considered to be one of the best places to search for alien life elsewhere in the Solar System. 

If you want to know more about Europa, I recommend this infographic by

So I’m having an argument about how many of you are actively engaged with this blog with Taylor, self-declared godfather of the Dungeon of Bad Decisions, so answer me this:
Would you march on Helmsdeep with me?
Like or reply or reblog to signify your enthusiasm, and if you won’t, don’t hit like. Tumblr lets me count the likes separate from the reblogs and replies. If a minimum of 10,000 of you say yes, then the age of men has come to an end and I have lost the argument.
C'mon, guys, prove me wrong.

Nalu Week 2016 Announcement Post

Nalu Week is rolling around once more! As always, July 1st – 7th!

As you can see above, this year’s prompts are:

  1. Longing
  2. Reunion
  3. Admiration
  4. Secrets
  5. Struggle
  6. Climax
  7. The End

The thought behind this is a chronological one; it is meant to begin during the timeskip and lasts until the end of the story. But of course, you have all the freedom in the world and we chose the prompts with many alternative possibilities in mind. ^.^ They are just a suggestion, and you can come up with your own if you don’t like them. So go wild!

Remember to tag all your posts with #naluweek so we can reblog them!

***If you didn’t participate in NaLu Week last year or just need a refresher, please take a moment to read our rules and guidelines regarding submissions and take a look at our General Info page!***

art credit to @asketchbookthing
colours by @fainttwinkling


For their sophomore release, Glass Animals are pushing the conventions of album-making. It inspired us to do the same for Tumblr IRL.

Each track on How to Be a Human Being beautifully illustrates a fictional character, inspired by real people the band encountered on tour. Glass Animals have captured their personalities on Tumblr, and have enlisted longtime internet friends, Whoopi & Myk to reimagine their lives in many, but not too many, pixels.

For one night, the characters will come to life, backed by the unique sounds of Glass Animals. And with the help of these super creative minds, along with our friends at Ice Breakers mints, Vinyl Me Please and Spotify, Tumblr IRL is transcending new planes. Please join us.

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Art by karokitten | Concept by shadoouge
Nalu Fluff Week Blog

The mods at Nalu Fluff Week are proud to announce our first ever Nalu Fluff Week! !

This week is dedicated to exploring the cute and happy sides of Nalu we all love! We hope you’re all looking forward to it as much as we are!

Please make sure you read our rules and FAQ before asking anything!


✭ September 8th - Semptember 14th ✭

1. Flowers ✿
2. Starry Date 🌠
3. Cuddling 💕
4. Festival 🎆
5. Matching 👕
6. Pregnancy 💝
7. Familly Life/Marriage 💍


⍣ Semptember 7th + September 15th ⍣

1. Animals 🐇
2. AU ✎

If you have any questions not listed in our FAQ, you can send us an ask
*:・゚ ✧We hope you all have fun and spread happiness! Happy Nalu Day too!*:・゚ ✧
Miraculous Ladybug Secret Santa

We are so excited to announce the start to our Miraculous Ladybug Secret Santa exchange! This event is hosted by MLCreators, and it is open to anyone who would like to participate. Sign ups will be open through 11:59 PM EST on 10/26/16.

You can access the sign up form here:

Please feel free to send in any questions you might have and spread the word!


Chicago, when was the last time you went to a show that you could describe as “ridiculously awesome?” The answer: THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 2016.

Twin Peaks (@twinpeaksdudes​) and their good friend, Bae Cutler (@baecutler), are planning one hell of a celebration for you, with new music, and a room setup that only they could think of. We’d say more, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise(s). 

Click here to RSVP.

Entry will be limited to capacity so get there early and stay in line.

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Good news! A whole new crop of Out of This Binary shirts have arrived to celebrate the opening of our new shop! The old designs, and our stickers, can still be found at their usual place on amazon.

We’re introducing four new shirt styles, like the loose fit and slim fit tees you can see up above, along with crewneck and ¾ sleeve shirts, each coming in a variety of cool colors! And, for an added bonus international shipping is now available!

In further celebration, until June 7th, you can get 10% off of any purchase of these new Out of This Binary shirts with the discount code: SHARETHELOVE

Our Out of This Binary products are made not just to generate visibility and provide some of the representation that is always needed for nonbinary identities, but are also a Dedicated Design focused on helping the nonbinary community and nonbinary individuals. 

Which means all profits not put towards operational costs to keep the products in stock are set aside to be donated to nonbinary trans people in need.  With every purchase of our Dedicated Designs you can rest assured that you’re going to look good and be giving back to the community in a big way. 

We are also still accepting applications from amab nonbinary individuals interested in being sponsored for a fundraising campaign

Store | Facebook | Instagram | Raine’s Campaign | Advice 

Never made a game before but always been curious?

My First Game Jam is an online jam for people of all skill levels to learn something new. Set aside two weeks to join the jam and learn how to make a game along with others. Absolute beginners encouraged to join!

The previous My First Game Jam took place this past January with over 500 signups and 100 fantastic games created by beginner and learning devs!

Sign up!

🌱 Join now on!

🌱 Fill out the sign up form sometime before you start!


🌱 What is a game jam? + FAQ

🌱 Starting resources

🌱 Shoot us any questions here


🌱 Introduce yourself on the community!

🌱 Join the jam discord chat!

🌱 Find other teammates!

🌱 Follow us on twitter for updates!


Hosted by @cloudhime, @kreutzerland, and @charblargamedev! All of our lovely promo art is done by Stacey