if disney is soooo hell bent on these unnecessary sequels then i want princess diaries 3 WITH the ORIGINAL CAST. im talkin julie andrews, anne hathaway, chris pine,  heather matarazzo, raven symone, the WHOLE LOT!!

i want the movie to open with mia’s narration on a black screen “so, its been a while. let me catch you up…” and then you’ll hear a baby cry and chris pine interrupting the narration being like, “hon, can you put the diary down and give me a hand with the twins?” CUT TO CHRIS PINE AND ANNE HATHAWAY CHASIN AFTER THEIR ROYAL TEEN CHILDREN COS THERE IS SOME DRAMA BECAUSE ITS 13 YEARS LATER BITCHES

while mia and nick sort out their kids, clarice and joe roll up to the palace with News. Its time for mia and nick to debut their kids on a royal international tour, cue montage of World Tour Prep feat. Their Pubescent Teens BUT WAIT THERE’S A HITCH AND THAT IS MIA AND NICK NEVER GOT HITCHED !!

this wouldn’t normally be an issue, especially since mia abolished the marriage law before ascending the throne years ago BUT the law is firm that in order for mia’s kids to eventually inherit her crown they must be her legitimated children by blood and marriage. no worries, right? 

EXCEPT mia doesn’t want her kids to experience the responsibility of royal succession looming over the remainder of their childhood as it did with her own at 15. on the other hand, nick has never known anything else and sees no problem with raising kids to become rulers because he and mia will make sure the mistakes of the past are not repeated. and though neither can admit, this conflict is the reason they’ve never married after all these years. meanwhile their kids are growing up fast and life awaits them, but what kind of life? Will Mia and Nick tie the knot? Or will Mia be the last Renaldi to rule Genovia?