Photographer Annie Collinge scours thrift stores and flea markets looking for delightfully strange vintage dolls and then walks the streets of New York in search of their human counterparts. She the dressed her live models to match their doll twins and photographed both. Sometimes the search works the other way round and Collinge seeks out dolls that look like actual people who caught her eye first. The resulting pairs make up an awesomely creepy and compelling photos series entitled Five Inches of Limbo.

“You may be wondering where all of the dolls end up after the photograph is taken. Well, although a little disturbed by them, the artist keeps each and every one. Dolls often seem to hold a life of their own, and with the help of Collinge, her dolls have now transformed into real life human beings, however unnerving it may be.”

Visit Annie Collinge’s website to check out more photos from this project and others. You can also view more of her work via Instagram and right here on Tumblr at anniecollinge1.

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Annie Collinge: Five Inches of Limbo

When London-born photographer Annie Collinge traveled across the globe to Manhattan, she could not have predicted that she would discover in one of the city’s many flea markets a discarded doll that undeniably resembled her faraway aunt Yolanda. The likeness of the 1960s antique figure, masked in goggles and outfitted for a day of skiing, to a true—if tiny— human being was what first compelled the photographer to embark on Five Inches of Limbo, for which she paired real, live sitters with their porcelain doubles


Extracts from the next book by the photographer Annie Collinge.

These portraits are extracts from Annie Collinge’s next book, Five Inches of Limbo. The work is inspired by dolls found in antique shops and by Margaret Atwood’s Five Poems for Dolls. Annie’s models are mostly unknown girls she met in New York’s streets and underground.

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