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How would all of them react to Annies death tho?

Mikasa: Somehow sad
Reiner: Bitter
Bertholdt: Would be heartbroken and wonders how he could live on without her
Annie: Relieved
Eren: Likes her alot and misses her
Armin: Mourns her death, he always thought Annie was a good friend and a delicate soul
Jean: Has many thoughts about her death. He liked her a lot but also critisizes her actions
Marco: Doesn’t really have many feelings regarding her death
Sasha: Would cry for her
Connie: Feels something calm inside of him now. He is conflicted about how to feel about Annie. He liked her but dissagreed with many of her actions
Historia: Isn’t too sad, everyone dies after all
Ymir: Doens’t have any feelings for Annie
Levi: Feels deeply sorry for her, but knows that death was her final relieve
Mike: Didn’t know Annie that well to have any thoughts about her
Erwin: Wouldn’t react at all
Nanaba: Feels bad for the people she left behind (if she left someone behind), but that’s all
Moblit: Is glad that she is gone
Hanji: Thought she was a tragic and sad character and wonders what could have done to make her life better

What I'm Looking Forward in Season 3

1. The new Levi Squad
2. Erwin’s character development (THIS ONE IS A MUST)
3. Levi and Hanji torturing a dude
4. Armin killing a dude
5. Erwin’s abs
6. Levi’s abs
8. Heads blow up like birthday baloons
9. Erwin’s beat up face
10. Rod Reiss titan
11. Levi’s past
12. Historia’s coronation
13. Basically every single part that actually happens in the godamn manga