Annie game

Campcom has published details about its upcoming Shingeki no Kyojin arcade game, Shingeki no Kyojin Team Battle. The game, which will be exhibited at Japan Amusement Expo 2016 February 19th-20th, will attempt to realistically reproduce 3D maneuver gear. Gameplay involving up to four people is also possible.

The game is scheduled to be released Winter 2016.



Okay, so I have a few reasons, first off being that they are literally so insanely similar. They both watch someone they care about die in the games, and it sparks their pretty rapid mental deterioration. The difference in that part is though that because Katniss is from 12, which isn’t known for having many victors, her having all of the mental issues is looked on as cute and quirky and a little sad, but fixable, even though she seems to handle things much worse than annie, from what can be seen. And Annie, being from four, is seen as mad when she has a few issues, simply because they’re a bit worse than normal. So upon seeing Katniss, she wouldn’t actively be like ‘oh I hate her’, but it would be a little subconscious jealousy that she’s adored for the reason that annie is branded as an outcast

My second reason is the whole odesta and everlark thing. With annie not knowing about the rebellion, there’s a high chance that she thought what Katniss and peeta had was real, right? If they were as convincing as everyone else thought, then I don’t think its crazy. So I feel like the jealousy could strike again when she sees that two seventeen year olds are allowed to be together, be engaged, and eventually get “pregnant’, while she and Finnick, who are adults, couldn’t. To add to that, Katniss and peeta did a lot more to warrant punishment from snow than Finnick and Annie, and she may not be in the loop for everything, but she had to know that

And lastly, reason number three is that Katniss more or less had everything going for her. Her family was alive in thirteen, literally everyone was willing to risk their lives to make sure she was safe, and she was being put on a pedestal for being brave when she, again, had much worse signs of PTSD than annie, seeing as annie never once cried in the books except when being reaped, which is actually an understandable time to cry regardless of a mental disorder. And with that, Annie has lost both her mother figure and her husband in the span of a year, and probably many more friends, with the amount that died, while at the end, Katniss still had a mother, Peeta, friends, eventually two children who have a father that’s around, and she probably still held some unimaginable sway in government, all because she caught the attention of president coin by pretending to eat a berry.

Long story short, Katniss has literally everything that Annie ever wanted, most of which being the ability to be seen as NORMAL.