Annet Mahendru


Favourite new characters of 2013 » Nina Sergeevna

I don’t have anything anymore, Stan. No country to go back to. My family, I will never see again. I only have fear… and you.

“It starts to be really obvious to [Nina] that this exfiltration thing won’t happen because [Stan] promised [her] that, and it’s been so long now. She’s starting to see that it might not even be an option at all. Once you’re a spy, you’re a spy. They’re going to find you. You’re never really free… Not that [she] ever forgot about it, but now that things are changing at work, [she’s] starting to think: What should I not tell him now? Vlad has died, and [she] was in the position Vlad was when Stan grabbed [her], right? Nina was sort of a nobody because we weren’t full-fledged lieutenants or anything. We were just junior KGB officers. It’s what could have happened to [her], what happened to Vlad, and it’s a big awakening. And seeing how Stan reacts to that really makes Nina think.” – Annet Mahendru [x]


After weeks of brief teasers, check out the first full promo for the upcoming third season of The Americans, which will premiere on FX on January 28.


I want to tell transformative stories. I want to access things inside of me that turn me upside down, twist me inside out, stories in which I’m a princess and in which I’m also a dragon. Stories about the darkest dungeons that are also my home. Stories like that of Gia, from Angelia Jolie’s Gia, or of Lisbeth Salander, from Steig Larsson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, or of superheroes – but not like the ones in films – of authentic superheroes, superheroes of the underground, who are real, free and genuine.


“You’re a beautiful, intelligent, intuitive, and… beautiful woman.”